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Surgeon suspended for making lewd comments claims he learnt them from The Big …

A foreign doctor who made a string of lewd comments to NHS1 work colleagues claimed he learnt some of them from watching TV comedy The Big Bang Theory.

Egyptian-born surgeon Tarek Hany, 48, said English was not first language and to engage in banter with fellow medics, he picked up cringeworthy chat-up lines through watching American shows.

But he landed in hot water with bosses at Southport and Ormskirk NHS hospital trust in Lancs after telling a female pharmacist: "Are you from another planet? Because your a**e is out of this world" after the comment made by Big Bang Theory's Howard Wolowitz.

"Are you from another planet? Because your a**e is out of this world."
Tarek Hany, 48

In other exchanges Hany told a junior doctor: "What shall I wrote about you?

That you're a total babe?" and he also tapped her on the bottom during a ward round saying: "I've got you in the right place."

On a further occasion the married father of one emailed his secretary about a request for feedback saying: "I didn't think it was appropriate to put in the reference that I like my secretary to have big boobs and wear high heeled f**k me boots."

The Big Bang TheoryChannel 4's popular comedy The Big Bang Theory  Photo: Channel 4

The three female staff later made a string of complaints about Hany's guffaws in a High Dependency Unit which also included: "Skinny girls look good in clothes but fit girls look good naked."

He later claimed it was first big job and said he was merely trying to 'make a friends and build a successful team" and said he didn't fully understand some of the phrases he used.

But at the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester Hany - who has since been fired by the NHS Trust - was found guilty of misconduct after a panel said he must have understood what he was saying.

The hearing was told the incidents occurred between July 2012 and August 2013 after Hany who arrived in the UK from Cairo in 2001 joined as a consultant in colorectal surgery.

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The secretary told how how she received her vulgar email from Hany when she asked for for feedback on her Personal Development Review. The comment was seen by another PA.

The pharamacist known as Mrs B said she was targeted by Hany in March 2013 when came up to to her and said: "Are you from another planet?"

The bemused chemist asked what he meant and Hany went on: "Because your arse is out of this world?" Later he said: "Why aren't you wearing your black dress? your arse looks amazing in it."

The junior Foundation doctor known as Dr C talked of of comments made to her and also others made in front of colleagues.

During an encounter outside a Caffe Nero as they were drinking coffee with a colleague Hany told Dr C: "You've got a nice ass, it's not just me looking - it's everyone else."

Surgeon Tarek HanyMedical Practitioners Tribunal Service in Manchester found Hnay guilty of misconduct  Photo: Facebook

In another exchange he added: 'Oh, you've got too near me, run away before I touch you" and during a clinical educational supervisors meeting Hany said to Dr C: "What shall I write about you?

That you're a total babe."

She complained after a ward round in June 2013 in which Hany tapped her in the bottom joking: "I got you in the right place. I'm going to get in trouble. You're probably going to sue me."

Hany - a keen marathon runner - admitted saying some comments but denied making others.

He admitted saying: "Skinny girls look good in clothes, fit girls look good naked" but said it was only because he saw the comment on a 'motivational' app for training and exercise and said he was talking to a number of junior doctors about it.

He said he wanted to meet Dr C in person at the time to apologise fully for his behaviour but was unable to do so because he was due to go on annual leave.

When he returned from leave, his offer to meet with Dr C was declined. He has since attended a three 'Maintaining Proper Boundaries" course. Hany was suspended from practise for 28 days - meaning he will be allowed to work as a doctor again.

Panel chairman Edward Doyle told him: "The Panel noted in your evidence that you stated that you did not understand the phrase 'total babe'.

"Whilst acknowledging that English is not your first language, the Panel noted that you have worked in the UK since 2001 and have described that you liked to watch American TV shows.

"The Panel considered it more likely than not that you understand this term and finds Dr C's evidence entirely credible and reliable."

"Mrs B was a compelling witness who provided the Panel with credible evidence and did not appear to you to be someone who would make things up.

"She gave a credible account of how you started with the opening phrase 'Are you from another planet...' and she encouraged you to conclude the phrase, which you did.

"You stated that you had used this phrase because you had heard it in an American TV comedy show called the 'Big Bang Theory' although you denied it had been said directly to Mrs B.

"The Panel is of the view that while the language in the email used was inappropriate in a work place, it notes that there was a culture of banter between some staff at the Trust as evidenced by a dirty joke circulated by a 'round robin' email.

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"On the basis of the evidence, the Panel considered that this email could have been a joke.

As regards the incident outside of Caffé Nero, the Panel found this comment, which focused on Dr C's bottom, to be humiliating and inappropriate.

"The panel is of the view that your sexually motivated behaviour fell below the standards expected of you and would be regarded as deplorable by fellow practitioners."
Panel chairman Edward Doyle

"This comment suggests you had been thinking about and looking at Dr C's bottom prior to making the comment.

There was an intent by you to gain sexual gratification by telling Dr C that you found her bottom attractive."

"The panel is of the view that your sexually motivated behaviour fell below the standards expected of you and would be regarded as deplorable by fellow practitioners."

Hany was cleared of a further allegation of throwing paperwork at his secretary and telling her to "deal with that".

Rob Gillies, executive medical director of the trust, said in a statement: "Tarek Salem Hany was dismissed from the trust for gross misconduct following a disciplinary hearing in February 2014."

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Travel Australia’s wine country by bike

Cyclists enjoying a viewNC

Australia has some excellent cycling routes on offer

Yet few wax about the fact that South Australia’s oldest and most important wine region also happens to be a place of extraordinary natural beauty, its manicured vineyards fringed by rolling wheat fields, tall gum trees and an impressive line of ancient hills.

This rich farming area also supports one of the most fascinating regional food cultures in Australia, celebrated for a world of cuisine such as German-style smoked meats, cold pressed olive oil, pheasant pâté and fine cheeses.

It is hard to imagine what it was that attracted the original English and Silesian settlers to this valley in the 1830s.

The soil looks dry, the distances are immense and the summers can be, well, challenging.

Yet climb into the saddle of a bicycle, as I did, and a different Barossa looms into view. Far from being a flat expanse of green vines, the valley floor is delightfully contoured, offering pleasing challenges for the out of condition cyclist and fine views of the Barossa Ranges.

The North Para River, which links so many of the Barossa’s original vineyards, is another revelation, attracting flocks of rose-breasted galahs, sulphurcrested cockatoos, rosella parrots and other native species including cautious kangaroos who come here to drink in the early evening.

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A 16-mile cycle path, the Jack Bobridge Track, runs the length of the Barossa Valley linking the townships of Tanunda, Lyndoch and Gawler. Dedicated cyclists can extend their two-wheel odyssey by joining an eight-mile cycleway from Tanunda to the pretty colonial village of Angaston.

On a sunny autumn afternoon we park the car in Heinemann Park on the outskirts of Tanunda (population 3,500), offload the bikes and start peddling towards Lyndoch, home to several boutique wineries including Schild Estate, Burge Family Winemakers, Charles Cimicky Wines and Kies Wines.

Apart from offering plenty of shade, Heinemann Park is next door to Barossa Valley Brewing, which produces some excellent European-style ales, porters and saisons.

Its signature brew, Bee Sting, is made with five per cent orange blossom honey.

The vineyard experience begins the moment you leave Tanunda behind.

Cresting the first hillock, the whole valley suddenly comes into view and there are vineyards for as far as the eye can see.

First stop is Rockford Wines on Krondorf Road, an atmospheric stone winery consisting of a series of small buildings.

It is famous for its Basket Press shiraz. We have a glass (or two) of Rockford’s delightful rosé, made from Alicante Bouschet grapes, before heading across the road to Charles Melton Wines, which offers the Barossa’s most laid-back wine tasting.

Stunning vineyard viewsNC

The visitor's centre at Jacob's Creek

This is also a pleasant place for lunch, although motivation may become an issue after a few glasses of Charlie’s Nine Popes GSM on the sunny verandah.

From here it is easy enough to freewheel down Krondorf Road all the way to St Hallett Wines. The cellar door offers private tasting experiences, including an introduction to its iconic Old Block shiraz.

With three tastings under my belt I am feeling decidedly jovial and my mood only improves as we follow the cycle path along the side of the North Para River towards Rowland Flat and its most famous international landmark: Jacob’s Creek.

Although the track is undulating and full of tight corners, this is by far the most impressive section, with tall gum trees on one side and sheep grazing contentedly on the other.

The front lawn of the ultra modern Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre is packed with day-trippers taking photographs so we keep pedalling towards our lunch appointment at Lou Miranda Estate, a family-owned winery further along the track.

The restaurant here serves hearty regional cuisine using the freshest local produce.

Fortified by lunch and with the last major hill behind us, the next section of the ride seems impossibly easy.

From Rowland Flat the track descends into the old township of Lyndoch, passing 19th-century farm buildings and two more boutique wineries, Kellermeister and Hemera Estate.

Apart from awardwinning wines, the former also produces the refreshing Boots Cider; perfect fuel for an exhausted cyclist tackling the climb back to Tanunda.

l getting there Trailfinders (020 7368 1200/trailfinders.

com) offers seven nights in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley from £1,169pp (two sharing), room only.

Price includes return Cathay Pacific flights from London Heathrow to Adelaide and four days’ car hire.

Book before September 30 for departures until November 30.

South Australian tourism:

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