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TripAdvisor bad review hotel to refund 100 ‘fine’ to customers

A couple fined by a hotel after they wrote a damning review about it 1 are to be given a refund, a council has said.

Tony and Jan Jenkinson said they were charged an extra 100 after describing the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool 2 as a filthy, stinking hovel on TripAdvisor Continue reading

US cinema offers all-you-can-watch Interstellar tickets

A US cinema chain is offering filmgoers the chance to see Christopher Nolan space drama Interstellar as many times as they like for the price of a single ticket.AMC Theatres has teamed with studio Paramount to offer the unlimited ticket, which retails for between $19.99 ( 13) and $34.99, depending on the site.

The chain, which boasts more than 5,000 US screens in 346 locations, says the ticket is the first of its kind to be sold Continue reading

Why women in science are annoyed at Rosetta mission scientist’s …

This morning, when Dr Matt Taylor briefed the press on the Rosetta mission, he wore a very plain black T-shirt.

Yesterday, he wore something more colourful.

As the Independent reported , the public marveled over his cool attitude Continue reading

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