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7 Easy Back To School Slow Cooker Recipes!

Well, it s September. I m not sure how that happened, but summer is a happy memory and all our chickies are back to school with their new backpacks and school shoes. And one thing is for sure they will come home hungry.

And needing to be taken to soccer practice and karate and to Staples for that school project that involves building a roller coaster out of foamcore (yes, this happened to me!) all at the same time. And since you may also have a thing or two on your OWN to-do list, this is when the slow cooker turns into your new best friend. Here are seven recipes that are favorites in my house and have turned many a crazy day into a calm and delicious evening.

Well relatively calm, anyway. I d love to hear about some of your favorites too, and together we can conquer the back-to-school dinner hour! I decided to round up these recipes when a friend of mine asked me about slow cooker recipes now that it was back to school time.

And even though it s been a few years since my own chickie was around for back to school, the memories came whooshing back, and I remembered how shockingly great it was when I would pop something in the slow cooker, run around like a crazy person for 8 hours, come back having forgotten all about it, and realized that dinner was Almost Ready. The best feeling ever. My friend s two little duckings went back to school in pretty dresses and hair bands and backpacks as big as they are.

Could you just die from the adorableness?? I remember the days when my own bunny looked like this. With the multiple nametags and the new dress and the big smile.

And apparently we all decided that gel sandals and bobby socks were the way to go. These days, back to school for my bunny looks like this Apparently this is called the powerpoint. (Get it??) She s the one in the middle. No name tag, no gel sandals (I think) but she s still my bunny.

I don t care how college-sophisticated she is. Anyway! For all you busy cooks out there, here are seven slow cooker favorites that will make suppertime just a little less hectic.

You can either click on on the link or the picture to go right to the recipe.

1. When You Need Comfort Food: Slow Cooker Chicken and Dumplings 1 Some days you just know you are going to need something that is the supper equivalent of a blankie. This warm, tender chicken and dumplings is the cure.


2. When You Live With People Who Only Eat Macaroni and Cheese: Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese 2 Been there, lived with someone like that. And yes, if you serve it in an ice cream sundae glass, it will taste that much better.

3. When You Want To Kick Your Meatloaf Up A Notch: Slow Cooker Mexican Meatloaf 3 I like to scoop this one right out of the slow cooker, because who has the energy to slice things? Top it with some taco sauce and sour cream and nobody will ever complain about meatloaf for dinner again.

4. When You Want Dinner To Be A Little Exotic: Slow Cooker Tikka Masala 4 One of my favorite slow cooker recipes EVER. And it is fun to say!

5. When You Want Dinner To Be A Little Fancy: Slow Cooker Short Ribs with Carrots and Apples 5 As far as I am concerned, things don t get much fancier than short ribs. And they can really jazz up a Wednesday night, let me tell you.

6. When You Just Need SOUP: Slow Cooker Beef Barley Soup.

6 The best. Thick and delicious and perfect, especially when eaten out of a Peter Rabbit Bowl.

7. When You Want Dinner To Involve Zero Cutlery: Slow Cooker Hawaiian Pulled Chicken Sandwiches 7 Some hamburger rolls, some pulled chicken, a table of happy eaters. And okay, you might want to have a fork hanging around in case anything drips out of the bun.

And as a bonus, here s my beloved recipe for Slow Cooker Brownie Cake 8 . Everyone once in a while, serve this and only this for dinner, topped with ice cream. It will be a memory that your chickies will cherish when they have chickies of their own.

Now it s your turn leave a link to your favorite slow cooker recipe in the comments below, and I will add it to my Slow Cooker Pinterest Board 9 so we can all keep track!

In the meantime, happy slow cooking, my friends!

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What Students Really Carry Back To School

Back-to-school stories are click fodder. They allow for marketers to feel they are directly addressing a group of easy marks. After all, when is your life more insecure than on the cusp of a grade change or a trip to college?

The world, then, is in upheaval, you hunt for answers, sometimes in the pages of periodicals that offer wine aerators and coffee subscriptions 1 as potential sources of meaning. But I was thinking: what are students really carrying back to school? And is technology as invasive as we really assume?

To find out I performed a journalistic exercise that many former school newspaper folks are familiar with: the man-on-the-street. I took to the OSU campus with Ritika Shah 2 , a writer and news director of Lantern TV who shot some photos and approached students with me on campus. My phone is my life, said Haris Malik, a senior in Chemical Engineering.

I don t carry a laptop. I have an iPod from seven years ago with all my music on it. Most of the hardware he uses is in the ChemE labs he frequents.

His freind, Sana Nisar, a sophomore in Public Health, carries a Macbook Air that she uses for note-taking. Neither of them had anything particularly fancy, just a few tools they used on a daily basis. Malik s most exotic piece of tech?

A TI-89 calculator that was as big as a a paving brick. Aaron Carpenter, top, is a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. He came to school with his Microsoft Surface.

He also had a cellphone that he didn t show us. He uses the Surface to take notes and thinks it will be helpful for text books, but he isn t sure yet. After all, those were his first few days of school.

I ve been out of college for over 15 years, which is a bracing thought. The biggest difference, besides the version of Windows Carpenter was running was a move away from physical textbooks. Many of the students we spoke to carried a few books but Sara Collins, for example, read the text in a tiny window on her Macbook.

Collins, a freshman finance major said she could do most of her work on the iPhone. I usually have my laptop with me, though, she said. One outlier in our research was Adil Peerbhoy, a juggling undecided freshman, who only carried a Samsung Character from 2011.

Peerbhoy said he couldn t afford a smartphone but he didn t miss it. I d like to be able to use social networks, he said, but he felt his phone worked well and that he didn t need to upgrade. I almost felt bad for him.

To have to suffer with a phone from 2011 is an injustice no modern social-media user should experience. But he didn t mind. It s just a tool, he said.

Finally we talked to Franz Ross, a senior in Film Studies. Ross works for LanternTV with Ritika and he s working as a professional video journalist, or at least the closest to it he can get in college. He carries pounds and pounds of gear cameras, tripods, and lights on a daily basis and files stories on the trustees, OSU sports, and student events.

In short, he s working while in school. What s unusual is that his tech intake is no different than any of the other students we interviewed. While technology is integral to his job, he doesn t carry unique hardware or devices.

He carries the bare necessities. Education is changing rapidly, but the tools are the same. There are still books, folks still carry pens and notebooks, and some students decided to sit out the purchase of expensive tech entirely.

Are they better off? More focused? More efficient?

That s not clear. What is clear is that the average student can safely ignore most back to school flyers in the local paper. All they really need are the basics and, as needs arise, better stuff can be bought.

We re living in the future, but not too far in the future.

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Polo By Ralph Lauren UK

If you have heard of the Polo shirt , it is most likely the name Ralph Lauren is also familiar to you. While the polo is older than Ralph Lauren, it was Ralph Lauren who made the polo shirt what it is today. The polo by ralph lauren shirt s beginnings may have started as early as the mid-1800s.

Sporting teams were wearing long sleeved jerseys made from the same knitted material as the polo is today. Rene Lacoste added some flare to the shirt in 1926 producing it in white with short sleeves and with an un-starched, flat protruding collar. It also had a buttoned placket, and a longer shirttail in back than in front for tennis players.

As a tennis player, he first wore the shirt at the 1926 U.S. Open championship. Later on, clothing retailer Ralph Lauren, born Ralph Lischitz, was getting his own name brand off the ground.

This was in the late 1960s. By 1971, Polo Ralph Lauren launched its first women s collection and his first standalone store in Beverly Hills, California. Ten years later, in 1981, the brand went global with its first international store on London s New Bond Street.

The Polo Sport line was introduced in 1993. Ralph Lauren s brand now produces clothing, accessories, fragrances, furniture, operates the restaurant RL in Chicago. The flagship store is located in the former Rhinelander Mansion on Madison Avenue in New York City.

Ralph Lauren is one of the largest retailers in the United States with revenues reaching $4.2 billion in 2007. Some of Ralph Lauren s classics are of course his Polo. One of the most famous pieces in the Polo line is the classic polo short-sleeved knit shirt featuring the now-iconic Polo player on the left breast of the shirt.

This shirt in particular became a fashion must-have in the 1980s with the preppy set. Other Polo classics include the cashmere cableknit sweater, chinos and the oxford cloth button-down shirt. Since Ralph Lauren s first brand, Polo, was launched in 1967, the company has expanded to include a variety of luxury brands.

They include:* Purple Label: Launched in 1994, this is Ralph Lauren s signature, and highest end, men s line, with classic, traditionally British styling. It includes ready-to-wear suits and sportcoats (made by St. Andrews and Cantarelli), dress shirts, sportswear, accessories, and footwear, as well as a collection of made-to-order suits, sportcoats, shoes (made by British company Edward Green), dress shirts, exotic skin luggage, small leather goods, and jewelry.

Purple Label is only available in Ralph Lauren stores, the company s online store and high-end department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.* Black Label: Black Label for men and women. The men s clothing tends to have a more modern, Italian cut to its suits, sport coats (made by Raffaele Caruso), dress shirts, and sportswear, with higher armholes and a slimmer silhouette. Black Label for women demonstrated more modern, high-end casual and semi-formal women s wear. * Polo Ralph Lauren: His first brand for men, and also the most widely available.

This blue label line spans from tailored clothing (ready-to-wear and made to measure), sportswear, accessories (including luggage) to small leather goods. Available at many department and specialty stores as well as Ralph Lauren stores and the company s online store.* Polo Golf: A sporty collection catering to golfers since 1987 and often featuring celebrity golfers as advertising models (see Sports sponsorship below).4* Polo Jeans Co.: Denim inspired line. Now discontinued in the US.* Polo Denim: A 2007 relaunch of the Polo Jeans Co.

line of 1996. Denim basics available online and in department stores.* Lauren Ralph Lauren: Basics and suiting. Divided into Green and Silver (slightly slimmer cuts) Label.

Available primarily through department and outlet stores, and not at RL stores or ralphlauren.com.* Ralph by Ralph Lauren : Men s clothing exclusively available at Dillard s stores, this label offers suits, sport coats, dress trousers and suit vests.* Collection: The highest end clothing line for women (also carries a purple tag), as seen in his runway shows. Includes classic eveningwear, tailored blazers, outerwear, sportswear, handbags, and accessories.* RLX: A technical sports apparel line, focusing on clothing and outerwear built for outdoor sports such as tennis, golf, skiing, sailing, and hiking, launched in 1998. Primarily distributed through RalphLauren.com* Polo Sport: A discontinued line of casual sports clothing that was introduced for men in 1993 and women in 1996.

It was retired in 2005 and ultimately replaced by RLX as well as the Golf and Tennis lines. The Polo Sport fragrance lines continue to exist as remnants of this label.* RRL (pronounced Double-R L ): A denim and sportswear line that takes its influence from the American West. Available in Ralph Lauren stores as well as several smaller signature Double RL stores.* Rugby Ralph Lauren: A brand launched in 2004 focusing on collegiate apparel with a similar look to the pricier Polo and Blue Label brands.

Sold at signature Rugby stores.* Tennis: Sports clothing for tennis players. Special collections for the US Open tournaments.* Pink Pony: A charity line of sportswear and accessories all carrying a pink Polo pony. A portion of the proceeds benefit cancer research.

Predominantly for women, the line also includes polo shirts for men.

Yes, the polo shirt spurred on the growth of a number of other types of clothing but it is still the preferred style of shirt for outdoor enthusiasts and for business casual.

It is still comfortable and colorful, even after all these years. Continue reading

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