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15 guidelines for planning your summer holiday

Here's important vacation preparation details from "The Zombie Survival Guide: Full Protection From the Living Dead" by Max Brooks: "If you believe you can achieve every thing by 'cramming' at the 11th hour, by all suggests, do not lift a finger now.

But you may well consider twice about beginning to create your ark when it has already began raining." In other words, it's time to start out organizing your summer season holiday.

Right here are 15 points you have to have to know as you appear ahead to taking time off — and you are taking time off. Continue reading

Denver sees boost in pot tourism ahead of 4/20 holiday

embedded content The annual 4/20 pot holiday is already boosting hotel bookings and marijuana sales in Denver, with the event now spread over the weekend and into Monday.

Thousands will gather in Denver to celebrate this year, including pot tourists from states without legalized marijuana. Continue reading

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