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Footballer’s generous clothes donation causes charity shop carnage

COME ON YOU THREADS: Ashleigh Healy with a Stella McCartney top and Victoria Beckham jeans CATERS The 200 luxury item haul included a 700 pair of Christian Louboutin shoes being flogged for 50 and a Stella McCartney sequin cardigan worth 855 priced at just 55. Fashion lovers queued hours before the Women's Aid charity shop in Shirley, West Midlands, opened yesterday morning. They had been alerted to the bargains after the West Bromwich Albion and England goalkeeper tweeted he had dropped off a pile of his wife, Kate's unwanted threads.

GENEROUS: The charity shop has praised the goalkeeper for raising their profile STUART ROBINSON Normally we'd be lucky to see a couple of people on a Monday but to have some queuing before we opened is madness Rachel Taylor, Women's Aid Birmingham The 31-year-old stopper tweeted: "Just dropped off a tonne of Top designer women's clothes, shoes and children's toys @womensaid on Stratford rd in Shirley, go check it out." Included in the four boxes and two bags of donated clothes were sunglasses by Chanel, Prada and Dior all which can be snapped up for 45. There were also two pairs of sought-after Victoria Beckham jeans available from 40 - a price as tiny as the former-Spice Girls singer's waist. BARGAIN HUNTERS: Fashion lovers queued well before the shop opened to get their hands on a designer piece CATERS Rachel Taylor, the retail manager for Women's Aid in Birmingham, said: "I can't believe it- it's crazy around here. "Normally we'd be lucky to see a couple of people on a Monday but to have some queuing before we opened is madness. "I'd been on holiday when Ben dropped all the clothes off but I knew about it quickly as he tweeted about it.

DESIGNER KICKS: Diane von Furstenberg shoes on sale for just 50 CATERS "We're so grateful - not only is it a wonderful donation but he's helped raise the profile of Women's Aid by tweeting us." It took manager Ashleigh Healy six hours to price up the haul.

She said: "I had to look online to find out how much the clothes were worth as we had no idea where to start. "We have set prices for tops and trousers and try to make sure that all things are around the same price." Foster, a former Manchester United starlet, lives in Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire, with Kate and their two kids Louie and Olivia.

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Sony Ericsson Contract Deals

How Mobile Marketing an elp ou Grow Y ur Business: Tak ng Advantage of Mobile Technology Wit t e growing demand f mobiles ith advance features, Android cellphones ave gained huge popularity t an other smartphones. ant e life promos nd discounts ( internet site 1 ) The android mobile platform consists f operating-system (OS), t middleware, main applications, as w ll 's a software development kit. Thes mobiles can run wit applications inside Java 'nd C languages.

It i essentially t e mo t popular mobile technology offers ery best in relation t its b t features. Android based cellphones offers range f benefits to its users. ome of t em ar discussed here: Sony Antelife Discount code 2 Ericsson Xperia active carries ith it an excellent sealing t at restricts t e moisture nd dirt to you body with th phone.

Sony Ericsson claims t t t is Xperia active an be utilized e en fr m und r 1m deep water. Amazing! Isn't it?

It s apparent t at no person can do this foolish ct th ugh the claim reveals t strength in the phone. Sony Ericsson's ne smartphone can brave heavy downpour, dust storm r even mud bath. The goo part 'bout t Xperia phone c uld be t at t e adverse conditions o not h 've relation t its smooth functioning l ke messaging, t 'king photos and Internet surfing.

Talking 'bout contract deals, t ese ar gene ally suitable t people w o use their devices on regular basis 3 . Unde this user subscribe ' binding agreement w th any network of is/her choice. h contract period ranges length is 12, 18 or a couple of years.

People can als enjoy diff rent tariff offers ith interesting gifts li e a free line rental, cash return, half price line rental, iPod, LCD TV and much more. When digital signals ecame offered t be t 'ken in radio communications, t absolutely as determined the syst m of channel reuse employed on cell phones i much m re adapted to p esenting the digital system of carrying signals 's digital will not e subject to interference nlike analog. Thu , telecommunication companies oon di start t reconstruct thei signaling syst m to adapt to the digital system f signal delivery n cellphones.

An integral portion f thi watch s it usability and it's impressive t at has a talk duration f 150 t 180 minutes 's well as a standby duration of a ound 100 hours, stashed away ant e life promo discount ( internet site 4 ) eminently usable atlanta divorce attorneys ay.

The phone offers a lot f the normal phone features l ke a burglar clock, SMS 'nd MMS capabilities in addition t a phonebook, all records 5 to maintain ' record f contacts plus the last dialled, received nd missed call information together with a numbe of language options.

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Carphone offers to reimburse Phones 4u iPhone customers

Written by: P draig McGarrigle Posted on: 29 September 2014. Tags: Carphone Warehouse , iPhone 6 , iPhone 6 Plus , Phones 4U 1 2 3 4 Retailer labels decision not to customers who pre-ordered iPhone 6 or 6 Plus through retailer as unfair Carphone Warehouse says it will reimburse Phones 4u customers who paid any money upfront for an iPhone 6 or 6 PLus through the collapsed retailer. Administrators, PricewaterhouseCoopers, announced last week that, contrary to previous statements, it would be refunding money paid to secure an iPhone on pre-order through Phones 4u.

Carphone Warehouse has now offered to reimburse customers who handed over cash if they purchase the handset through one of its stores. It is estimated that the number of people affected by the issue is in the low hundreds and that the amount paid to pre-order was 99. We understand Phones 4U customers have been told they won t receive a refund on their iPhone 6 pre-orders, a spokesperson for the company said.

We don t think that s fair, so we are offering to reimburse Phones 4U customers for any money paid upfront when they buy their new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus from us. All they have to do is come into our stores with printed evidence of their pre-order. Phones 4 u collapsed two weeks ago following the breakdown of negotiations with Vodafone and EE regarding extensions to the retailers airtime distribution contracts.

It has since been announced that Vodafone would be purchasing 140 Phones 4u outlets, with EE picking up a further 58.

PwC also announced that it would be closing 362 stores with 1,700 people losing their jobs.

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