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60 Best Galaxy S5 Apps

This is a list of the best Galaxy S5 apps to showcase the power and the beautiful screen that Samsung delivers. These Samsung Galaxy S5 apps will make you more productive, help you get better battery life, have more fun and do more with your Galaxy S5. Most of these are free Galaxy S5 apps, but a few are worth paying for if you want the best possible experience on the Galaxy S5.

Read: Galaxy S5 Tips and Tricks 1 These are the best Galaxy S5 apps available after using the device for months. Great apps are essential to a great smartphone experience and are key to using the Galaxy S5 to its full potential. Check out the Best Galaxy S5 apps you can download.

Finding the best Galaxy S5 apps will help you do more with your new phone and can help ease the switch from iPhone to Galaxy S5. Advertisement Best Galaxy S5 Apps The following Galaxy S5 apps are those I use every day. Without these apps I wouldn t be able to use the Galaxy S5 as much as I do, and it would not be a valid replacement for the iPhone 5s I carry regularly.

With these Galaxy S5 apps I can use social media, browse reddit, communicate with co workers and track my slow progress towards fitness using S Health and the Gear Fit. These are the best Galaxy S5 apps I can find to make this phone more than just great hardware and a beautiful screen. Must Have Galaxy S5 Apps The home screen is where I keep the best Galaxy S5 apps I ve found.

I keep several apps in folders so that I can still open these must have Galaxy S5 apps without going to another app page to open them. I use the Galaxy S5 weather widget to keep track of my local weather and still use it to check the time, despite an abundance of other clocks throughout the device and on my wrist. These are the Galaxy S5 apps I use most.

Samsung Kindle App This is available for Samsung devices only, adding a free book each month in addition to access to your Kindle purchases just like the standard Kindle app. Convo 2 This is a communication tool for our team which is like a private social network that replaces email. If you work with a team you need to try this out.

Flow for Reddit 3 Flow for Reddit is hands down the best Android reddit app on the market. It looks great and includes gestures to go back to the front page and upvote. If you use reddit and own an Android phone you ll love Flow for Reddit.

Spotify 4 Spotify is my favorite music subscription service, offering access to the music I want and curated playlists for genres that help me find new music to listen to. Camera There is no fast access to the camera like on Control Center, so I still keep the stock camera app on my home screen so that I don t miss funny photos or photos of our two dogs. I find no need for a third-party Galaxy S5 camera app at this time.

Personal Hotspot Shortcut I use the Samsung Galaxy S5 personal hotspot almost every day, and this shortcut makes getting to it faster and easier than diving into settings. Galaxy S5 Dock Apps Phone The stock phone app is the dialer I use on the Galaxy S5 and it works well with support for swipes to call or message someone. Gmail This is my go to app for checking email on the Galaxy S5.

Although I typically have a computer or tablet handy I tend to read and reply to most of my email on the Galaxy S5. Hangouts I use Google Hangouts for real-time communication with my wife and co-workers. I do not use this for text messages though, because the app always tries to route through hangouts which can mean missed messages.

Chrome 5 Chrome is better than Samsung s Internet browser, so it earns a spot on my Galaxy S5 dock for fast access. Social Galaxy S5 Apps Twitter 6 Although I use the Tweetings Twitter app for most things, I still keep the Twitter app handy to see retweets and for other random needs. Facebook 7 Facebook is another Galaxy S5 app I use to connect with friends.

I don t keep Facebook installed on my iPhone because it can cut battery life, but I don t have the same issue on the Galaxy S5. Messenger 8 Facebook Messenger remains the best way to send messages to others on Facebook, delivering a faster and more fluid experience than the regular Facebook app. Instagram 9 Although I am a sporadic user, I enjoy the Instagram app on the Galaxy S5.

Facebook Pages Manager 10 I use this app to manage multiple Facebook pages. This app is the only option and recent updates make it easier to use but it does not replace a web page yet. Tweetings 11 Tweetings is a beautiful Android Twitter app that lets me check in on Twitter lists, offers handy notifications and a shortcut to jump to the top of my Twitter timeline.

I use a lot of Google apps and S Health on the Galaxy S5. Stock Galaxy S5 Apps Google+ I don t use this very often for sharing, but I like the access to Google+ Auto backup and the cool Auto Awesome photos and stories that Google creates with my content. Google Maps This is the best Galaxy S5 app for getting directions, but I still keep Waze around for limited use when Google Maps doesn t offer enough information.

Play Movies & TV I buy most of my digital movies on Google Play, and this offers fast access to my purchases so I can watch The Big Lebowski whenever I want. Drive Google Drive is less essential thanks to the new Docs app, but it is still an easy way to share files between the Galaxy S5 and other devices. YouTube I use this to watch viral videos, but also to upload videos to the Gotta Be Mobile YouTube channel.

Photos Instead of the Gallery app that Samsung includes, this is a good way auto back up photos and to see the new Stories that Google creates. Play Store The Google Play store is the place to download the best Galaxy S5 apps. Although there are other places to get apps, this is the safest.

Galaxy S5 Apps You ll Love S Health Widget & S Health I use the S Health app to track my steps using the Gear Fit and to check my hear rate and stress level. When I remember I can also use this to track my sleep. Calendar Widget This is included with the Galaxy S5 and is the easiest way for me to see what I have going on during a specific day.

It is better than a shortcut to the calendar. ES File Explorer 12 When I need to access the Galaxy S5 Micro SD card and move files around I prefer to use this app over the included explorer app and other alternatives. Dropbox 13 Although Google Drive is useful, Dropbox is the could storage service I use most.

This is how I move files, photos and screenshots from the Galaxy S5 to my computer or other devices. LastPass 14 If you need a tool to manage your passwords LastPass is the best option I ve discovered. It allows me to use strong passwords for all my sites and services and keep them behind one ridiculously strong password.

These Galaxy S5 widgets and apps help me stay productive and on top of appointments. Galaxy S5 Entertainment Apps Hulu Plus 15 This is my go to app for watching TV shows on the Galaxy S5. Although it offers a wide range of shows i mostly watch the Daily Show on it.

HBO Go 16 When I want to watch Game of Thrones or True Detective on the go I use the HBO Go app. It s also great for access to comedy specials that are easy to watch in small blocks while on the go. Netflix 17 - I m still working my way through Breaking Bad, and when I do go to the gym I prefer watching episodes on the Galaxy S5 s nice display.

WatchESPN 18 I cannot use this with DirecTV, but it is the best sports app for the Galaxy S5 if your cable or satellite company is partnered with the service. ESPN Radio 19 When I can t watch I ll use the ESPN Radio app to listen to games and other programs. perfect for listening to sports while driving or mowing the lawn.

Galaxy S5 Apps to Simplify Your Life Adobe Reader 20 The Galaxy S5 includes apps to read PDFs but if you want to sign a PDF on the Galaxy S5, you ll need this free app. It s definitely a must have for anyone that deals with contracts, agreements or even permission slips. Waze 21 When I need to get around really bad traffic, I use Waze to get the best route thanks to the data it gathers from all the users.

When I am a passenger I can also report accidents or speed traps. Smart Remote I don t use this to replace my Harmony remote, but it is how I change channels in the bedroom and how I control my in-law s TV when I m stuck watching something boring. Google Voice 22 The Google Hangouts integration is still not far enough along to use as my main access to Google Voice.

I use this app to check Google Voice calls, texts and voicemail. Google Voice rings all my phones when someone calls, so I don t miss a call if I am using a different device. Check out my favorite Galaxy S5 Entertainment apps.

Google Wallet 23 I love paying for groceries with the Galaxy S5. I use Google Wallet to switch between a business card and a personal card and tap to pay for groceries, gas, food and even vending machines. Google Docs 24 When I need to co-edit something I use Google Docs as it is a free solution that offers easy mobile editing of shared documents.

Google Sheets 25 The same goes for Google Sheets. Although not as full featured as Excel in my experience it does handle my current needs well. Galaxy S5 Travel Apps I use these Galaxy S5 travel apps to look for the best deals on hotels, and occasionally on flights.

I know that commercials claim you only need one, but I always end up checking all of them. Although there are others, I normally check these and will use Priceline and Travelocity the most. Galaxy S5 Shopping Apps Beep nGo - This is an app I m still trying out, but it offers a lot of hope.

You can clip coupons and store loyalty cards on it. The Galaxy S5 uses special tech to basically beam the barcode to the scanner, so even though most phones don t scan your Galaxy S5 will. Meijer 26 I use this app to clip digital coupons for my local grocery store.

It s way better than trying to print out coupons and remember to take them with us. Amazon 27 I use Amazon to buy a lot of items since I have Amazon prime. This is easier than the web app, and when local stores are out of stock or no one can help me find something this app answers the call in seconds.

Best Buy 28 - The Best Buy app show current specials, gaming information and rewards for My Best Buy . PayPal 29 I use the PayPal app to check on balances for purchases I make online, and to check incoming payments for various projects. This is also a place to see receipts for PayPal debit card purchases.

These essential Galaxy S5 apps save money on hotels and on day to day shopping. Galaxy S5 Games Trials Frontier 30 Although not as full featured as the Trials games on Xbox, this is a fun game. I wish it wasn t as reliant on in-app purchases.

ShadowGun DeadZone 31 When I want to play a first person shooter on the Galaxy S5 this is still my go to game. ctOS Mobile 32 I like playing Watch Dogs on the Xbox One, and this companion app lets me play against other players when I am mobile. Destiny 33 The Destiny Beta just closed, but this is an app that lets you interact with your character and check your levels.

More Great Galaxy S5 Apps Speedtest.net 34 I routinely check my Internet speed at home and on the go. at home I do this to see if Time Warner is actually delivering the speeds I am paying for. Device Manager 35 This is where I can check the location of my other Android devices, and find them if I lose one.

Even if you don t have as many devices as I do it s a must have app. Ingress 36 I am not into this game as much as others, but it is a fun location-based game that I open up from time to time to waste a few minutes before a meeting. Galaxy S5 games and editing apps deliver fun and a little bit of work.

Skype 37 A few businesses I interact with prefer Skype for communication, and it is how I keep in touch with my dad when he travels overseas. Google Analytics 38 Google Analytics offers easy access to site data and other metrics that I often need to check while on the go. Gallery This is the app I use to check out screenshots and photos in galleries other than the main one that shows up in Photos.

Snapdragon Battery Guru 39 This free app analyzes your Galaxy S5 use and helps deliver batter Galaxy S5 battery life without limiting what you are doing most of the time.

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Ecstasy returns with the Christmas mobile offers for the UK customers

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Emtalks | Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog.: A Weekend In Paris …

When I was invited to go to Paris for the weekend by O2 I could hardly say no. I love Paris and this trip marks my third time in the city of love. As mentioned in my city essentials packing guide 1 , O2 sent me away for the weekend, packed with my boyfriend on one arm, an itinerary in one hand and a phone with lots of data in the other.

This O2 sim was set up with their new travel tariff ( 1.99 for data per day in Europe - epic and perfect for an internet lover like myself) and their new travel app, meaning I could find my way around Paris and check Trip Advisor for the best places to eat and drink. This meant that I could continue being the food lover that I am and also meant that I could constantly update my Instagram too (yes, score!) Read on to find out what challenges they sent me on. I really did put the tariff and the app to the test and obviously ate lots of macaroons along the way...

On arrival in Paris, we were picked up from the airport by our own personal driver, he had Elle magazines in the back of the car which immediately excited me. I am an avid Elle magazine reader. He dropped us off at the most gorgeous hotel, the Hotel Du Petit Moulin which is in Le Marais, a ridiculously popular area of Paris with fashion bloggers.

I was really excited to be staying there. Everything about the hotel was perfect... any room that comes complete with Hermes toiletries is a winner for me.

Before we set off on our first challenge of the day (we were asked to find an exciting flagship store and meet the fashion designer behind the brand), we sat down for some much needed food. We had croque monsieurs... I kind of felt like I was going to have a heart attack after as they're so fatty and cheesy but I've never tried one before so felt I should do.

After food, we headed to Springsioux to meet the owner and designer, Pierre-Antoine De Myttenaere . We found our way there using the maps on our phone which we were able to use because of the travel data, thank goodness because it was just hidden on a random street. I love using walking maps on my phone, I rely on them so much in England but having them abroad is just the best thing ever.

It means you don't miss out on fabulous things around you. They had some gorgeous clothes and it was exciting to meet the designer behind some of the collections. After this we went for a walk and headed to the Notre Dame...

We took some selfies at the Notre Dame and then did some more wandering along the Parisian streets... Our next challenge was to go to the APC Clothing Surplus store to grab some bargains, we inputted the address into the map on our phone and walked through a gorgeous park on our way there... My jumpsuit!

I'm not sure why it looks so baggy on the first photo but I love it so much, particularly for travelling as it is so cool and easy to wear. It is inspired by my beautiful best friend Fran, who has one similar. I got it from ASOS here.

2 Some sizes are sold out so you can get the exact same one in a different colour here 3 . New Look also have some nice ones online here 4 too. But if in doubt, similar here 5 (ASOS sale!) and here 6 .

Whilst looking for similar ones for you I fell in love with about 100 floral jumpsuits here on Missguided 7 so you may be able to find a cheap version there too! I am obsessed with all things floral at the moment and got lots of compliments when I wore this. We arrived on the exact street and unfortunately the surplus store in that location no longer exists!

It has however been replaced with a full price APC store, it didn't sell women's clothes but we still had a look around. By this point we'd walked for miles... Obviously stopping for an ice cream along the way (this was a deliciously creamy mango one)...

It was soon time to get ready for dinner. We decided to head to the top of the Arc De Triomphe before we ate... This is an old dress from Zara (similar here 8 and here 9 ) and my bag is from Missguided, online here 10 - the best 19.99 you will ever spend.

Trust me. It's my favourite bag in the world right now. Available in black too...

thank me later *runs and buys it in every colour*. I was very impressed when a heart shaped pizza came out... Jack's was a meaty heart shaped pizza.

We approached the Eiffel pretty quickly... (stopping for a nutella filled crepe before we joined the mammoth queue) and there it was, in all it's glory. We queued until it was dark, so we got to see the flashing lights on it too, the crowd cheered as the Eiffel Tower sparkled for a few minutes. After three hours of queueing, by 11.30pm, we were finally up the tower.

It was my third time up to the top but I still loved it. On day two, we were told to find the Pont Alexandre III Bridge, once I saw the view of the Eiffel Tower, I could see why they sent us here, plus, it wasn't too busy either. We made sure we played around with my GoPro and made use of the new stick that I bought for it!

I love my little two piece and my natural tan is still here from my trip to Jamaica yay! After completing the first challenge at the bridge, we headed towards the Champs Elysee for some much needed retail therapy. I think this is my favourite bag 11 ever?!

It just goes with everything. Little did we know, that the bridge is super close to the Champs Elysee. Everything in Paris is weirdly closely connected, you've just got to walk around to realise where things are.

My first stop was Guerlain. I've dreamt of owning some Guerlain make up for years and as you'll know if you regularly read my wishlists, the Guerlain Meteorites are at the top of my list. I saved up enough money to treat myself to some from their flagship store.

When in Paris, buy Guerlain! After a quick morning of shopping, it was time to sit down for some food before our next challenge We decided to head to Laduree which is probably one of Paris' most famous cafe/restaurants. It's incredibly expensive but I've never eaten there before so really needed to try it.

The food was nice, maybe not worth the extortionate amount paid - I feel 25 Euros for a sandwich is pretty steep, but it's probably somewhere that I'll eat at just the once and it was worth it for the atmosphere and amazing service alone. The desserts were a different story, more than worth the money. My plate soon turned into a pink mess...

and with a blink, it was gone. With full stomachs, we hopped on another quick metro for our final challenge of the day... to meet up with This Is Venice, a famous Parisian nail artist.

Again, we used our phones to find out which metro line we should be on. Having the internet always available on our phone with no worry about cost really came in handy when it came to making sure we were getting on the right metro. It really allowed us to explore and made it easy to find the most obscure of places.

Inside her beautiful nail den, I was so excited to get 'pimped' as she calls it. I asked for a pretty floral design. and then my nails.

Look at the result? I was more than impressed. Jack gets top boyfriend points for sitting with me throughout it all, the designs were completely hand painted so it did take a while but well worth the wait!

I'd urge anyone to put some time aside and book an appointment with her if visiting Paris. She is insanely talented and such a lovely girl. We wandered around the area near the salon and fell in love with the shops and the general area...

It's safe to say that we had arrived in shopping heaven. As the sun lowered, we decided it was time to wander back to the hotel... I noticed some of my favourite shops along the way.

We went for a late dinner. I decided to wear my gorgeous new Motel playsuit 12 (and straighten my hair for the first time in ages!) We sat down with two big steaks and ended with a creme br l e to share. It was a deliciously rustic, authentic restaurant.

The next morning was another sunny one, Breakfast was delicious, an array of carby croissants and pastries never fails to make me smile. Our first challenge was to find the Canal St Martin and we decided to walk there using the internet on our phone (using the O2 daily travel tariff). The walking maps made it so easy to find the canal.

We came across the cutest padlock bridge on the canal, I only wished that I had a padlock with me so I could add my own onto it. I thought these pastel coloured shops were the cutest. We were challenged to find a famous coffee shop near the canal but unfortunately when we got there it was closed.

It's such a shame because we were told such amazing things about it, I'm gonna have to go back and visit it. After our challenges were completed, we headed to the Sacre Coeur. We tackled the steps and were soon over-looking the whole of Paris...

We just had to grab an ice cream along the way... All 5 scoops of this were heaven, we're talking cookies and cream, mint, raspberry ripple and more. We found a quiet place to sit whilst we devoured our creamy delight...

And I took a second to admire my toes... We had a little bit of time to kill before our final task of the day. We wanted to head to the Louvre but decided that the queue would be too big and we didn't actually have too much time, instead, we looked around the artists area of the Sacre Coeur.

Lots of people on my Instagram asked where my trousers are from! I got them from Ebay ages ago unfortunately but you can some very similar ones here 13 for a good price and then these ones on ASOS here 14 are similar too! Incase they sell out, there's some more below: I do think it may just be my favourite outfit ever.

It's so easy and comfy to wear when travelling. Our final challenge was to go to one Europe's biggest and most famous flea markets; Les Puces. I was actually quite scared when we jumped off the tube outside of Paris, a place called Pont Clignancourt.

We were the only tourists and it was quite scary but we soon met up with Charlotte, an expert in bargain hunting and the markets who showed us around. I've never been to a flea market before so really didn't know what to expect... It was mainly antiques in the first section.

I'm not really into antiques but I am into interior (I love Pinterest 15 !) so it was cool to see lots of gorgeous chairs and paintings. It was interesting to see how a flea market works, things were quite expensive but it was pretty mesmerising nonetheless. We then headed to the fashion section and I lusted over vintage Chanel bags and amazing Chanel shoes.

Unfortunately all way out of my budget - I couldn't get many photographs because the shop owners were quite strict about a no-photo policy... I'm not too sure why! Sorry!

So there we have it, I hope you enjoyed seeing what I got up to in Paris! You can watch my vlog below which brings my trip to life a little bit more. I would love it if you could subscribe to my channel 16 because I have lots of exciting things to share on my YouTube in the future!

I had an amazing weekend, it was nice to be sent off the beaten track and to be given an exciting and different itinerary. We were sent to places outside the norm and then we chose to add in a few standard things like the Eiffel Tower. We definitely wouldn't have done it all so efficiently and on time if it wasn't for having data on my phone.

It's so good to know that you have paid only 1.99, with no upper limit, for internet use throughout the day abroad. It was so helpful to be able to just switch on the maps on my phone and use them to explore things that I wouldn't have otherwise seen or known how to get to. Having the internet on my phone made a city break so much more relaxing in a way as the phone basically plans all your routes for you and the travel app even tells you the best restaurants to go to.

This is a favourite for me going forward!

You can find out more on the O2 Travel website here.

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