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  • 0.5mm Professional Titanium Microneedle 540 Derma Needle Roller Treating Acne Scars, Skin, Hair Loss, Wrinkles, Blackheads, Lines, Sun Damaged, Ageing- Daily Care Product, Reducing Blemishes Scars Potholes Cellulite Stretchmarks Uplifting Whitening Regeneration. Home Use 0.5 mm @ shopblogs.co.uk
  • 0.75mm Professional Medical Stainless Steel Microneedle 192 Derma Needle Roller Treating Acne Scars, Skin, Hair Loss, Wrinkles, Blackheads, Lines, Sun Damaged, Ageing- Daily Care Product, Reducing Blemishes Scars Potholes Cellulite Stretchmarks Uplifting Whitening Regeneration. Home Use 0.75mm
  • 007 Fragrances James Bond Eau de Toilette Spray 30ml @ shopblogs.co.uk
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  • 1 Best Buy Solo Classic Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case for Notebook ... One would experience the every single feasible reward one could be a consequence of it. When men and women getting the benefits could experience the level of alleviate it offers together with each job is actually attains. Being the moment part of your current community, you d probably comprehend exactly how day-to-day course is a lot more treat to cooperate with Solo Classic Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case For Notebook Computers Up To 17 Inches Black (pt136-4) .

    Read more 1 Customer Reviews: 3.5 ' I are already in the position to develop into a more dynamic person right now as a result product or service and that i simply just seem like Solo Classic Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case For Notebook Computers Up To 17 Inches Black (pt136-4) has given myself that boost along with self-confidence that I needed to wake up away from our couch and really take pleasure in do the job! ' - Ricky Frey 4.5 ' When there ' s your will probably, there ' s the easiest way. That is certainly what exactly Solo Classic Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case For Notebook Computers Up To 17 Inches Black (pt136-4) has educated me in daily life. It s got educated me in which staying great usually do not encompass beauty; it requires many of the perfect steps.

    I have always loved this device i continues for this up until the very end of time. That is primarily because there are offered us a possibility to replenish my own belief in addition to the opinion in everyday life on its own! ' - George Hall 3.5 ' Solo Classic Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case For Notebook Computers Up To 17 Inches Black (pt136-4) may be the most affordable and many affordable item you ll actually run into! This supplement absolutely does stop you in your ft therefore, allows you to possess a person s entertaining without to be the least of annoying or troublesome!

    I adore Solo Classic Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case For Notebook Computers Up To 17 Inches Black (pt136-4) as it has given us a full a couple of within a circumstances featuring its fineness and therefore, I was able to not have sensed almost any more joyful! ' - Charlie Carl Search : Buy Solo Classic Rolling Laptop , Buy Solo Classic Rolling Laptop Portfolio Case For Notebook Computers Up To 17 Inches Black (pt136-4) , Buy Solo Classic Rolling Tags: Solo Classic 2 , Solo Classic Rolling 3 , Solo Classic Rolling Laptop 4 Posted in Shopping 5 | Comments Off References ^ Read more (getproduct.info) ^ Solo Classic (office-products-office-school-supplies.discountral.info) ^ Solo Classic Rolling (office-products-office-school-supplies.discountral.info) ^ Solo Classic Rolling Laptop (office-products-office-school-supplies.discountral.info) ^ View all posts in Shopping (office-products-office-school-supplies.discountral.info)

  • 1 Litre Organic Argan, Virgin Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Carrier Oil - Cheap Price
  • 1 Litre Organic Borage Oil - 100% Pure Carrier Oil - Offer
  • 1 Litre Organic Castor Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed - Discount Price
  • 1 Litre Organic Hemp Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Carrier Oil
  • 1 Litre Organic Sesame Oil - 100% Pure Carrier Oil - Cut Price
  • 1 Litre Organic Sunflower Oil - 100% Pure Carrier Oil - Price Drop
  • 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) - 4 UK Online Shops 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) 1 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) SPECIAL NOTE: 2 Prices for for this product are dynamic and many change on an hourly basis, so it is important to check with the relevant suppliers to get the most up-to-date price.

    Check Todays Price and any offers for Aspects Pools and Leisure > > > > > 3 Popular Searches: Aspects Pools and Leisure reviews, Aspects Pools and Leisure reviews, Aspects Pools and Leisure price comparison, Aspects Pools and Leisure price online, 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) reviews,1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) stockists, 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) price comparison, 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) price online, christmas offers from Aspects Pools and Leisure, special christmas deals from Aspects Pools and Leisure , xmas gifts, christmas gifts online.

    1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) from Aspects Pools and Leisure 4 References ^ 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) (www.4ukonlineshops.co.uk) ^ SPECIAL NOTE: (www.4ukonlineshops.co.uk) ^ Check Todays Price and any offers for Aspects Pools and Leisure > > > > > (www.4ukonlineshops.co.uk) ^ 1) Bolt Kit - (PGH83408) from Aspects Pools and Leisure (www.4ukonlineshops.co.uk)

  • 1.0mm Professional Titanium Microneedle 540 Derma Needle Roller Treating Acne Scars, Skin, Hair Loss, Wrinkles, Blackheads, Lines, Sun Damaged, Ageing- Daily Care Product, Reducing Blemishes Scars Potholes Cellulite Stretchmarks Uplifting Whitening Regeneration. Home Use 1.0 mm @ shopblogs.co.uk - Sale
  • 1.5mm Derma Roller - for use for stretch marks and deeper lines, wrinkles and scars. - Cheap
  • 1.5mm Professional Titanium Microneedle 540 Derma Needle Roller Treating Acne Scars, Skin, Hair Loss, Wrinkles, Blackheads, Lines, Sun Damaged, Ageing- Daily Care Product, Reducing Blemishes Scars Potholes Cellulite Stretchmarks Uplifting Whitening Regeneration. Home Use 1.5 mm @ shopblogs.co.uk
  • 10 best maternity Christmas party dresses Party season is just around the corner and if you're sporting a blossoming bump the search for a swish, seasonally appropriate, not to mention flattering, dress to hit the dance floor in can seem like a daunting task. But, fear not, whether you're after long-length or mini, plain or patterned, we've scoured the interwebs to find you the best and most beautiful dresses to show off your bump in spectacular style. All that's left to do is book your hair appointment and get your dance moves licked.

    And don't forget your flat shoes! Crepe tee shift dress, 40, Topshop 1 Topshop Bright and sleek, this blue crepe shift will look great with gold accents and matching heels. Don't forget a slick of red lippy for good measure.

    Crave at House Of Fraser This emerald stunner is the perfect shade for the season, and it emphasises your shapely pins. Plus, you can keep wearing it long after baby arrives! Midi dress with knot front and back, 24.50 (was 34), Asos.com 2 Asos Sweet but still with a sexy edge, this Asos number will flatter your bump from every angle.

    Bodycon maxi dress, 28, Next 3 Next Black is always in style and this maxi maternity with subtle side slit is a dramatic choice for a mum-to-be. Add complementary inky black accessories for a head-turning look. Double layer dress with long sleeves, 35, Asos.com 4 Asos Fun and flirty, this dress has party time written all over it.

    Isabella Oliver/Asos The cool girl choice, this midi-length dress hugs your bump and your curves perfectly. Wear with mid-heel shoe boots or kitten heels and a long-length camel coat for a wonderful winter party look. John Zack black lace and gold foil maternity dress, 40, New Look 5 New Look You don't have to turn off the glitz when you get pregnant.

    We love this opulent lace and foil dress from New Look. Sharp! Bodecia sequin mini dress with cowl back detail, 120, Rock A Bye Rosie 6 Rock A Bye Rosie Silver and sequins are a winning combination, whether you're pregnant or not.

    Make like the model and add a punchy neon to bring your outfit into sharp focus. Tiffany Rose Elegant and chic, this purple lace dress with flattering lace ribbon is the ideal dress for a high brow Christmas do. Multiway maternity dress, 99.00, Seraphine 7 Seraphine A mushroom shade flatters every skin shade, and this swing dress is a gorgeous option for a Christmas dinner party.

    One word: stunning. Happy shopping! Lisa Cowan is a London-based freelance writer.

    Follow her on Twitter 8 .

    References ^ Topshop (www.topshop.com) ^ Asos.com (www.asos.com) ^ Next (www.next.co.uk) ^ Asos.com (www.asos.com) ^ New Look (www.newlook.com) ^ Rock A Bye Rosie (www.rock-a-bye-rosie.com) ^ Seraphine (www.seraphine.com) ^ Twitter (twitter.com)

  • 10 Best Mothers Day Gifts Ideas: Mother's Day Gift Cards, Baskets, UK Come Explore my 10 Best UK Mothers Day Gifts Ideas to Make; gift cards, gift baskets, snack basket, hairdo, Jewelry, and many more. For most of us, there aren t many people in our lives that we hold closer to our hearts than our mothers 1 . Your mum is the one person who has been in your life since the very beginning when you were still an unidentifiable clump of cells, the one person who understands you best and who would do anything to keep you safe.

    2. A gift basketYou can also get her a little bit of everything. Some of the things to include in a gift basket include perfumes, some beauty products and maybe even a bottle of exquisite wine.

    Some gift baskets are exclusively for kitchen products while others are for home d cor. Nowadays, it is very easy to purchase already-filled gift baskets either online or at the local store.

    3. Glassware and other kitchen stuffIt s expensive but a new set of unique glassware is something she ll remember for years to come.

    It can be a set of new wine glasses or plates or a combination of different items. Alternatively, you can also go shopping for other kitchen products such as saucepans, or specially monogrammed kitchen towels. It is always a good idea to buy these items in sets.

    2 4. A snack basketIf she is a foodie mum, you can never go wrong with a special snack basket. Make sure that it is filled with snacks that she d normally not buy hence you may need to invest in buying a really unique and special snack basket.

    Other food related gifts include a popular book of recipes, some exotic spices or a bottle of fine wine.

    5. Tech productsNot all mums are tech-dummies and even if yours is it is time to change that. Some great tech mothers day gifts ideas include a new Smartphone, a camera or the newest music system in the market.

    Ensure that it is something that she can quickly learn how to use and which she will enjoy for long.

    6.0 JewelryThis may seem a bit clich but you can make an effort to find a unique piece that she will appreciate. Online stores stock very unique and stylish jewelry pieces that you can order and receive within a few days. A good idea is some vintage jewelry, not many people will have the same piece.

    To make the gift even more personal, you can have her name or a short message written on the necklace pendant or bracelet. So, whether you decide to go for a pair of earrings, a silver neck chain or a bracelet, make sure that it sends a personal message of love and gratitude. Knowing her favorite colors and styles beforehand can also help you pick out the right jewelry gift.

    7.0 A special dinnerTrust me she d love a break from the everyday toil of cooking and cleaning. A special dinner reservation is exactly what she needs to celebrate her own special day. Make the reservation early enough before restaurants get booked out completely.

    It also helps to know which her favorite restaurant is. Even if you have to spend quite a little bit of cash, make the dinner a special one to remember, after all it only happens once a year.

    8.0 A homemade mealTaking her out for a nice meal may sound nice but you can go a step further and make the day even more personal by making her a homemade meal. Find a special recipe that you are sure she ll love and whip up something special.

    If you are not so good in the kitchen, you can always get some professional help. Just make sure that she is not at home during the preparations. Set out the table nicely and maybe even get some special candles to lighten the mood.

    Whatever you do, just make it memorable.

    9.0 A day at the spaNo matter how clich it becomes, giving your mum several hours of spa treatment never fails to impress. Of course it won t be cheap and that s why it pays to plan way ahead of time so as to allow you to save up for the occasion. If you have been caught by the day unprepared financially, you can always give her the spa treatment yourself.

    You can watch online videos on how to do a massage among other relaxing things such as a foot rub.

    10.A new hairdoIs there a hairstyle she has been admiring for so long but doesn t have the money to get it done? If yes, then this is one of the best mothers day gifts you can give her. Again, this requires saving up so as to give her the best.

    Also make sure that you find the best salon where she will get exactly what she wants. Of course it is important to show gratitude everyday to these special women but setting aside one day of the year to celebrate them makes them all the more special. This is what mother s day is for.It may not even be your blood mother but someone who has filled that role in your life.

    Maybe it is your mother in law or grandmother or anyone else. Whoever it is, they are also human and need to feel appreciated once in a while. As mothers day approaches, you need to come up with the perfect mothers day gifts.

    It does not have to be something expensive or exotic, as long as she loves it and shows your gratitude, it is enough. To help you out in coming with the perfect gift for your mum, here are 10 ideas that are sure to trigger your creative juices.Best Mothers Day Gifts Gift Card Are you torn about what to buy her? If you are not so sure about what she d love, a gift card is a good idea.

    You can give her a gift card to a jewelry store, her favorite clothes store or anywhere else she d love to shop at. With almost all the mothers day gifts ideas above, planning is extremely important. Do not let the day catch you unprepared.

    Ideally you should start thinking of the perfect gift months ahead of time so as to get her the perfect gift. If by any chance the day has arrived and you are still unprepared, a card with a personal heartfelt message can still work wonders. That is all, my best 10 mothers day gift ideas.

    Feel free to share this blog post 10 mothers day gift ideas.

    with friends by clicking one or two of the social sharing icons located on your left hand side.

    Till next time, Make it a great day, Tom References ^ our mothers (www.sauti-nexus-projects-and-training.co.uk) ^ good idea (en.wikipedia.org)

  • 10 by BeneFit Cosmetics Bronzing Powder @ shopblogs.co.uk
  • 10 Incredible DIY Castles Built by a Single Person You know the saying "a man's home is his castle?" Some folks out there take it very seriously setting out to build their own medieval fortresses. Carlos Zahumenszky 1 from Gizmodo en Espa ol 2 collected some of the most fascinating castles, all with one thing in common: they were all begun as one-person projects. Castillo de Cebolleros, Burgos (Spain) S Let s start with a unique, modernist beauty: the Cebolleros Castle, or Cave Castle , in Burgos, Spain.

    Seraf n Villar n started building it in 1978 on top of an old winery. Seraf n died in 1998 without seeing the castle finished, but his family completed the project. S The castle is built completely from river stones.

    It has 5 floors and over 3,200 square feet of space. And it looks like something from a fairy tale. S S Opening photo: Ametsola 3 , Flickr, under Creative Commons license .

    Other photos: Txemi L pez 4 (used with permission) Coral Castle, Florida S The story around Coral Castle is a mystery in itself. It was built by Edward Leedskalnin, a Latvian immigrant to the United States. S The castle is built using huge coral limestone blocks.

    Leedskalnin constructed it on his own, without any outside help. He undertook the project mostly at nights, which gave way to all sort of strange stories about the place and Leedskalnin himself. He finished building it in 1923, but took it to its actual location, stone by stone, in 1936.

    S Photos: Wikipedia, under Creative Commons license. Bishop Castle, Colorado S At the age of 15, Jim Bishop paid $450 for a two and a half acre parcel near San Isabel National Forest in southern Colorado. Ten years later, in 1969, he began to build a family cottage surrounded by rocks.

    S The Cottage grew into a manor and, since then, Bishop and his family have been working on this amazing mini-castle. Visitors are encouraged to explore the castle on their own as there are no guided tours. The building has an incredible amount of iron work even the dragon head on top of the roof breathes fire on weekends Memorial Day through Labor Day.

    Bishop Castle ] S Photos: Wikipedia, under Creative Commons license. Fidler Castle, Surrey, UK This tiny but beautiful castle built in mock-Tudor Style might not be around much longer. It was built in secrecy by Robert Fidler and his wife on their own land.

    Unfortunately, they didn't have local permission to build it, so they concealed the growing building behind bales of straw. As soon as the castle was revealed, a legal fight broke out between Fidler and the local council. In February, an inspector denied the farmer's bid to declare the building retroactively legal.

    Far from done, Fidler has vowed to take his case to the European Court of Human Rights if necessary. BBC News ] Tar di Var castle, Sopron, Hungary S The story of this family castle is similar to Bishop's. Stephen Tar di bought a parcel near the village of Sopron in 1951, and began building a castle without any formal plans.

    First on his own, and later assisted by his family, Tar di's castle now stands 65 feet tall, with 3,760 square feet of space. The construction took 50 years. Nowadays, Tar di Var Castle is still inhabited by Tar di's siblings.

    They kindly admit visitors curious enough to take peep inside. Atlas Obscura ] Photos: Curious Expeditions 8 / Flickr, under Creative Commons License Mistery Castle, Phoenix S After learning he had tuberculosis, Luther Boyce Galley moved from Seattle to Phoenix in pursuit of a better climate for his disease. Boyce began to build this strange castle in 1930 for his daughter Mary Lou.

    Boyce used basically whatever he found to build the castle, from discarded bottles to old car tires. The building gained some notoriety and was even featured in Life magazine. After that, Mary Lou and her mother began offering tours of their now famous home.

    9 ] Photos: Wikipedia, under Creative Commons license. Le Palais Ideal, Hauterives, France S Ferdinand Cheval 10 was a French postman that stumbled upon some odd rock while taking a walk. Any other person would have just kicked it aside and walked away, but not Cheval.

    Next day, the postman began to stockpile the stones for a project, and 33 years later, the Palais Ideal was completed. The building has an out-of-this-world style and enough carved stone to make a sculptor drool. S S Cheval's final wish was to be buried in his own castle, but that is illegal in France.

    So he decided to build his own mausoleum in the same astonishing style. He completed his final resting place just a year before he passed away. The Palais Ideal has been a tourist attraction since 1986.

    Photos: Wikipedia, under Creative Commons license. Eben-Ezer tower, Lieja, Belgium S This 109-foot tower is the strange legacy of Robert Garcet. Garcet was fascinated with the Bible, numerology and ancient civilizations, all reflected in the building itself.

    The roof is topped with four huge statues of biblical beasts, and the plans of the tower reveals many references to numbers with alleged mystical properties. Garcet claims that he found a 70-million-year-old village buried beneath the construction site, where he discovered many fossilized species unknown to science. Today, the Eben-Ezer Tower hosts the Le Mus e Du Silex (The Flint Museum), a place where Garcet displays an impressive collection of books, historical and biblical relics.

    11 v a Atlas Obscura 12 ] Photos: Wikipedia, under Creative Commons license. Braylsham castle, Sussex, UK Apart from being a orthodontist, surgeon, inventor and classic car driver, Professor John Mew is also a DIY Castle Builder. Braylsham Castle is a tiny but charming castle paired with a medieval manor.

    Both were built on an island also created by Mew and his wife in a quiet pond of Sussex. Nowadays, Braylsham Castle is one of the most unusual and exclusive hotels in Britain. The place can be rented (butler, cook and maid included) for groups up to six people.

    Braylsham Castle ] Photos: Braylsham Castle Chateau Laroche, Ohio S Also known as Loveland Castle, Chateau Laroche was created in 1929 by Harry D. Andrews, a veteran who named the castle after a French military hospital where he spent time recovering during WWI. Andrews was also a boy scout troop leader.

    After spending 50 years building his castle with carved stones from a nearby river, this veteran willed the castle to his troop, the Knights of the Golden Trail. The Knights have managed the place successfully ever since.

    14 ] Photos: Wikipedia, under Creative Commons license. Bonus 1: La catedral de Justo, Madrid, Spain S It's not a castle, but it is also the insane and amazing project of only one man: Justo Gallego Mart nez.

    After being cast away from a monastery because of tuberculosis, Justo begun to work in his own temple. At first, Mr Gallego built the walls with any kind of stuff he could find, and following a detailed construction plan found only in his head. S Spanish church authorities are still waiting to consecrate the building to La Virgen del Pilar.

    The Cathedral is 115 feet tall today, but is not a lone wolf project anymore. Justo is far too old to keep moving heavy stuff, so the elder builder is assisted by many enthusiastic volunteers. Justo's Cathedral can be visited in the city of Mejorada del Campo, near Madrid.

    Photos: AP Images Bonus 2: Castello di Amorosa, California S Castello di Amorosa is a vision from a medieval dream nestled among the vineyards of Napa Valley. Although the designer didn't built it with his own hands, he doggedly pursued its construction to honor his Italian ancestry. S That man is Dar o Sattui, founder of V.

    Sattui Winery . After spending many years sleeping in a van to save money, Sattui struck it rich, and built the Castello in the traditional XIII Century Florentine style. The castle is a trendy and popular place for weddings and music festivals.

    15 , v a Festival del Sole 16 ] Photos: Castello di Amorosa References ^ Carlos Zahumenszky (carloszahumenszky.kinja.com) ^ Gizmodo en Espa ol (es.gizmodo.com) ^ Ametsola (www.flickr.com) ^ Txemi L pez (flic.kr) ^ Bishop Castle (www.bishopcastle.org) ^ BBC News (www.bbc.co.uk) ^ Atlas Obscura (www.atlasobscura.com) ^ Curious Expeditions (www.flickr.com) ^ My Mistery Castle (www.mymysterycastle.com) ^ Ferdinand Cheval (en.wikipedia.org) ^ Le Mus e du Silex (www.musee-du-silex.be) ^ Atlas Obscura (www.atlasobscura.com) ^ Braylsham Castle (www.castleweekends.co.uk) ^ Loveland Castle (www.lovelandcastle.com) ^ Castello di Amorosa (www.castellodiamorosa.com) ^ Festival del Sole (festivaldelsole.org)

  • 10 Pair Black Long HANDMADE Voluminous False Eyelash Eye lashes - Limited Price
  • 10 Pair Black Long HANDMADE Voluminous False Eyelash Eye lashes - Sale Item
  • 10 Pairs Fabulous Natural-Looking Lower False Eyelashes Eye Lashs - Black---Reusable if Properly Used - Sale Item
  • 10 Pairs False Eyelashes Extra Thick Voluminous (same day dispatch!) - Special
  • 10 Pairs Of Soft Black Fake False Eyelashes Eye Lashes (#510) @ shopblogs.co.uk - Price Special
  • 10 Pcs Surgical Quality Stainless Steel Manicure & Pedicure Set,Travel & Grooming Kit, With Leather Case
  • 10 Piece Beauty Cosmetic Makeup Lucky Dip Gift Set Bag Eyes Lips Nails @ shopblogs.co.uk
  • 10 reasons to buy ELLE October starring Rosie Huntington ... Have you got your October issue of ELLE yet? Starring Rosie Huntington-Whiteley 1 , it s packed full of new-season fashion and how to shop it, and a wealth of intelligent features to spark your curiosity. Here are 10 reasons to buy this month s issue, right now .

    1. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Behind that immeasurably beautiful fa ade is an astute, enterprising young woman at the peak of her powers. ELLE editor-in-chief Lorraine Candy unravels the mystery of our stunning cover star 2 .

    2. The Coat Edit It s like the bikini to spring/summer: if you only buy one thing this season, make it a coat 3 . ELLE s fashion director Anne-Marie Curtis shows you how to make a big statement in this season s larger than life cover-ups.

    3. #ELLEIntern2013 They went on cover shoots, styled models and wrote features, and everything they did contributed to the making of this issue. Follow the editors of tomorrow on every step of their #ELLEIntern2013 4 journey.

    4. Fashion now For autumn/ winter 2013 5 , let maximalism be your mantra.

    Gild refined gold with sequins, feathers and silk, dare to wear a boiler suit in the boardroom and discover the luxurious, everyday pieces that are worth investing in.

    5. The Beauty Brief Explore the latest autumn/winter 2013 hair and beauty trends 6 and how to make them work for you. Plus, need-to-know products and treatments, and the insider tips that will help you enjoy a fitter, happier season.

    6. Sky Ferreira models high street Free with your October ELLE is our amazing 60-page Style For Less 7 supplement: your definitive high street edit, starring woman of the moment, Sky Ferreira.

    7. Talking Points From the game-changing adultery memoir to essays on the power of sisterhood, via a conversation with the original rebel 8 , Stevie Nicks, this issue is packed with fresh, inspiring features, we know you will love.

    8. AAA London Fashion Week In an unprecedented ELLE exclusive, we take you to the heart of the world s fashion capital through original, behind-the-scenes pictures that capture the secret moments and unseen emotions in the lead up to the shows 9 .

    9. ELLE escapes As the sun fades away, it s time to start planning your next break 10 .

    Take inspiration from ELLE s warm-weather break ideas and see inside actor Matthew Rhys Mongolia diary.


    25% off River Island Ready to shop the new season?

    Inside October ELLE you ll find your 25% off River Island 11 discount card, the perfect gift to celebrate the launch of Rihanna's new autumn/winter 2013 River Island collection.

    Click here to get our October issue and Style For Less now 12 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: ELLE behind the cover video 13 References ^ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (www.elleuk.com) ^ our stunning cover star (www.elleuk.com) ^ coat (www.elleuk.com) ^ #ELLEIntern2013 (www.elleuk.com) ^ autumn/ winter 2013 (www.elleuk.com) ^ beauty trends (www.theukedit.com) ^ Style For Less (www.elleuk.com) ^ rebel (www.elleuk.com) ^ the shows (www.elleuk.com) ^ your next break (www.elleuk.com) ^ 25% off River Island (www.elleuk.com) ^ Click here to get our October issue and Style For Less now (itunes.apple.com) ^ Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: ELLE behind the cover video (www.elleuk.com)

  • 10 Tips for Creating a Photography Kit on a Budget A Post By: Natalie Denton (nee Johnson) 1 As we continue to wait out the aftermath of one of history s worst economic disasters, it can be prudent to continue to cut spending where possible. The digital medium does mean shooting costs are substantially lowered, but equipment and accessory costs can be still high. We ve compiled a few simple home remedies for creating kit on a budget 1.

    Reflectors can be a useful photography aid as the reflective surface, usually available in white, silver and gold stretched fabric, can fill in, reflect or diffuse light where necessary. Top brands can be on the pricey side so if you re on a budget grab a cheap substitute such as a silver car sunscreen, reflective tanning mat or wrap a circular sheet of cardboard in aluminum foil.

    2. A snoot is a fantastic lighting accessory designed to creatively direct and control an artificial beam of light, perfect for a beauty shot for example.

    Try the technique before you buy with a DIY alternative. Roll a sheet of black card into a cone and place a strip of black or gaffer tape along the seam to hold it securely in place. Next lock the end of a torch with the smaller whole of the cone using tape and you re done!

    3. Small plastic diffusers are used to soften the harsh light from a flashgun. They won t cost a fortune but if you d rather a free home made alternative then grab an empty and clean one litre plastic milk bottle.

    Cut off the base of the container a third of the way up. Measure the dimensions of your flash gun s head and mould the base to fit you may need to make a few cuts and bends in the opaque plastic to get the right size. When finished tape this cap to your flashgun.

    4. Capturing Mother Nature at work is invigorating but exposing your kit to the elements definitely is not. You could buy a fully waterproof, custom fitted rain cover for protection in the rain but if you haven t got the spare cash then opt for a clear plastic carrier bag (the thicker the better) so your kit is protected but the LCD, histogram and controls are still visible.

    Slice a small hole in the side of a carrier bag and stretch it over the lens hood, fastening with a rubber band to keep it in place. Create a second smaller hole where the eyepiece is and slide the eye-piece cover back on top to keep it in place.

    5. Filters are fantastic for a plethora of reasons, but in particular the polarizer is superbly fun and effective.

    Photographers employ it for decreasing contrast, saturating blues and reducing harsh reflections. If a filter isn t in your budget there is a household item that can be used as an affordable (yet less effective) substitute sunglasses! This works best with a compact set on a tripod; simply hold a removed lens from the sunglasses frame as close to the front of your camera lens as possible.

    Results will vary and obviously images are unlikely to resonate the crispness that is achievable with the real thing but it s a start.

    6. Underwater photography is becoming an increasingly popular genre but the equipment costs are extremely expensive. An achievable way to get started without shelling out thousands on specifically designed aquatic cameras, housing and strobes is to hire the equipment from a dive shop in tourist destinations, providing all the necessary gear at a fraction of the cost.

    Still not convinced? Camera manufacturers have really raised the bar in producing durable underwater compacts at affordable prices. In particular Olympus Mju: Tough range have a worthy reputation for shooting submerged scenes.

    Starting as low as 190 the Tough compacts are freeze proof, waterproof and shockproof.

    7. Professional models can be expensive to hire so ask photogenic friends and family to pose for you instead. The additional benefit is their familiarity could produce more natural results.

    They may need more direction than their professional counterparts however, so have a stack of magazines on hand to offer posing guidance. Alternatively you could photograph an inexperienced model who is seeking head shots or a collection of images for his/her portfolio in exchange for their time. Gumtree.com and Starnow.com are great places to post ads or find willing subjects.

    8. For many of us shooting models in a fancy studio backed with an encyclopaedic range of lighting equipment maybe more of a dream that a reality but that doesn t mean beautifully lit portraits aren t achievable. Natural daylight isn t only free it s very flattering, especially for portraiture and still life shooting.

    For the best results position your subject next to a large clean window. If the sun is too bright, drap a thin veil of white fabric (such as a cotton bed sheet or net curtain) in front of it to soften the effect.

    9. Forget expensive printing services there are tonnes of websites offering free prints and bargain photo gift ideas so you have no excuse not to get creative.

    Popular choices like: Jessops 2 , Snapfish 3 and Photobox 4 offer free print credits for every new customer and gifts that start from low price points.

    10. Photoshop is one of the best editing apps on the market but it steep price tag isn t, but there are plenty of cheaper and even free alternatives out there. Adobe s Lightroom or Elements, Apple s Aperture, Corel s Paint Shop Pro Photo or Painter are all under half the cost of Photoshop.

    Many of these even offer a free 30-day trial, so be sure to try before you buy!

    And if you like free then don t forget Picasa, a free editing app perfect for quick fixes and online album creation making sharing shots with friends, family and the world a piece if cake.

    References ^ Natalie Denton (nee Johnson) (digital-photography-school.com) ^ Jessops (www.jpics.com) ^ Snapfish (www.snapfish.co.uk) ^ Photobox (www.photobox.co.uk)

  • 10 Worst Beauty Products of 2012 Beauty Blog Home - Features - Five Ways - 10 Worst Beauty Products of 2012 Sunday, December 30th, 2012 10 Worst Beauty Products of 2012 There have been several disappointing products released over the past year, but these are ten that really frustrated me They re in no particular order! Now that these are out of the way, we can end 2012 and start 2013 on a happy, positive note going over all the bests of the year What was the worst product you tried this year? Related Posts for 10 Worst Beauty Products of 2012 Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully.

    When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us. Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc.

    may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information. Beauty Blog Home - Features - Five Ways - 10 Worst Beauty Products of 2012 Check out the latest beauty products, collections,and launches from your favorite brands!

    The best of the best--as selectedby Temptalia! The best of the best--as selectedby Temptalia's readers! On a budget?

    We have you covered with somewallet-friendly products!

    Browse previous reviews by rating.

    Check out this month's challengesand submit your entry!
  • 10 X Cuticle Pusher Trimmer Remover & Round Tail Pedicure Manicure Nail Art Tool - Bargain Discount
  • 10 X Cuticle Pusher Trimmer Remover & Round Tail Pedicure Manicure Nail Art Tool @ shopblogs.co.uk - Top Reduction
  • 100% Natural Aloe Vera & Seaweed Gel - Can be used for sunburn, eczema and sore, irritated skin - Discounted
  • 100g Organic Palm Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed Carrier Oil - Reviews
  • 100g Shea Butter Refined, Organic - Sale Item
  • 100ml Apricot Kernel Oil - Discounted
  • 100ml Avocado Refined Oil
  • 100ml Castor Oil - 100% Pure Cold Pressed
  • 100ml EUCALYPTUS Essential Oil - 100% Pure for Aromatherapy Use - Sale
  • 100ml Natural Avocado Oil rich in natural vitamins and minerals for the skin, from SheaByNature - Limited Price
  • 100ml Organic Soya Oil - 100% Pure Carrier Oil - Bargain
  • 100ml Virgin Hemp Oil - Bonus Price
  • 101 Online Clothing Shopping Sites for Indian Shoppers This is a Big Fat list of online shopping sites for Indian customers. A list of 130 shopping sites. Count is growing.

    On the other side few sites have been already closed recently. Customers have both bad and good experience about buying clothes from online shops. This list for them who are looking for options for shopping online.

    Also for them who are planning to start business on this field. Most of these sites are owned by Indian entrepreneurs. Do you own Online Clothing Shopping site?

    Send it to us to enlist yours site here. This list is made in alphabetical order. Single line description is given for each site.

    Image courtesy: Flipkart.com A All Memoirs 1 Product Classification and Sharing Platform, containing Handpicked products from multiple e-commerce sites. American Shown 2 Men and women apparel. Also sells home production and beauty products Artsy India 3 Women wear - suit, salwars, sarees Arts and Gilts 4 Sarees, Women Apparels Asia Fashion 5 Men, Women and kids clothing Asos 6 UK's largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer.

    Women wear and menswear, lingerie Avirate Fashion 7 western wear apparels for women. Avirate is a venture by Timex Garments Private Limited. B Basics life 8 Mens wear e-store Babyoye 9 Kid's Clothing with other kid's products.

    Beebay Online: 10 Kid's clothing Bevyshop 11 Mens, womens and kids wear. Other product categories - Bags, watches, Gifts & Jewellery BrandnDeals.com 12 Men's and women's wear. Accessory for Men.

    Brandmile 13 Men's, women's and kid's wear Brandsvillage 14 Clothes for Men, women and Kids Bewakoof 15 T-shirt collection for girls and boys. Other products are Sweatshirt and Pants. Buyt.in 16 - Mullti product store.

    In clothing categories all kind of men and women clothings are available. C Cairon 17 Shirts for Man CBzaar 18 Sarees 19 , Salwar Kameez 20 , Kurti Tops, Bridal and Wedding Lehenga, Mens Sherwani, Mens Kurta Pyjama, Kids Indian Apparel, Jewelry and Fashion accessories. Cilory 21 Cilory offers a wide variety of products ranging from Ladies Kurtis, Tops, branded Lingerie, Handbags and Nightwear to Men's Underwear & Vests and Sexual Well Being.

    Cloe 22 Women Wear - Bra, Briefs, Midnight Tale, Leisure wear Cotton World 23 Natural clothing. Colormode.in 24 Mens shirt and Womens Shirt, Top and Dresses Coolbuy.in 25 Mens and womens clothing. A multi product store D Digaaz 26 Mens and womens clothing.

    Luxury products. Dr.Jay's 27 Mens, Womens, plus size, boys and girls. E Elitify 28 Mens, womens and kids wear ebay.in 29 Multi-product store.

    Men, women and kids wear eshakti 30 Shop stylish and trendy day to evening dresses, tops, blouses and skirts in sizes 0-36W & Custom Size. Ethnichecouture 31 Ethnic wear for Women. Designer wear Exclusivelyin 32 Saris, Suits, Lehengas, Dresses F Fabulloso 33 Men, women and kids clothing.

    Other product categories Fab Alley 34 Women clothing Fabindia 35 Organic products, Men and women Fashionara 36 Men, Ladies and kids apparel Fashionandyou 37 Men, Women clothing and Home& Living Fashionatclick 38 Women wear Fatkart 39 Multiple Products store. Mens & Women Apparels. Wholesale prices.

    Services in Delhi and NCR region. Fetise 40 Shirt, T-shirt and Tops for Men Firstcry 41 Baby products, Kids clothing and baby care products Fopping 42 Men and Women Apparel Flipkart 43 Clothing for all. Multi product store.

    Popular for online books and ebook selling. Forever21 44 Plus size, Men and Girls Free Cultr 45 Men and Women clothing Full Kart 46 Men and Women Apparel. Multi-product store G G3Fashions 47 Indian ethnic collection, Designer collection in USA.

    Men s, Women s and Kid s wear. Globus 48 Men's and women's clothing Grabmore 49 Multi product store H I IMstylish 50 Apparels for Men Indiaemporium 51 Indian ethnic wear - sarees, salwar kameez, kurtis, lehengas, bridal wear Indusdiva 52 Womens wear - Sarees, Salwar Kameez, Kurtis, Tunics and Designer wear. Men and Kids.

    Inkfruit 53 Men, Women and Boys Infibeam 54 Multi product store. Clothing for Men and Women Indiatimes 55 Multi product store. Clothing for Men and Women IRCTC Shop 56 Multi product store.

    Clothing for Men and Women J Jollychick 57 Women clothing Junglee 58 Junglee is an online shopping site by Amazon.com Apparel products are available with many other product categories. Jabong 59 Clothing for Men and Women K Kalki Fashion 60 Women wear - Sarees, Lehengas, Salwar Kameez, Kurtis, Tunics and Designer wear Kaponsonline 61 Men wear and Women wear. Kimaya 62 Designer Store for Women that offers Exclusive Designer wear from Top Indian Designers Koovs.com 63 Women Clothing L Ladyblush 64 Women Clothing - Leggings, Nightwear, Lingerie, Sarees Lifestyle Megamart 65 Women and Men clothing and Bollywood special clothing available with many other product categories Lot of Stocks .

    com 66 Kids wear, Mens wear and womens wear Luxe Indulge 67 Men and women clothing and vintage (Pre-owned) clothing are available with other luxury products. M Major Brand 68 Men, women and kids clothing with other product categories. The Magic of Macy's 69 Men, women and kids clothing with other product categories.

    Mango India 70 Mens wear, womens wear and kids wear. Mango street Marvel store 71 Clothes and Marvel merchandise including Marvel toys and action figures Max Fashion India 72 Mens wear, womens wear and kids wear. MAX is the international value fashion brand of the Dubai based Landmark Group.

    Mom&Meshop 73 An Official online Store of Mahidra Retail. Womens and Kids clothing. Monte Carlo 74 An official online shopping store of Monte Carlo (Mens, Womens, Tween, Factory outlets) Morph Maternity 75 Maternity clothing and Kid's clothing Myntra 76 One of the Top most online clothing store for Indian shoppers.

    All kinds of apparel products are available at Myntra.com Mr. Button 77 Jackets, Blazers, Trousers and Shirts Ms. Matwali 78 Womens clothing - saree, wedding saree, kurtis, wedding lehengas, salwar kameez, kurtas, laces, blouses, lehenga cholis, dresses, anarkali dress My Baby Cart 79 My Baby Cart is a one stop shop for baby gifts and baby products in India My Designer Sale 80 Men and Women clothing My Tokri 81 Deals on apparel shopping from other online stores.

    N Naptol 82 Get deals on apparel products. O P R S T Teesort 83 Tees for Guys and Girls The Stiff Collar 84 Men Shirt Topman 85 Retail chain for men offers online shopping, store locator and fashion advice Tradeus 86 Multi product store with Apparel Products Trendin.com 87 (An Aditya Birla Nuvo Initiative) Men wear Trendstreat 88 Women Clothing - Designer dresses to Indian ethnic wear, Salwar Kameez to kurtis and tunics, Sarees, Suits, Bridal wear, designer brands and much more under one roof. Trendzy Street 89 Exclusive women's clothing including shrugs, tops, dresses, leggings, accessories and TT Garments 90 Men, Women and Kids Knits U Utsva Fashion 91 Wedding bridal sarees, Designer lehengas sarees, Salwar kameez, Embroidered sarees salwar kameez, Bridal wedding lehengas, Traditional.

    V Vivah 92 Designer s collection, wedding lehengas & sarees, ethnic suits, saries and fabric for women. Vonik 93 Voonik is an online fashion store curated by expert stylists. Users will be able to find dress recommendations based on their style preferences, body shape, skin tone etc.

    X Y Z Zappos 94 Clothes for Men, Women and Kids Zovi 95 Men, Women and Boys Clothing Zivame 96 Lingerie, bras, panties, thongs, underwear, transparent bra, babydoll, Fashion tapes and sports bras Zodiac online 97 Mens wear - suits, shirts, pants.

    6PM 98 All Fashion Products 9rasa 99 Women wear. Traditional clothings 99Labels 100 Women and Men clothing Do you find this list helpful? Don't miss to enlist your site here.

    References ^ All Memoirs (www.allmemoirs.com) ^ American Shown (www.americanswan.com) ^ Artsy India (www.artsyindia.com) ^ Arts and Gilts (www.artisangilt.com) ^ Asia Fashion (asia-fashion-wholesale.com) ^ Asos (www.asos.com) ^ Avirate Fashion (www.aviratefashion.in) ^ Basics life (www.basicslife.com) ^ Babyoye (www.babyoye.com) ^ Beebay Online: (www.beebayonline.com) ^ Bevyshop (www.bevyshop.com) ^ BrandnDeals.com (www.brandsndeals.com) ^ Brandmile (www.brandmile.com) ^ Brandsvillage (in.brandsvillage.com) ^ Bewakoof (www.bewakoof.com) ^ Buyt.in (buyt.in) ^ Cairon (www.cairon.me) ^ CBzaar (www.cbazaar.in) ^ Sarees (www.cbazaar.in) ^ Salwar Kameez (www.cbazaar.in) ^ Cilory (www.cilory.com) ^ Cloe (www.moodsofcloe.com) ^ Cotton World (www.cottonworld.net) ^ Colormode.in (www.colormode.in) ^ Coolbuy.in (www.coolbuy.in) ^ Digaaz (www.digaaz.com) ^ Dr.Jay's (www.drjays.com) ^ Elitify (www.elitify.com) ^ ebay.in (fashion.ebay.in) ^ eshakti (www.eshakti.com) ^ Ethnichecouture (www.ethnichecouture.com) ^ Exclusivelyin (exclusively.in) ^ Fabulloso (www.fabulloso.com) ^ Fab Alley (www.faballey.com) ^ Fabindia (www.fabindia.com) ^ Fashionara (www.fashionara.com) ^ Fashionandyou (www.fashionandyou.com) ^ Fashionatclick (www.fashionatclick.com) ^ Fatkart (www.fatkart.com) ^ Fetise (www.fetise.com) ^ Firstcry (www.firstcry.com) ^ Fopping (www.fopping.com) ^ Flipkart (www.flipkart.com) ^ Forever21 (www.forever21.com) ^ Free Cultr (www.freecultr.com) ^ Full Kart (www.fullkart.com) ^ G3Fashions (www.g3fashions.in) ^ Globus (www.globusstores.com) ^ Grabmore (www.grabmore.in) ^ IMstylish (www.imstylish.in) ^ Indiaemporium (indiaemporium.com) ^ Indusdiva (www.indusdiva.com) ^ Inkfruit (www.inkfruit.com) ^ Infibeam (www.infibeam.com) ^ Indiatimes (shopping.indiatimes.com) ^ IRCTC Shop (www.shop.irctc.co.in) ^ Jollychick (www.jollychic.com) ^ Junglee (www.junglee.com) ^ Jabong (www.jabong.com) ^ Kalki Fashion (www.kalkifashion.com) ^ Kaponsonline (www.kapsonsonline.com) ^ Kimaya (www.kimaya.in) ^ Koovs.com (www.koovs.com) ^ Ladyblush (www.ladyblush.com) ^ Lifestyle Megamart (www.lifestylemegamart.com) ^ Lot of Stocks . com (www.lotofstock.com) ^ Luxe Indulge (www.luxeindulge.com) ^ Major Brand (www.majorbrands.in) ^ The Magic of Macy's (www.macys.com) ^ Mango India (shop.mango.com) ^ Marvel store (www.marvelstore.com) ^ Max Fashion India (www.maxfashionindia.com) ^ Mom&Meshop (www.momandmeshop.in) ^ Monte Carlo (www.montecarloshop.in) ^ Morph Maternity (www.morphmaternity.com) ^ Myntra (www.myntra.com) ^ Mr. Button (mrbutton.in) ^ Ms.

    Matwali (www.matwali.com) ^ My Baby Cart (mybabycart.com) ^ My Designer Sale (www.mydesignersales.com) ^ My Tokri (www.mytokri.com) ^ Naptol (www.naaptol.com) ^ Teesort (www.teesort.com) ^ The Stiff Collar (www.thestiffcollar.com) ^ Topman (www.topman.com) ^ Tradeus (www.tradus.com) ^ Trendin.com (www.trendin.com) ^ Trendstreat (trendstreet.in) ^ Trendzy Street (www.trendzystreet.com) ^ TT Garments (ttgarments.com) ^ Utsva Fashion (www.utsavfashion.in) ^ Vivah (www.vivaahsurat.com) ^ Vonik (www.voonik.com) ^ Zappos (www.zappos.com) ^ Zovi (www.zovi.com) ^ Zivame (www.zivame.com) ^ Zodiac online (www.zodiaconline.com) ^ 6PM (www.6pm.com) ^ 9rasa (9rasa.com) ^ 99Labels (99labels.com)

  • 10ft tall plant that traps and eats sheep just bloomed in UK An absolutely terrifying plant that has spikes that trap sheep before eating them has bloomed in the Royal Horticultural Society s Garden Wisley. The plant, Puya chilensis, is native to Chile, Examiner.com reported.

    1 This monstrous plant has grown to be 10 feet tall over the past 15 years, but only just blossomed. Scientists have kept it on a steady diet of liquid fertilizer so it won t snare hapless passersby to eat.

    The plant hunts by snaring animals with its sharp spikes and holding them captive until they starve to death. The plant then gleefully feasts on the decomposing body for fertilizer. There is no official statement about why scientists have decided to study this plant as opposed to killing it, and others of its species, with fire.

    Follow Sarah on Twitter 2 References ^ Examiner.com reported. (www.examiner.com) ^ Follow Sarah on Twitter (twitter.com)

  • 10ml Organic Ginger Essential Oil - Offer
  • 10ml Organic Nutmeg Essential Oil - Recommended
  • 11 reasons to love the government shutdown So, at midnight Tuesday morning, the government shut down. And by shut down, we mean it was told it had to spend less than it wanted to. Kind of like when bad parents punish their bad kid by telling him he can t have seconds of chocolate cake.

    Unless he kicks and screams loud enough, in which case they ll revisit it. So whether you re a soldier, a reporter, a bartender or a salesman, here are 11 reasons the government shutdown is actually pretty sweet.

    1) All your friends who do wicked important, top-secret Jason Bourne stuff for the government? Yeah, they re not essential, and they re not going to work today, meaning they re less insufferable than usual, plus they re at home pre-gaming for when you re done with your work day. (RELATED: WaPo asks the saddest question of all time: Are you essential ?') 1 2) And on that note, when all this happens, the government actually has to decide how much of its essential services are actually essential.

    And it turns out it s a whole lot less than most politicians would like you to know.

    3) Because why? Because for a few days government workers will actually get paid for the value they create. Which can be awkward.

    4) But it won t be awkward for our men and women in uniform, who, in the absence of all those wicked important civilian contractors running around doing wicked important things, will get to live and work on bases that actually run with military efficiency.

    5) But don t get too down, all you guys who got cut it will now be possible to grab a drink during happy hour in D.C. without a 10-to-1 douche-to-human ratio.

    6) And it will be easy getting to that happy hour even if a pay freeze puts a cab out of the question because the Metro won t be so damn packed at 4:59 p.m., and the traffic around the city will be bearable.

    7) And whether you re furloughed or not, you still get a whole lot of awesome new lines to drop at bars, from I was told the agency simply couldn t survive without me, to I just met you, and this is crazy, but I m on furlough so call me, maybe?

    8) Plus, your date can come back to your place for a night cap. After all, they re furloughed.

    9) And while you re recovering, the stock market is going up. Turns out private enterprise doesn t actually need all that government to function.

    10) But as bad as that hangover headache is going to be, there s one headache we won t have to deal with for a few more days: IRS audits have stopped. So party like it s 1861.

    11) Oh, and one more thing: Those barred owls the feds are shooting 2 to save the spotted owls? They ll live to see another day. Really, the worst part about the shutdown is that it won t stick around.

    Follow Bedford on Twitter and Facebook 3 4 References ^ (RELATED: WaPo asks the saddest question of all time: Are you essential ?') (dailycaller.com) ^ the feds are shooting (www.foxnews.com) ^ on Twitter (twitter.com) ^ Facebook (www.facebook.com)

  • 12 Gifts of Christmas: Jane Iredale My Steppes ... Posted on 20 December 2013. Written by: Sascha BG 1 I ve been familiar with the Jane Iredale brand for quite some time, yet it s only recently that I ve had a chance to try some products from the brand. I first became familiar with Jane Iredale when I went on a hunt for new mineral make-up brands to try.

    Jane Iredale was one of the first in the UK (if I recall correctly!) to create and supply mineral make-up, including the ever-so-popular mineral foundations, so the brand has been around for quite some time. However, the reason it isn t more mainstream is due to the fact that it isn t really available in shops, so you have to either track it down online or find a local stockist. Having browsed the online catalogue, the Steppes products immediately jumped out at me as being not only interesting and quirky make-up sets, but also perfect for my 12 Gifts of Christmas series.

    Therefore, this post will look at their appropriateness as gifts and I ll follow up with a more in-depth review at a later stage. There are two different products in the Steppes range; My Stepps which is a make-up kit that consists of a blush, a bronzer and two lip colours and is available in either Cool or Warm (the one featured here is Cool) and the Eye Steppes which is available in five shade variants, each of which contains five shades of eyeshadow. The Eye Steppes come in either Cool or Warm, or you can go by eye colour and pick Brown, Blue or Green.

    I went for the one to match my blue eyes as I do love a bespoke kit! The formula of each of the products is as you d expect from a high-end cosmetic easy to work with made to last but I ll save my thoughts on that for the review. What s especially fabulous about the Steppes is the innovative design which consists of a tower that slides out to reveal each product, plus a mirror at the top that flips open, making one of these either a gorgeous individual present, or a rather lovely (albeit rather expensive!) stocking filler.

    My Steppes in Cool can be found here link 2 for 39.50 and Eye Steppes in goBlue (the one above) can be found here link 3 for 32.15.

    To check out the rest of the Steppes products have a look here link 4 . *PR Samples References ^ Posts by Sascha BG (beautygeekuk.com) ^ link (www.jimakeup.co.uk) ^ link (www.jimakeup.co.uk) ^ link (www.jimakeup.co.uk)

  • 12 Pcs Vogue Nail Care Smiley Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set, Travel & Grooming Kit @ shopblogs.co.uk - Reviews
  • 12 x Colours Mini Eyeliner Eye Pencils Liner Pro Beauty Cosmetic Waterproof Shadow Makeup Set @ shopblogs.co.uk - Mega Discount
  • 120 Color Palette 1st Edition @ shopblogs.co.uk - Discounted
  • 120ml, Arnica Ointment, anti-inflammatory that may be used for traumatic injuries - Cut Rate
  • 12PCS Nail Art Tweezers Clipper Scissors Manicure Pedicure Grooming Kit Tool Set - Discounted
  • 12PCS Nail Care Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set Travel & Grooming Kit Tool Set Clipper Set Cuticle Nipper File Tweezers @ shopblogs.co.uk - Bargain
  • 12PCS Nail care Personal Manicure & Pedicure Set, Travel & Grooming Kit Tool Set - Special Price
  • 15 cute DIY gift ideas for kids to make It's better to give than to receive, and even the most present-loving little kid will be proud to put these DIY treasures under the tree. Handprint Snowman Ornament From: Living Life Intentionally 1 What you'll need: Plain ornament, acrylic paint (white plus any other colours of your choosing) and a paint brush How to do it: Paint the palm of one of your child's hands white. Get them to hold the bottom of the ornament with their painted hand -- just make sure they don't squeeze too tight!

    After he or she releases their hand gently, you will see finger marks that look like snowmen! Use the paint brush to add details like eyes, a carrot nose, top hats and scarves. Give one to everyone in your snowman clan.

    Picturesque Corkboards From : Paint Me Plaid/Handmade Charlotte 2 What you'll need : Embroidery hoops, foam, cork backing, glue, a pencil, painters tape, paint and paint brushes How to do it: Using the inside of the hoop, trace the outline of a circle on the cork backing roll as well as the foam. Cut out the circles and glue together. Once dry, glue into the embroidery hoop.

    Then let your little one paint designs -- geometric like this one or not -- onto the cork board. Allow to dry. Use a drawing pin to hang a picture of the family -- and your child can gift away!

    Custom Calendar From : Martha Stewart 3 What you ll need: Pre-made calendar, kid s artwork, peel-and-stick laminate How to do it: Remove front and back cover of pre-existing calendar. Affix calendar to your child s masterpiece using peel-and-stick laminate. Just try not to cover too much of the art.

    Embroidered Felt Purse From: Scraps of Starlight 4 What you ll need: Felt, needle and thread How to do It: Cut a square of felt in half. Fold one of the halves, leaving a 2 inch tab that will serve as the top flap, then stitch both sides closed. Pencil in a simple design on purse, then embroider along pencil lines.

    Sew button onto flap. For strap, braid yarn (or knit a cord) and sew onto purse. Pressed Flower Bookmarks From : The Crafty Crow 5 What you ll need : Watercolour paper, flowers, rock or wooden hammer, wax paper, scissors, hole punch, ribbon How to do it: Place flower on top of watercolour paper and cover with wax paper.

    Using a rock or hammer, crush the flower until it leaves a pattern to your liking. Repeat with other flowers. Cut flowered paper into shape of a bookmark and punch a hole on one end.

    Loop ribbon through the hole and tie. Handy Coasters From: Disney Family Fun What you ll need: Card, pencil or chalk, 2 fabrics in coordinating patterns, 1 package double-sided stiff fusible interfacing , iron How to do it: Trace hand on card and cut out to use as your template. Using pencil or chalk, trace template on one of the patterned fabrics.

    Cut a rectangle of fabric that includes the tracing. Cut the second patterned fabric, as well as the interfacing, into the same rectangle size. Iron both fabrics and interfacing together (as per the interfacing package s instructions) and cut out the traced hands.

    Handprint Tree Apron From: Make and Takes 6 What you ll need: White apron, fabric paint, paintbrush, hands How to do it: Start with the biggest hands in the family (cue mum and dad). Paint hands green and place handprints (fingertips pointing toward bottom hem) across base of the apron. As the tree tapers, use smaller and fewer handprints.

    Cover thumbs with other paint colours to create thumbprint ornaments and decorations. Beaded necklace From : A Girl Who Makes 7 What you'll need: String or yarn, scissors, wooden beads, painter's tape, paint and a small paintbrush How to do it: Using painter's tape, tape around one half of the bead -- this will ensure you have nice, even paint lines. Do this for all of the beads.

    Then let your child paint the beads however they'd like. Once dry, help them string the beads onto the yarn and cut to the desired length. DIY Crayons From: Mollases Candy 8 What you'll need: Broken or unused crayons and fun-shaped silicone ice cube trays How to do it: Preheat your oven to 90 degrees C.

    Challenge your kids to make sure the paper is peeled off the crayons before the timer goes off! Then help them crumble the crayons into tiny pieces and fill up cute, fun-shaped silicone ice cube trays. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes.

    Let cool before popping out of trays. It's an adorable gift for sisters, brothers, cousins, friends... Button Art Tree From : Simply Designing with Ashley 9 What you ll need : Blank canvas panel, poster paint, paint brush, craft glue, buttons in all shapes, sizes and colours How to do it : Paint a shape on the canvas and allow to dry.

    A tree was chosen here, but you could draw any large picture (a flower, heart or star). Dab a bit of glue on a button and place it on the design. Continue to stick on the buttons until the masterpiece is finished!

    DIY Clay Ornaments From : Nurture Store 10 What you ll need: Craft glue, cornstarch, cookie cutters, coloured pencils and crayons, string How to do it: Mix one part glue to two parts cornstarch and that s it! Continue the fun by rolling the clay and stamping out shapes with cookie cutters. Use a pencil to poke a hole near the top and then let your creations dry overnight.

    Decorate the designs with coloured pencils and crayons. Knot a piece of string through the hole and hang to display. Lego Snow Globes From: All for the Boys 11 What you'll need: A glass jar, hot glue gun, Lego pieces (or any figurine), glitter and water How to do it: Hot glue the Legos or figurines to the lid of the jar and let dry.

    Then add in a plastic tree (from a toy set or the craft store) to make the snow globe more Christmas-themed. Then your kid can fill up the jar with water and add colorful glitter. Take the lid, turn over, and screw onto the the jar for your kid.

    Then, shake, shake, shake for a winter wonderland! So cute -- and easy. DIY Polka Dot Flower Vase From: SjoesJoe Likes Lovely Things 12 What you'll need: Empty glass bottles or mini-vases, dot labels (get them at an office supply shop), ribbon, scissors and double-sided tape How to do it: Have your kid decorate the vase with the dot labels.

    Next, measure the width of the base of the vase with ribbon and cut to fit, leaving a little extra to ensure it'll make it all the way around. Then let your child take the double sided tape and secure the ribbon -- or they can tie it instead. Then your kid can add more ribbon or polka dots to finish his masterpiece.

    This makes a perfect Christmas gift for teachers -- just add flowers! Pinwheel Necklace From: Mer Mag 13 What you'll need : Wooden washer (available at your local craft store), lanyard of any colour, wood paint and a paint brush How to do it: Have your girl paint a pretty design on the wooden washer -- which will now be a fashionable new pendant. Then let dry and loop the lanyard through the hole and tie at the ends.

    Easy! Wrap in a decorative box and give to big sis! Candle Holders From: Shivaya Naturals 14 What you ll need: Clear glass candle-holder, coloured rock sugar, glue How to do it: Coat candle-holder with glue, then sprinkle on coloured sugar.


    References ^ Living Life Intentionally (www.123homeschool4me.com) ^ Paint Me Plaid/Handmade Charlotte (paintmeplaid.com) ^ Martha Stewart (www.marthastewart.com) ^ Scraps of Starlight (scrapsofstarlight.blogspot.co.uk) ^ The Crafty Crow (www.thecraftycrow.net) ^ Make and Takes (www.makeandtakes.com) ^ A Girl Who Makes (www.agirlwhomakes.com) ^ Mollases Candy (molassescandy.blogspot.co.uk) ^ Simply Designing with Ashley (www.simplydesigning.net) ^ Nurture Store (nurturestore.co.uk) ^ All for the Boys (www.allfortheboys.com) ^ SjoesJoe Likes Lovely Things (www.studiosjoesjoe.com) ^ Mer Mag (www.handmadecharlotte.com) ^ Shivaya Naturals (www.shivayanaturals.com)

  • 169 x 4mm Mixed Colour Diamante Vajazzle Rhinestone Gems. - Limited Price
  • 1Kg Shea Butter Refined, Organic - Bonus Price
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  • 2 Review of management accounting Background of the Company: Debenhams is one of the largest retail chain operators in UK in terms of profit and Turnover. In UK it is the number one profit making retailer and having 160 branches across United Kingdom. The business was formed in 1778, nearly 222 years back in the London city by Messrs Flint and Clark at 44 Wigmore street and initially it was named as Flint and Clark Store and later it was changed as Clark and Debenhams as the William Debenhams joined as the partner in 1813.

    Later in 1905 the business was integrated as Debenhams limited. Debenhams has performed well during the recession, goring profits and market share and restructuring its balance sheet. It has developed its own unique model in a very competitive marketplace.

    Nigel Northridge* Debenhams Plc was the largest retailer and largest in terms of sales and profit making due to its innovative product category and its innovative sales methods. It introduces sales on eBay and Amazon web sites through online and known as the first retailer to sell on both the web sites. It started selling 1000 products on Amazon and 100 products on eBay.

    It is also selling its products on Debenhams.com to the millions of customers around the world. The product categories of the Debenhams include men and women wear, kids wear, Gifts& toys, Cosmetics, Home appliances, Furniture, Electricals, Electronics, Wedding specials etc. Debenhams sells its products like Apparels, Jewellery, health and Beauty, cosmetics, sports, vehicle spare parts, mobiles and accessories, and musical instruments on eBay.

    It also sells its product categories like apparels, home and electrical, gifts, sports and leisure and foot wear items on Amazon.com. Major competitors of Debenhams: Debenhams operating its business in very competitive market that having many players in the market in this category and still stood as number one in terms of profit and turnover. The close competitors of the Debenhams are Harrods limited, Selfridges Retails limited, and T.J.Morris Limited.

    Apart from this retails chain operators it also face competition from many unorganised retailers and online sellers. Debenhams is a customer focused business trying to provide the exceptional services to its customers for all those able and disabled persons through arranging good shopping arrangements like designated parking space, details of accessibility entrances, restaurants, toilets, assistance to disabled people to enhance the customer shopping experience.

    2 Review of management accounting Management Accounting is "the process of identification, measurement, accumulation, analysis, preparation, interpretation and communication of information used by management to plan, evaluate and control within an entity and to assure appropriate use of and accountability for its resources. Management accounting also comprises the preparation of financial reports for non-management groups such as shareholders, creditors, regulatory agencies and tax authorities" Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy (CIMA) Though it comprises making financial reports for non-management groups its major objectives is to prepare the needed information to the top management to take the further decisions to evaluate their business and to plan the needed changes for the future.

    To be more specific it deals with the following aspects Identification of needed information: The main objective of the Management accounting is to identifying the needed information to make the report to the management and non management and combining them together and bringing the needed information. Measurement of the Correctness: Using the appropriate measurements to find out the correctness of the information Accumulation of Information: making the available information to more specific and more clear to make the precise and clear Analysis of available information: Making analysis of the data that is available and bringing the useful information out for the further decision making Preparation of Reports: The Management account main objective is to assist the management to further proceeding for this reason it needed to prepare a report based on the available information and analyse it and make a precise report on the various business aspects for further decision making. Interpretation of Information: Management need the information in more and more pr cised format to make the quick decisions on various departments and various projects for the future decisions and investments.

    Communication of Information: Management Accounting aims at preparing and communicating the information to the management on various departments and their past performance. Key Techniques of Management Accounting: The following are the few of management accounting techniques that can allows us to be more in depth analysis of accounting information The make or buy decisions: the decisions that affect the profit or loss of the company in dealing with the production will be critically examined and bringing out the reasons and effects of make or buy a product or its peripherals. Just in time: the decisions that make on production time and time to delivery are to be measured and informed to the management that there is any changes if needed.

    The product may sometimes need just in time production or some of its spares to save the costs on the inventory. Inventory management: this is one of the main activities of the Management accounting and we need to manage the costs and future investments on each project based on the profitability and life cycle of the product. The objective here is to making wise investment for the future.

    Variance analysis: the variance analysis is the process of identifying the variance occurred n the budgeted planned and the actual amount sold. Variance can be calculated for both costs incurred in the project and revenues generated. Activity based Costing: The activity based costing tries to calculate the costs involved in manufacturing a product than traditional based cost accounting.

    It tries to identify each and every cost incurred in manufacturing the products. That is Special engineering costs, special testing costs or any other machine setup costs involved in the manufacturing of a product. The Techniques and Recommendations to the Company: The make or buy Decisions: Analysis on the previous Decisions: Company so far making some 100 products, and selling 1000 products out of 900 are non-private brands.

    The products that are manufacturing are mainly of Apparels and rest of the products are being bought from other manufacturers. The costs involved in the purchasing are very high and profit margins are considerably low. Tips to Improve: The Company need to improve the private brand ranges, and for that it need to be concentrate on the backward integrations and takeovers of any windup companies or week companies.

    This will enable to produce the goods at a competitive rate. Try to give outsource the areas that are not much profitable to the company, and concentrate more on the core business activities. Inventory Management Decisions: Analysis on the previous Decisions: The company overall Inventory management decisions are very good and are profitable to the company since the previous accounting period, company did very well and above the industry average, and this could be the good sign to the company.

    The present inventory credit is 4.5 for 5 and this is better value to the company than ever. Tips to Improve: It was suggested that try to improve the customer service like improving the billing time and making the sales process more speed and making sales channels expanding and going more online channels if possible is advised. Increase the inward payment time more to get the better values, and keep the invoice process more updated and more accurate.

    Activity Based Costing: Analysis on the previous Decisions: The company made good costing decisions in this period comparing with the last accounting period, in the areas like marketing it cut the costs considerably and the results also bit increased. In the last accounting period the costs incurred in marketing is 15% of the turnover and now it was reduced to 13% and the results also good. The operational costs are being increased 5% and this resulted in increase of price value of goods, there may be other factors like raw material also may be a reason to this but still need to control the operational costs.

    It was observed that the wages paid to the labour has increased 10% when compared to the last accounting period; this could be a problem in the long term if that was not being controlled. Tips to improve the performance: For effective marketing costing try to use the social network and publicity and try to control the marketing budgets, however it should be remembered that often it should be revised and improved if necessary. To control the operational costs try to improve the techniques like Just in time and more mechanization and reduce the manual operations.

    The employee ratio is very less when compared to the industry average, it is suggested to increase the employees and make it more effective in terms of productivity.

    4 The strengths and weaknesses of your analysis: The data analysis can be improved more and more if the original data is available There are some other factors like political, legal, environmental factors can influence the decisions so that was not considered in this report and only the accounting data was considered. Share This Essay Did you find this essay useful? Share this essay with your friends and you could win 20 worth of Amazon vouchers.

    One winner chosen at random each month. Request Removal If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link below to request removal: Request the removal of this essay.

    1 More from UK Essays Need help with your essay? We offer a bespoke essay writing service and can produce an essay to your exact requirements, written by one of our expert academic writing team.

    Simply click on the button below to order your essay, you will see an instant price based on your specific needs before the order is processed: References ^ Request the removal of this essay. (www.ukessays.com)

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  • 2 X CREE LED Bike Bicycle Cycle Head Front Lamp ... 2 X CREE LED Bike Bicycle Cycle Head Front Lamp Flashlight Torch up to 270 lm + 5 LED Rear Light Kit Set (2212) 1 100% Brand New CREE LED Light X 2 pcs High Brightness, Long Lifttime, Energy-Saving Output power: 5 Watt, brightness can come to 270 lumens lm New 5 LED Bicycle Bike Rear Tail Light Lamp (2212) 4 Modes: flash/chasing/chasing/steady Product Description eLifeStore Cree LED Bike Front Light: Features: 1. Increase the safety of cycling! High Brightness, Long Lifttime, Energy-Saving.

    2. Shock resistant design. Pocketable Size.

    3. Output power: 5 Watt, brightness can come to 270 lumens lm.

    4. Can be used as Torch or bike front lamp.

    5. Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.

    6. Switch Mode: On / Off / Flash.

    More > > 2 2 X CREE LED Bike Bicycle Cycle Head Front Lamp Flashlight Torch up to 270 lm + 5 LED Rear Light Kit Set (2212) 3 Tagged as: 2212 4 , Batteries 5 , Bicycle 6 , Bicycle Bike 7 , Bicycle Light 8 , Bike 9 , Bike Bicycle 10 , Brand New 11 , Cree 12 , Cycle 13 , Extent 14 , Flash 15 , Flashlight 16 , Front 17 , Head 18 , Head Lamp 19 , Lamp 20 , Led Lamp 21 , Led Light 22 , Light 23 , Light Features 24 , Lm , Lumens 25 , Modes 26 , Product Description 27 , Rear 28 , Shock 29 , Switch Mode 30 , Tail Light 31 , Torch 32 Amazon.co.uk Widgets 33 References ^ 2 X CREE LED Bike Bicycle Cycle Head Front Lamp Flashlight Torch up to 270 lm + 5 LED Rear Light Kit Set (2212) (www.amazon.co.uk) ^ More > > (www.amazon.co.uk) ^ 2 X CREE LED Bike Bicycle Cycle Head Front Lamp Flashlight Torch up to 270 lm + 5 LED Rear Light Kit Set (2212) (www.amazon.co.uk) ^ 2212 (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Batteries (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Bicycle (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Bicycle Bike (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Bicycle Light (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Bike (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Bike Bicycle (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Brand New (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Cree (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Cycle (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Extent (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Flash (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Flashlight (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Front (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Head (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Head Lamp (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Lamp (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Led Lamp (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Led Light (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Light (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Light Features (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Lumens (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Modes (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Product Description (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Rear (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Shock (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Switch Mode (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Tail Light (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Torch (www.diytools-uk.co.uk) ^ Amazon.co.uk Widgets (ws.amazon.co.uk)

  • 20 Boots Giftcard GiveawayHey guys, I've been so busy with University that I really haven't had time to blog. I thought I'd so a quick giveaway to show my appreciation, and also entice you to complete my dissertation survey ;). It will run for 2 weeks, closing date 26/11/13 and the prize is a 20 Boots Giftcard which I will post to you.

    You must follow me through GFC or Bloglovin...

    I will be checking :) You do not have to complete my survey but I would really appreciate it, I need at least 50 more participants to start analysing.

  • 20 gender neutral nursery accessories posted: 25 March, 2014, 9:36 in: Pregnant> , Baby essentials> , Products & Prizes 1 2 3 2 comments 4 ');html.push(' ');html.push(' ');html.push(' 0 ');html.push(' ');html.push('');var code=html.join('n');console.log(code);return code;},write:function(opts)if(!opts.id)opts.id=this.getId(); if(!opts.url)opts.url=location.href; document.write(this.getHtml(opts));$('#'+opts.id).click(this.pin);},insert:function(el,opts)if(!opts.id)opts.id=this.getId(); if(!opts.url)opts.url=location.href; $(el).html(this.getHtml(opts));$('#'+opts.id).click(this.pin);},getId:function()var i=0;while($('pinit_btn_'+i).length)i++; return'pinit_btn_'+i;},fetchCount:function(opts)opts=opts;var targetUrl=opts.url||opts.media;if(!targetUrl)return; targetUrl=escape(targetUrl);$('head').append(''+'ipt> ');},setCount:function(countObj)if(countObj.error)return; var targetUrl=countObj.url;var pinItCount=$('.pinItCount');var countBubble=$('.pinItCountBubble');if(countObj.count999&&count999999&&count999999999)count="++"; countBubble.html(count);}})(jQuery); //]]> References ^ Pregnant> , (www.baby.co.uk) ^ Baby essentials> , (www.baby.co.uk) ^ Products & Prizes (www.baby.co.uk) ^ 2 comments (www.baby.co.uk)
  • 20 Pairs Black Thick Natural Long Makeup False Fake Eyelash Eye Lashes #148
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  • 2012 Book 180: MONSTROUS BEAUTY Review - The Book Diva's ... Monstrous Beauty by Elizabeth Fama ISBN: 9780374373665 Publication date: September 4, 2012 Publisher: Farrar, Strauss and Giroux Fierce, seductive mermaid Syrenka falls in love with Ezra, a young naturalist. When she abandons her life underwater for a chance at happiness on land, she is unaware that this decision comes with horrific and deadly consequences. Almost one hundred forty years later, seventeen-year-old Hester meets a mysterious stranger named Ezra and feels overwhelmingly, inexplicably drawn to him.

    For generations, love has resulted in death for the women in her family. Is it an undiagnosed genetic defect . . . or a curse?

    With Ezra s help, Hester investigates her family s strange, sad history. The answers she seeks are waiting in the graveyard, the crypt, and at the bottom of the ocean but powerful forces will do anything to keep her from uncovering her connection to Syrenka and to the tragedy of so long ago. Once upon a time there was a beautiful mermaid and her name was Syrenka.

    She lived for hundreds of years off the coast of Massachusetts, enamored with numerous men through the years, until she met Ezra Doyle. Ezra was a naturalist and was excited about learning as much about sea life, its creatures and myths. In 1872 Ezra met Syrenka and they fell in love.

    Unfortunately their love was doomed because Ezra was human and could not survive living in the sea and Syrenka was a creature of the sea and could not live on land, or could she? Fast forward to present day and meet Hester Goodwin. Hester is a seventeen-year-old girl that has decided she can never fall in love, marry or have children.

    She arrives at this decision because her mother died shortly after her birth. Her grandmother died shortly after giving birth to her mother, and all evidence points to the same occurrence happening to all of the women in Hester's matrilineal ancestry going back to her great-great-great grandmother, Marijn Crotty. If this wasn't strange enough, Hester meets a young man named Ezra in a cave off of the beach one summer night.

    For some reason Hester and Ezra are pulled toward one another. As Hester tries to discover what may be causing the women in her family to die after giving birth, and always to a female child, she uncovers more and more strange information about her ancestors and their possible ties to strange and disastrous events in the past. As Hester continues to investigate, at the urging of her new friend Ezra, she virtually ignores her old friend, Peter Angeln.

    Ms. Fama has crafted a unique and ghostly love story that spans several hundred years. The mystery and suspense build throughout the story, and kept this reader eagerly turning each page to learn more about Syrenka, Ezra, Hester, Marijn, and Peter.

    Monstrous Beauty offers a little bit of everything: romance, touches of horror, mystery, suspense, murder, revenge, mythical creatures, a sea monster, and even ghosts. As a result of all of these elements, it is somewhat difficult to classify Monstrous Beauty , but I think that neo-gothic romance fits. Monstrous Beauty is a fast read that captured and held my attention from the first page until the very last.

    Although classified as a YA read, I believe that Monstrous Beauty is suitable for readers of any age. If you're looking for a great read, this is one you should definitely consider. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this ebook free for review purposes from the publisher through ShelfAwareness Pro.

    I was not paid, required or otherwise obligated to write a positive review.

    The opinions I have expressed are my own.

    I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising." Shop Indie Bookstores
  • 2012 Cheeky Set of 26 Nail Art Nailart Polish Stamp Stamping Manicure Image Plates Accessories Set Kit With Total of 160 Nail Art Designs. @ shopblogs.co.uk
  • 2013 Mac Pro Review: Apple's New Desktop Boasts Dramatic ... Apple s new Mac Pro is a sight to behold: In black aluminum with an eye-catching cylindrical design, there s little chance you ll ever mistake it for any other computer. The previous Mac Pro was iconic too, of course, but this one is also just slightly larger than a football and dimpled on the top with a recess like a jet engine. But the true power lies under the hood, and what s contained therein will satisfy even the most pressing need for speed.

    Video Review Basics (as reviewed) 3.7 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5 processor 16GB 1897 MHz DDR3 RAM Dual AMD FirePro D300 graphics cards with 2GB of RAM each 256GB SSD 6 Thunderbolt 2.0 Ports, 4 USB 3.0 802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0 MSRP: $2,999 Product info page 1 Pros No faster Mac exists under the sun. It s like having an exhibit from an industrial design museum in your house. Cons It s super expensive.

    Bring your own screen/everything. Design Few would argue that Apple s design for the Mac Pro isn t unique. It s been compared to Darth Vader s iconic look from the original Star Wars movies, and in a less flattering light, called the trash can Mac.

    But when you actually have one sitting on your desk, it s a very different story. The aluminum surface is cool to the touch, reflective without being shiny, and somehow astoundingly reassuring. Mac Pro With Case The new Mac Pro with its case removed, side by side with said case.

    The Mac Pro Without Case Underneath, the Mac Pro lays bare its circuit boards for all to see. Mac Pro Without Case Another angle. This is one of the FirePro AMD workstation GPUs.

    Mac Pro SSD Here you see the SSD module for the Mac Pro. Mac Pro Case This is the case, which is a solid piece of rigid aluminum. Mac Pro Vs.

    Mac Mini Here's the Mac Pro compared to the latest model Mac mini design. Mac Pro Ports This is a close-up of the I/O for the Mac Pro. Mac Pro Rear Panel Here's the locking switch mechanism that allows you to remove the lid.

    Mac Pro Rear Here's what the Mac Pro looks like when viewed from behind. Mac Pro Vents Here are the top vents on the Mac Pro, which channel air away from the "thermal core." It s the modern monolith of desktop computing, and indeed it does harken forward to a future age where the amazing engineering contained within is required for your everyday computing needs. As it stands, of course, the computer housed within that sleek black shell will obliterate any task thrown at it by all but the most extreme and demanding of professionals.

    Apple might not be as fond of the so-called moonshot as competitors like Google, but it gives great immediate futurism with the Mac Pro in terms of both design and performance. The modularity of the new Mac Pro is not the same as it was with the older versions. You won t be swapping 3.5mm HDDs out of bays, for instance.

    But the outer shell slides off easily once you ve unlocked it, and you get full access to the RAM bays (upgradeable to a maximum of 64GB via four 16GB modules), as well as to the SSD units (which, while Apple-specific, are upgradeable too) and the GPUs (also theoretically replaceable with future Apple-specific hardware). But the real modularity comes via the external I/O: Thunderbolt 2 can theoretically display 4K video while simultaneously transferring it thanks to a unified 20 Gbit/s throughput rate, and there are six ports on the back, combined with four for USB 3.0. Related Videos This, combined with the unique thermal core Apple has created, makes for an incredibly small, quiet professional workstation machine.

    In testing, I couldn t hear it unless I put my ear up close, and even then it s a relatively quiet hum, not even close to the fracas my Retina MacBook Pro makes when it s doing heavy lifting. It breathes a light exhaust of air through the top, too, which is actually a nice refresher if you ve been slaving away in Final Cut Pro all day. Performance For the layperson or everyday computer user, the new Mac Pro will seem like a thought-based computer, where virtually every input action you can think of results in immediate response.

    Whether it s the Xeon processor or the super-fast PCIe-based SSD or those dual workstation GPUs, everything seems slightly but impossibly faster than on any other Mac, even the most recent iMac and Retina MacBook Pros. To be honest, it ll be hard to go back even for everyday tasks like browsing the web and importing pics to iPhoto. But that s not what the Mac Pro is for: It s a professional machine designed to help filmmakers create elaborate graphics, 3D animations and feature-length films.

    It s aimed at the most demanding photographers, working in extreme resolutions and doing batch processing on huge files. It s for audio producers, creating the next hit album using Logic Pro X and low latency, high bandwidth I/O external devices. For me, Final Cut Pro was bound to be the wrench that would otherwise throw my existing Mac setup some trouble.

    On the Mac Pro, FCP X ran like a dream, rendering and publishing in the blink of an eye. I had to pinch myself to prove that I wasn t dreaming after it took fewer than 10 seconds to render and publish the final edit of a 1080p video a little over two minutes long. And again, nary a peep from the Mac Pro itself.

    For the super nerdy, you can check out the Geekbench scores 2 of the new Mac Pro we tested here 3 and here 4 . Remember, this is the baseline, entry-level version without any customization options, so it s the bottom of what you can expect in terms of performance. CrunchBase Apple Founded April 1976 Ticker NASDAQ:AAPL Overview Started by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, Apple has expanded from computers to consumer electronics over the last 30 years, officially changing their name from Apple Computer, Inc.

    to Apple, Inc. in January 2007. Among the key offerings from Apple s product line are: Pro line laptops (MacBook Pro) and desktops (Mac Pro), consumer line laptops (MacBook Air) and desktops (iMac), Website http://www.apple.com 5 Full profile for Apple 6 Features The Mac Pro has some unique abilities that you won t find in any other Mac, including the ability to power up to six Thunderbolt displays at once.

    I ran two Thunderbolt Displays plus a 21-inch iMac, as well as a Wacom 13HD through the HDMI port, and Apple s premium machine didn t even break a sweat. This is definitely the computer for the video producer who wants to be able to monitor output in real time while working on some raw video at the same time, or the information addict who feels they just aren t getting enough with the two or three displays that represent the maximum possible output with a MacBook Pro or iMac. Another great feature is the upgradeability, which ensures that, as futuristic and ahead-of-the-curve as this Mac already is, it ll be even more future-proof thanks to the ability to swap out components down the road.

    Apple hasn t revealed any details about later upgrade kits, but it s reasonable to expect that RAM, SSDs and even GPUs will be available for those who feel they need even more out of their maxi Mac. One final subtle but very nice feature is the auto-illumination of the ports that happens when you move the Mac tower itself. It s extremely useful for helping you plug the right device into the right port when you re looking to add new devices, and likewise when you re looking to unplug something.

    This kind of attention to detail only reinforces that if you have $3K to spend on a Mac, your money s in good hands with Apple. Bottom Line The Mac Pro is almost absurd in terms of its abilities. It ll blow away any ordinary computer user, including one with even slightly advanced demands like myself (occasional video editing, plenty of Photoshop, some digital graphics and podcast production).

    But in reality, my Retina MacBook Pro wasn t straining under the demand of my needs, either the Mac Pro merely makes it all seem effortless. That said, it s rare that a computer is an investment; mostly these days, you buy one with the expectation that you ll probably need another in two years time. The Mac Pro, somewhat like the iPhone 5s, is designed with the future in mind, so that video producers who aren t working on 4K but will be expected to in a few years don t have to reinvest.

    For anyone who s been looking forward to a replacement for their aging gray tower Mac Pro, and for anyone who has the money and is willing to spend it, the Mac Pro is a no-brainer, but for the rest of us, we needn t reach quite so high to touch the sky when it comes to Apple s line of OS X hardware.

    References ^ Product info page (www.apple.com) ^ Geekbench scores (browser.primatelabs.com) ^ here (browser.primatelabs.com) ^ here (browser.primatelabs.com) ^ http://www.apple.com (www.apple.com) ^ Full profile for Apple (crunchbase.com)

  • 2014 Grammy Awards: Best And Worst Dresses On The Grammy ... You may have heard there's a little thing called the 56th annual Grammy Awards taking place across the pond tonight with the who's who of the music world in attendance. We're talking the likes of Madonna, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Beyonce...oh, you get the picture. And as the action begins, our eyes are firmly focused on the red carpet delights.

    If Grammys of the past 1 are anything to go by, chances are we're in for a treat. Who could forget when Lady Gaga reached new sartorial heights in 2010 sporting an intergalactic gown covered in what looked like a Scalextric? Or THAT iconic Versace dress which turned Jennifer Lopez into a global glamazon back in 2000?

    This is all the awards show when Nicki Minaj wore a gigantic red Versace cape accessorised with an actual Pope and M.I.A rocked a baby bump in a sheer House of Holland number covered in strategically-placed polka-dot patches. Katy Perry swoops in wearing Valentino Couture Getty As for this year's ceremony, so far we've seen the adorable Sarah Hyland of 'Modern Family' opting for a black and white Emilio Pucci frock while Kelly Osbourne is also sticking to monochrome thanks to a black gown by Badgley Mischka. Appaz, she was inspired by Black Sabbath in honour of dad Ozzy's nomination.

    N'awww. Also kudos go to Katy Perry who has bagged a frothy, fairytale-perfect gown hot off Valentino's couture catwalk 2 , which was presented in Paris mere days ago. What's more, Iggy Azeala also picked her dress from the catwalk after attending the Elie Saab Couture show.

    Speaking of K-Pez, it's been a family affair tonight. The singer rocked up with her brother David Hudson while Madonna brought her son David as a date. Speaking of her head-to-toe look from Ralph Lauren, Madge revealed she followed her son's lead. 'He dressed me tonight,' the star said. 'He wanted me to dress like him so I obeyed him!' So stay tuned as we bring you all the fashion fabulousness (and bonkersness) as it hits the red carpet tonight.

    We'll be keeping this very gallery updated with all the latest looks and be sure to check back in the morning once the full list of winners is in - and we've had a little sleep.

    The best EVER Grammys dresses > > 3 References ^ Grammys of the past (www.graziadaily.co.uk) ^ Valentino's couture catwalk (www.graziadaily.co.uk) ^ The best EVER Grammys dresses > > (www.graziadaily.co.uk)

  • 2014 Oscars: Latest Updates, Dresses And Gossip In Live Blog ... 01:24 The awards are about to begin! Stay tuned to Grazia_Live on Twitter for the latest updates. C'mon Lupita!

    1 01:21 This answers the age old question: what would Lady Gaga wear to the Oscars?

    01:19 Blimey, Elsa Pataky (with Chris Hemsworth) might actually give birth on the red carpet.

    01:16 It's a swarm of cute couples!

    01:13 The Oscars: the perfect place to meet up with old mates.

    01:07 Lupita's dress doubles up as a tray. Helpful.

    01:02 Cute A-list moment: Cate lends J-Law a helping hand.

    00:56 We love this: 00:52 Brangelina = King and Queen of the prom.

    00:49 Bradley Cooper has got a new 'do especially for the occasion. We approve.

    00:42 Three cheers for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie! #redcarpetroyalty 00:37 'She stole my look!' Sally Hawkins and Cate Blanchett clearly got the nude + glitzy embellishment memo.

    00:34 Biggest trend of the night? Baby bumps.

    00:30 J-Law is wearing red. And she's just tripped over.

    This makes the best Vine ever.

    2 00:26 Mr Leto is getting in on the selfie action.

    00:24 Ladies and gents, we give you Cate Blanchett. ' It's Giorgio Armani. It's heavy, but I love it,' she says of her gown. It might be the best thing we've ever seen.

    00:20 Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see all the best dresses on the red carpet, including this stunner: 00:18 Jessica Biel is in Chanel couture and decked head to toe in Tiffany jewels. Sadly hubby Mr JT is not with her. 'He's busy touring,' the actress explains, but she will be flying across the world to be with him tomorrow cos it's her BIRTHDAY!

    00:17 What? Are Olga Kurylenko and Kellan Lutz a couple?!

    00:15 Speaking of fashion mavericks, Pharrell is wearing shorts. SHORTS! And they're Lanvin.

    We can now forgive him for not wearing The Hat.

    00:10 We're seeing a lot of identikit stars in nude dresses. Although we understand the pervasive need to play it safe and not appear on worst dressed lists, we need some fashion mavericks too please. Bring on Lady Gaga.

    00:08 WELL HELLO JARED LETO. 'I never wear suits so it's a good excuse to go old school,' he says of his ensemble. And he looks HOT.

    00:03 Anna Kendrick is giving us some Angelina Leg action tonight. Well someone had to.

    00:01 'Surprisingly I never envisioned this night,' says Lupita. 'My dream was just to be an actor and I didn't know it would come with all of this.' As for her divine Prada gown, the actress reveals that it was made especially for her. 'It's a blue that reminds me of Nairobi so I wanted to have a little bit of home'.

    23:59 Heads up: this is what Jared Leto's hair is doing tonight: 23:53 Pharrell is not wearing The Hat. Repeat: Pharrell is not wearing The Hat.

    23:51 Hooray for Liza Minnelli bringing a dash of cobalt blue to proceedings.

    23:49 Lupita's hairband is dividing opinion here at Grazia HQ. A matchy-matchy step too far or princess perfect?

    23:48 Lupita Nyong'o looks mesmirising in a frothy, princess-tastic gown by Prada. Wowee.

    23:47 Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis = cutest couple in the world.

    23:46 Amy Adams, wearing Gucci Couture with Tiffany jewels, talks about her kiss with Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle . 'Jennifer has very full lips and her lipstick ended up all around my lips rather than on my lips,' she reveals. Saucy.

    23:45 The lady is a vamp! Say hello to newly-brunette Margot Robbie.

    23:42 It wouldn't be the Oscars without train dramas: 23:36 Pregnant star Olivia Wilde has dressed her baby bump in black Valentino. See the best-dressed bumps on the red carpet here.

    Amy Adams is also wearing black, FYI, courtesy of Gucci.

    3 23:35 Insider info courtesy of Kelly Osbourne! Appaz, designers usually send over their gowns for the guests but this year, many designers actually flew into LA personally and half of the dresses got held up because of the rainy weather. Cripes.

    23:34 Kristen Bell looks super pretty in a neutral Roberto Cavalli dress. 'I put it on and knew immediately because I felt a Frozen vibe, which is what I'm here for,' the actress says of her dress choice.

    23:37 Ooh Pharrell is getting a new 'do especially for the night. But the question is: will he wear The Hat?

    23:31 Sure you've got enough food there, guys?

    23:26 Jared Leto is on his way. Prepare to swoon, ladies.

    23:24 Thanks Lupita Nyong'o for this sneak preview. Is that a touch of coral we see?

    23:19 Yikes, look at the stairs the guests have to tackle. Brace yourself, J-Law.

    23:15 Coco Rocha is in the house looking marvellous in a lilac gown by Zac Posen, the same designer pal who created her wedding dress. The model is working her presenting skills for CNN tonight.

    23:14 Can you IMAGINE stepping out of your limo and onto the Oscars red carpet? We would be quaking in our Manolos.

    23:12 While we wait for the big hitters to arrive (yes, we've seen your dress from EVERY angle, Louise Roe), let's rewind to earlier today when this happened: 23:09 The stars are already all over Instagram. Hurrah! See the action through their eyes with our Oscars Instagram roundup right here.

    4 23:07 First selfie of the night award goes to... Tyson Beckford. Hi!

    23:03 Speaking of dresses, they're coming in thick and fast now. Stay tuned to our mega best dressed gallery here.

    5 23:00 Jared Leto is 42? FOURTY-TWO?

    22:58 Kelly Osbourne has changed outfits already. She first hit the red carpet in a Badgley Mischka dress, but is now in a black number. Eh? 'I couldn't walk up the stairs in it so I had to change into my pre-show dress,' she explains. 'I was so honoured to wear it and felt so pretty in it.' Oh but we would LOVE another J-Law moment.

    22:54 Sparkly shoes alert! TV personality Johnny Weir (nah, us neither) has arrived in a fetching pair of glitzy slippers. Move over, Cinderella.

    22:48 Shout out to the Oscars red carpet cleaner. Best dressed thus far.

    22:47 Uh oh, will the Oscars be a wash out? Get those umbrellas at the ready, A-listers.

    22:44 A win already for Hedi Slimane who's only gone and dressed the hostess with the mostess! 'I'm very honoured and flattered he wanted to put clothes on me,' says Ellen in her Saint Laurent ensemble.

    22:41 Channing Tatum, Charlize Theron, Zac Efron, Emma Watson, Angelina Jolie... which presenter are you looking forward to seeing? Our vote is Channing, obvs.

    Want to see him rehearsing for the big night? Here you go.

    6 22:38 Amy Adams is the only first-time nominee in the Best Actress category. Go Amy!

    22:34 'Thanks to my pal Christopher Bailey!' says Ryan Seacrest who's looking dapper in a sharp white suit from Burberry.

    22:30 We are good to go, people!

    Team Grazia Daily is full to the brim with coffee and stocked up with Haribo, ready to bring you every morsel LIVE from the Oscars.

    See the best dressed at the 2014 Oscars below > > References ^ Grazia_Live on Twitter (twitter.com) ^ the best Vine ever. (www.graziadaily.co.uk) ^ the best-dressed bumps on the red carpet (www.graziadaily.co.uk) ^ our Oscars Instagram roundup right here. (www.graziadaily.co.uk) ^ Stay tuned to our mega best dressed gallery here. (www.graziadaily.co.uk) ^ Here you go. (instagram.com)

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