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  • 02 Mobile Phone Offers on Samsung, Nokia and BlackBerry ... The Samsung Galaxy S IV is available now on O2 contract deals with a vast array of cost-free gifts, most mobile phones are now getting provided with cost-free gifts and cash back and the lower the price of the handset the bigger the offers can be. With discounted line payment, even though, the user offers complete price tag upfront, all bills and then gives formalities as effectively as precedent bills in order to get their money afterward on down the way. On the internet mobile shop is the spot exactly where customers can search for different mobile phone deals 1 and acquire the deals which they consider suite to their life-style and budget.

    With the latest blackberry phones of 2013 the user can get cost-free gifts 2 with a brand by promoting such classy phones with highly sophisticated functions. With the Contract deal is offering the facility to spend the mobile phone bills at the really last of the month along with a lot of offers and plans. When you are not sure which item you want to buy that time you can take the support of on the internet that can guide you it the ideal of the help.

    You will by no means have a silly concern of running out of balance during a crucial conversation. Along with the totally free gifts there are incentives as properly with this like the cost-free messages, free of charge minutes with any of the service provider like O2, Orange, Virgin, Vodafone, Three, T-Mobile and so on, free of charge information allowances of any of the GBps to take you to the genuine Web planet. Then there is pay as you go mobile phone deal.

    Then there is pay as you go mobile phone deal. Additionally mobile telephone is also enabled with the social networking features like facebook, twitter, google speak, flicker and considerably much more. Mobile phones have usually got the highest interest amongst the clutter of other electronic devices.

    There are deals such as spend as you go from O2, which allow the customer to use his telephone judiciously and in economic manner. This N97 puts all networking web sites on your property screen as shortcut so that you can keep connected. MobilePhoneDeals.Uk.Net is on the web comparison portal of mobile phones and contract bargains.

    This is helpful for those who do not wish to enter long term contracts. These gifts include laptops, Digital Camera, Vacuum Cleaner, refrigerator, home appliances. They can be of totally free.

    The images are crystal clear for life extended and true life like expertise. In my case, I agreed to the on the web terms and conditions by checking the box prior to generating the order, unaware that they contained specifications that weren t included in my written ones. O2 Contract Phones comprehends a wide range of all the newest and coming quickly mobile phones.

    Nevertheless, some of them cannot buy since of insufficient finance in their lives. All the different models of O2 mobile phones are obtainable with the solutions of O2 mobile phone network.

    1 can buy this astonishing mobile telephone at some actually reasonably priced costs with numerous leading network providers. Not just that but O2 also supply even much more to their consumers, giving them the edge more than other competitors O2 have the power of Priority.

    Beneath the inexpensive Nokia E7 offers, this device is also available with free gifts as well. With discounted line payment, though, the user offers complete price upfront, all bills and then provides formalities as properly as precedent bills in order to get their money afterward on down the way. They supply anxiety cost-free connectivity services for nonetheless long the respective user wishes.

    Secondly, due to the fact there ll be time to submit a new claim if any problems arise. O2 mobile phones are obtainable in cheap offers that the demand for O2 contract phones is signature as proof that they are the ideal offers in the mobile market place. Now everyone can enjoy the charm of Nokia N97 without having worrying of its price as there are a number of deals.

    The bargains like pay as u go deal, mobile telephone deal, pay month-to-month deal, contract offers, and so on. When a client comes to acquiring a mobile or receiving a new contract they usually know specifically what they want, so O2 discover out that need to have and offer you that or the nearest ideal point to it. Such offers make it effortless and cheaper to acquire handset.

    References ^ mobile phone deals ( ^ latest blackberry phones of 2013 the user can get cost-free gifts (

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  • 1 Lot (649) IBM Thinkcentre M57P Desktop Systems | Bulk ... Here s a high margin lot that is currently being offered on Amazon at $204.00 each: Qty 1 Lot (649) IBM Thinkcentre M57P Desktop Systems C2D 2.6 Ghz, 2048-4096 RAM, 80G HDD, DVD, Vista Business COA 6088-W3R Tested, working, 30 day warranty.

    Minimum Purchase: Take allEXWORKS*: MidWestProductID 3895@ $99 each

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  • 10 Things every Door Supervisor should know Being a door supervisor doesn t have to be synonymous with big, huge and rude as what some people think. Whatever you are called bouncer or doorman you are the gate keeper of the leisure industry, handy in times of lopsided brawls and to ensure everyone has a good time. As a door supervisor you must have attended the SIA Training and have an SIA Licence and understand the proper conduct and procedures in order to avoid misunderstanding and of course a law suit.

    Here are 10 things a door supervisor needs to know in order to not only do the job correctly but be a good ambassador for the establishment.

    1 Behavioural Standards Patience is a virtue so it is important not to lose your cool in this line of work especially when dealing with annoying customers. Be gentle when frisking and inspecting purses and bags. Be professional and put a smile on your face, you don t have to be grumpy all the time.

    Civil and Criminal Law Troublesome customers will definitely be around from time to time so you must have an understanding of civil and criminal law in order to identify how and when to use force know the difference between reasonable and necessary force, you just can t batter everyone whenever you like. Knowledge in these subjects gives you an idea on how to identify options when a law is broken. Search Procedures Some people don t care and some are extremely paranoid when it comes to searching their property so learn how to obtain permission.

    If items are found during a search which are barred in the premises determine whether it s an offensive weapon, drugs or even pets and proceed with whatever steps are necessary and make sure the customer know why you are taking whatever steps you proceed with. Arrest Procedures Every now and then you ll be faced with someone who s intolerable and can t be controlled so it is important to determine the offences made and proceed in contacting the police and conducting an arrest. Arrest should only be made as a last resort.

    Drugs Awareness Dealing with drug users and dealers can be tricky. You must learn how to identify users based on their symptoms. Knowledge in some common types of drugs and how they sell it might come in handy.

    If customers a found in possession of drugs, the drugs should be confiscated and they should be reported to the police.Recording Incidents and Crime Scene Preservation Location of a crime scene and incidents should be noted and recorded and if possible contained. Evidence must be kept preserved in order for the police investigation to follow. Licensing Law Determine the contracts and permissions regarding the establishment.

    Explain the law in relation to refusing entry and ejecting customers. Tell underage teenagers to go home and do their homework. Equal Opportunities Don t judge anyone about their choice of wardrobe as that s not fair although if there are dress code rules set by the management they need to be followed.

    Gays, lesbians, people with disabilities and all religious groups should be treated equally. Health and Safety Take care of yourself physically and take time off in you are seriously ill. It can be off putting for customers if you are coughing and sneezing all over them.

    Apart from physical health make sure you are aware of the health and safety regulations of the establishment and adhere to them at all times. Emergency procedures Mind your surrounding exit routes, emergency stairs, fire exits, first aid cabinet and fire extinguishers. Identify common human responses in an emergency.

    You must learn how to conduct first aid and how to handle situations of panic like bomb scares.

    Keep up to date with your training.

    References ^ SIA Training (

  • 10 Tips for dressing a sensory sensitive child My 5 year old son just informed me that he will no longer wear his Thomas the Train sweater, because it is too itchy. He takes after me. When I was a kid, clothing tags were my enemies.

    I used to get my mother s sewing scissors and cut the tags out as soon as I got new clothes. I preferred hand-me-downs from my sisters, because the worn fabric was softer and the tags were already removed. Exposed elastic bands were too tight on me, even though I was a skinny kid, and left painful red marks on my skin.

    I never wanted to wear skirts, because my tights were too itchy, and if I didn t wear tights under the skirt, my knees became cold and achy, even in warm weather. Getting dressed can be a battle for children who are highly sensitive or who have neurological differences. Here are 10 ideas to reduce the stress while getting dressed.

    1. Heavy Work Start with heavy work. Warming up the muscles with exercise is a great way to reduce sensitivity.

    Occupational therapists define heavy work 1 as any activity that puts deep pressure on the joints of the upper body, such as pushing a laundry basket or crawling through a tunnel.

    2. Soft Clothing Know exactly what type of clothing to look for: soft, breathable fabrics, tagless, covered elastic bands, no metal parts, no heavy embroidery or applique. 2 offers thousands of soft clothing items for your sensory sensitive child.

    Additionally accept hand-me-downs whenever possible and shop at used clothing stores for softer fabrics.

    3. Find Alternatives Believe your child when he or she says that clothing is irritating. Use the opportunity to find a solution to the problem together.

    Wearing a tagless undershirt increases overall comfort; substituting cotton jersey leggings for tights makes wearing a skirt much more pleasant.

    4. Let Your Child Choose Allow the child to select clothing as often as possible. My 5 year old sometimes likes to dress all in black just like Darth Vader.

    At other times he wants to dress in a roller coaster or monster truck theme. This type of experimentation increases his sensory tolerance.

    5. Find The Right Undergarments Make sure that socks and underwear are as comfortable as possible.

    An entire day can be ruined by rebellious socks that get bunched up inside shoes or underwear that chafes around the hips. Smart Knit Kids 3 makes seamless socks and underwear that are designed to minimize irritation for sensitive children. Some families, including mine, find that tagless boys boxer briefs with covered waistbands are the most comfortable for boys and girls the elastic bands around the groin area can be very painful on standard boys and girls briefs.

    My kids also prefer socks that are slightly too small because they fit more tightly and don t bunch up inside their shoes.

    6. Don t Always Dress For The Weather D Be flexible about dressing for the weather. My 10 year old son insists on wearing long sleeves and long pants all year round, because he does not like the feeling of air on his arms and legs.

    When he was a toddler, he refused to put on a coat or mittens on the coldest days of winter. My strategy is to allow him to choose his clothing, but I carry the back-up clothing for the moment when the reality of the outside temperature hits him. Oh, you re sweaty and overheated?

    Here s a short-sleeve t-shirt. You re shivering. Here s a hat.

    Oh, now your fingers are cold? I have some mittens right here. It works every time.

    7. Reinforce social norms It s not OK to walk down the street naked in any weather. Make sure that your child understands the difference between socially appropriate and inappropriate dress.

    Point out how other people are dressed when you are running errands or at school. Explain the natural consequences of inappropriate dress such as, You weren t wearing your rain boots, so your shoes got wet or We can t get ice cream, because the sign says you have to wear a shirt in the store.

    8. Open-toe or closed-toe?

    Sometimes the only way to get a child to wear any shoes at all is to allow sandals or flip-flops. But there s a downside. I ve known many children over the years who refuse to give up their sandals at the end of summer.

    Wearing sandals can prevent certain activities indoor playgrounds require socks and outdoor playgrounds usually have wood chips, which can splinter inside the sandal. It s also unsafe to run or climb in sandals. These physical activities are absolutely necessary for highly sensitive children.

    Therefore, I ask my children to wear sneakers with socks unless we are going to the beach, as an extension of my lessons about social norms.

    9. Choose your sleepwear carefully Choose pajamas and blankets to get a good night s rest. Tired, cranky kids are hypersensitive and my kids are both night-wakers.

    My older son now uses an eight-pound weighted blanket 4 at night; but my younger son still refuses any blanket, and sometimes he wakes up because he s cold. If he wears warmer fleece pajamas, he gets sweaty and wakes up because of the wetness. I finally solved the problem by having him wear his usual cotton knit pajamas with a footed fleece sleeper on top.

    The breathable cotton fabric prevented the clamminess on his skin, and the fleece sealed in his warmth, and he started sleeping through the night.

    10. Use Vitamins Choose vitamin and mineral supplements to reduce sensitivity. There is substantial evidence demonstrating that vitamin and mineral deficiencies 5 can contribute to sensitivities.

    Highly sensitive children often have self-limited diets as well, which means they need extra nutrition.

    Consult with your child s pediatrician about the vitamin combination that will work best for your child.

    References ^ heavy work ( ^ ( ^ Smart Knit Kids ( ^ Weighted Blankets: 13 Stores to choose from ( ^ vitamin and mineral deficiencies (

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  • 105 Uckfield FM Bunn Leisure Derby Trial, Hickstead Breens take top two spots in Bunn Leisure Derby Trial Shane Breen was a winner once again today at the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead, finishing ahead of brother Trevor Breen in the Bunn Leisure Derby Trial. Shane and Trevor Breen Picture courtesy of Samantha Lamb Of the five riders who went through to the jump-off, Phillip Miller (Caritiar Z) and Sammie Jo Coffin (Willem De Lux) both had four faults in the second round, while Harriet Nuttall finished clear on 66.81sec (A Touch Imperious). Ireland s Trevor Breen and Adventure De Kannan then bettered Harriet s time by just half a second, and looked the likely winners until elder brother Shane, who was last to go, went more than 7sec faster to claim the 7,000 first prize with Cos I Can.

    It felt great to beat Trevor because he normally beats me, said Shane. I didn t know how fast he d gone, but knowing Trev and Addy they re always quick so I had to move on a bit. It was another good result for Trevor s ride Adventure De Kannan, who recently had an eye removed.

    He d had ongoing problems for five years, but it got to the stage when it was unmanageable and his vision was down to 20%, and he was in pain, said Trevor. The horse never ceases to amaze me he s come back better than ever, and has won an Area Trial and an International Stairway class since the operation. He s much happier in himself and it s wonderful to see him back to his old self.

    It was a poignant result for both Shane and Trevor, whose mother Mary Breen passed away last week. Abdullah Al Sharbatly was another repeat winner, following up his win in yesterday s Bunn Leisure Derby Trophy with a win in the Hickstead Master s Challenge, a speed class named in honour of Douglas Bunn, the founder of the Hickstead showground. The LED Sport Europe Speed Derby is the highlight of tomorrow s action, where riders tackle a number of Hickstead s permanent fences at speed.

    Among those lining up include Robert Power, a National Hunt jockey who won the Grand National in 2007 on board Silver Birch.

    Further information from: Victoria Spicer, Press Officer for the All England Jumping Course at Hickstead Mobile: +447811113185 [email protected] 1 References ^ Hickstead (http)

  • 10ft tall plant that traps and eats sheep just bloomed in UK An absolutely terrifying plant that has spikes that trap sheep before eating them has bloomed in the Royal Horticultural Society s Garden Wisley. The plant, Puya chilensis, is native to Chile, reported.

    1 This monstrous plant has grown to be 10 feet tall over the past 15 years, but only just blossomed. Scientists have kept it on a steady diet of liquid fertilizer so it won t snare hapless passersby to eat.

    The plant hunts by snaring animals with its sharp spikes and holding them captive until they starve to death. The plant then gleefully feasts on the decomposing body for fertilizer. There is no official statement about why scientists have decided to study this plant as opposed to killing it, and others of its species, with fire.

    Follow Sarah on Twitter 2 References ^ reported. ( ^ Follow Sarah on Twitter (

  • 11-inch MacBook Air 2013 review Apple's MacBook Air has come a long way since it was first released in early 2008. Originally intended as an ultra-portable supplement to your main Mac, it's long since grown powerful enough to use as your sole computer. This sixth-generation MacBook Air uses the same chassis and basic form factor as the mid-2012 MacBook Air 1 that it replaces, but new processors bring a wealth of performance upgrades, though one or two compromises are evident.

    The 2013 MacBook Air faces stiff competition from the new Chromebooks 2 . Eschewing Windows and Linux operating systems in favour of Chrome OS 3 , these run web-based applications and are usually significantly cheaper than most notebooks. For example, the Samsung Chromebook 4 cost just 230 / US$330 / AU$320 at launch.

    There are exceptions, of course. Google's own Chromebook Pixel 5 is a gorgeous high-end notebook costing 1,050 / US$1,300 (around AU$1,730), which is more than either of the two 11-inch MacBook Air models in the mid-2013 refresh, but it proves cloud computers can be as stylish and desirable as an Apple notebook. If you want an ultra-portable Windows 8 laptop 6 , the Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D 7 has an Intel Core i5 processor and 128GB of flash storage like this MacBook Air, but its screen is 13 inches, and we're testing the 11-inch MacBook Air.

    The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch 8 is one of the thinnest and lightest Windows 8 netbooks on the market, and a very credible alternative to the MacBook Air if you prefer Windows to OS X. Since the late 2010 MacBook Air refresh, Apple has released four individual MacBook Air models with each generation. The mid-2013 release is no exception.

    Once again we have two 11-inch models and two 13-inch MacBook Airs. All use 1.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processors from Intel's new Haswell 9 range. The two 11-inch MacBook Airs have double the solid state storage of the previous generation of MacBook Air, at 128GB for the cheaper model we reviewed and 256GB for the more expensive 11-inch MacBook Air, up from 64GB and 128GB respectively.

    The 13-inch MacBook Airs retain their predecessors' 128GB and 256GB of storage, but are a little cheaper. Even with the new Haswell processors, gamers, video editors and other high-needs users might prefer the power offered by a MacBook Pro 10 , but the highly portable MacBook Air is perfect for students, business travellers and just about anyone who appreciates its incredibly thin and light design. The 11-inch MacBook Air 2013 with 128GB storage that we reviewed is the cheapest model in the range, priced at 849 / US$999 / AU$1,099.

    Specification The 11-inch MacBook Air 2013's chassis is almost totally unchanged from last year's model. The only difference is a second microphone hole in the left-hand side, with the dual mic setup using adaptive beam forming to reduce background noise. But there seems little reason for Apple to change such a popular and practical design.

    At just 17mm (0.68 inches) at its thickest point and weighing just 1.08kg (2.38lbs), it's so light and portable it's easy to forget it's in your bag. It's sturdy too. If you lift it by the corner it doesn't creak and flex like lesser, cheaper notebooks, and little luxuries such as the multi-touch trackpad, backlit keyboard with ambient light sensor, magnetic power plug, stereo speakers and the 720p FaceTime HD camera are retained.

    The changes to the 2013 11-inch MacBook Air are all under the hood. The off-the-shelf processors are 1.3GHz dual core Haswell Intel Core i5s, though you can upgrade it to a 1.7GHz dual-core Intel Core i7 using the custom options on the online Apple Store. Haswell processors, the fourth generation of Intel's Core series, are designed from the ground up to use significantly less power than before, without compromising on performance.

    Indeed, their integrated Intel HD Graphics 5000 chipset gives up to 40% faster graphical power. The new MacBook Airs also feature the latest Wi-Fi protocol, 802.11ac 11 . When used with a wireless ac router such as Apple's new AirPort Time Capsule and AirPort Extreme, your wireless connection is up to three times faster than Wi-Fi n, and boasts a much better range.

    Also, beam forming technology focuses the Wi-Fi signal onto connected ac devices, for a much more stable connection. One thing the new MacBook Air didn't get is a Retina screen. High-resolution Retina displays, already an option in the MacBook Pro range, have such a high pixel density that the human eye is unable to distinguish between pixels at normal reading distance.

    Many expected it at least as an option in the 2013 MacBook Airs, but it's not to be. The display we get is 1366 x 768 resolution, beautifully consistent and blessed with excellent viewing angles, but it isn't Retina. At 128GB and 256GB respectively, the two 11-inch MacBook Airs have twice the storage they had before, and they use faster flash too; it's up to 45% quicker than the previous generation, and around nine times as fast as a regular notebook's hard drive.

    If you need more, you can upgrade the higher-end 11-inch MacBook Air's storage to 512GB using the online custom options. Like the previous generation, all the new MacBook Airs offer 4GB of RAM off the shelf, which is upgradeable to 8GB. The RAM is soldered to the logic board and is not user-upgradeable, so if you want more than 4GB, best use the online custom options.

    As before, the 11-inch MacBook Airs have two USB 3.0 ports and a Thunderbolt port, though again there's no SDXC card reader, as enjoyed by the 13-inch models. Like all new Macs, the 2013 MacBook Airs come supplied with OS X 10.8: Mountain Lion 12 , and also Apple's popular iLife suite. Performance On paper, the dual-core Intel Core i5 processors have taken a backward step, running at 1.3GHz against the previous generation's 1.7GHz.

    But the new architecture with its improved graphics, and the faster flash storage, means the 128GB 2013 MacBook Air put in a mostly impressive performance in our benchmarking tests. In our Xbench test, which measures processor and hard drive speed, the new MacBook Air was 2.6% up on its predecessor. While this is of course welcome, it's clear the advantage gained by faster storage is partly offset by the slower CPU.

    There's nothing slower about the graphics performance, though. In our Cinebench 10 test, the new MacBook Air was just under 12% faster than the same machine from previous generation when using a single thread. But with both the processor's cores in play - running two threads on each due to its Hyper-Threading feature - it's only 6.3% up, as the 2012 model's faster clock speed narrows the gap.

    Benchmarks Xbench, CPU and storage: 347.7Cinebench 10 Single core: 4,246Cinebench 10 Multi-core: 8,616iTunes encoding (USB SuperDrive): 451 secondsMovie encoding (iMovie): 243.2 seconds Doom 3 : 69.6fps Call of Duty 4 : 69.3fpsBattery, iPlayer test: 7 hours, 15 minutesNovabench, Total: 593Novabench, Graphics: 44 The new Intel HD Graphics 5000 chipset proved its worth when running Call of Duty 4 , increasing the previous model's 59 frames per second to a snappier 69.3fps, a significant increase. But the older Doom 3 seemed less able to take advantage of the superior graphics, and actually slowed from 81.9fps to 69.6fps. Unfortunately, the new 11-inch MacBook Air is also significantly slower at video rendering, taking 243 seconds to re-encode our test video to iPod format.

    This is 26 seconds down on last year's model. The MacBook Air's deep sleep mode means you can leave it on with the lid closed for around a month on a single charge, during which time it wakes from sleep in around one second. It's like having an iPad's always-on convenience in a notebook.

    Not that it takes long to boot when switched off. In our tests, a clean install of Mountain Lion booted in just 18.5 seconds. And naturally, the battery life is incredible.

    Apple tells us the 11-inch MacBook Air 2013 can last for up to nine hours on a single charge, and play back iTunes videos for up to eight hours. In our test, we set the screen brightness to around 50% and streamed the news channel on BBC iPlayer for an amazing seven hours, 15 minutes. This is more than double what its 2012 counterpart could manage.

    You can comfortably use a 2013 MacBook Air all day without recharging, regardless of what you throw at it. Verdict The 2013 MacBook Air refresh is not a radical overhaul. The extra microphone aside, the chassis is identical to last year's MacBook Air, though there are significant improvements under the hood.

    Unfortunately, there are one or two drawbacks too. We liked The new low-power Haswell processors really boost the MacBook Air's battery life. You can run it for an entire day on a single charge.

    The Haswells bring better graphics too, with the Intel HD 5000 integrated chipset giving a speed boost of up to 40%. Solid state storage is doubled compared to the previous generation, and faster flash storage brings a welcome performance increase. The new MacBook Air is the first Apple computer to adopt the new Wi-Fi ac protocol, which is up to three times as fast as wireless n.

    We disliked The 1.3GHz Core i5 processors used in this generation's MacBook Airs have a slower clock speed than their predecessor's 1.7GHz Core i5s. Although the better graphics performance and faster flash storage make up for this in most real-world applications, we wish the new chips at least matched the old ones. And sadly, the Retina screen option many hoped for didn't appear.

    Final verdict The 2013 MacBook Air 11-inch takes Apple's ultra-portable notebook a significant step in the right direction, but it's by no means a great leap forward. It makes advances in some key areas, most notably graphics performance and faster flash, but these are partly held back by the slower CPUs. Many will bemoan the lack of a Retina display too, at least as an optional extra.

    But factor in the better battery life and improved Wi-Fi, and the 2013 MacBook Air is a clear win overall.

    References ^ mid-2012 MacBook Air ( ^ Chromebooks ( ^ Chrome OS ( ^ Samsung Chromebook ( ^ Chromebook Pixel ( ^ Windows 8 laptop ( ^ Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D ( ^ Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch ( ^ Haswell ( ^ MacBook Pro ( ^ 802.11ac ( ^ OS X 10.8: Mountain Lion (

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  • 13-inch MacBook Air review Recommended award Apple's often imitated but never bettered ultra-portable laptop puts in a strong, though not faultless, performance with this mid-2013 release, the sixth-generation of the MacBook Air. It offers significant improvements in its solid state storage speed, graphical power, battery life and wireless capabilities, but the processor's clock speeds actually take a backward step. But as we'll see, for most real-world applications, the MacBook Air 2013 matches or out-performs its predecessor.

    Like most recent MacBook Air refreshes, the mid-2013 update brings us four new models; two with 11-inch screens and two with 13-inch displays. All use Haswell 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 dual-core processors, replete with Intel HD Graphics 5000, the latest version of Intel's integrated graphics chipset. They also all run the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion 1 operating system, although this will change to OS X Mavericks 2 when available.

    The cheaper model in each of the two screen sizes has 128GB of solid state storage, the more expensive version has 256GB, and all offer 4GB of RAM. The version on test here is the top-of-the-range 256GB 13-inch MacBook Air, which costs 1,129 / US$1,299 / AU$1,449. The lower specced 128GB 13-inch model is 949 / US$1,099 / AU$1,249.

    If your budget won't stretch that far - or if you just want a smaller model - the 11-inch MacBook Airs 3 are priced at 849 / US$999 / AU$1,099 for the 128GB version and 1,029 / US$1,199 / AU$1,349 for 256GB of storage. While the quality of the MacBook Air isn't in question, not everyone is prepared to pay so much for a light, carry-around notebook. For those on a budget, Chromebooks 4 offer good value for money, as long as they meet your needs.

    Eschewing OS X, Windows 5 and Linux for Chrome OS 6 , these run web-based applications and can be bought very cheaply. For example, the Samsung Chromebook 7 cost just 230 / US$330 / AU$320 at launch. More expensive Chrome-powered notebooks are available too, though.

    Google's own Chromebook Pixel 8 is a gorgeous high-end notebook costing 1,050 / US$1,300, which is more than either of the two 11-inch MacBook Airs in the mid-2013 refresh, but it proves cloud computers can be as stylish and desirable as an Apple notebook. If you want a Windows 8 9 ultra-portable notebook, the Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D 10 has an Intel Core i5 processor, a 13-inch screen and 128GB of flash storage like this MacBook Air. If you prefer Windows to OS X, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch 11 is one of the thinnest and lightest Windows 8 netbooks on the market, and a very credible alternative to the MacBook Air.

    People who want a Mac but need a lot of processing power, such as video editors, gamers and graphic artists, might be better off with a MacBook Pro 12 or an iMac 13 . But the MacBook Air is fine for everyday computing, and perfect for business travellers and regular commuters. Specifications As mentioned earlier, the 2013 13-inch MacBook Airs use Intel's new Haswell 14 processors, the latest in the company's Core range.

    Off the shelf, they're dual-core 1.3GHz Intel Core i5 chips. Their Hyper-Threading feature enables each of the two cores to run two threads simultaneously, for four virtual cores, and at times of intense needs, underused resources can be reallocated to Turbo Boost their speeds to up to 2.6GHz. Although the step up to Haswell series processors brings its own reward in terms of performance, the clock speed is actually a step backwards from the previous generation, which used a dual-core 1.8GHz Intel Core i5 off the shelf.

    The Haswell processors' integrated Intel HD Graphics 5000 is definitely a step up from the 2012 MacBook Airs, offering up to 40% more graphical power. The new MacBook Airs also use faster flash storage. It's up to 45% quicker than the previous generation, and nine times faster than a standard hard drive.

    Wi-Fi is faster too, with the new MacBook Airs giving us 802.11ac 15 wireless internet. This is up to three times as fast as wireless n and offers a better range, assuming your router also offers the ac protocol. Beam forming technology focuses the signal onto connected ac devices for a much more stable connection, too.

    Of course, where the new Haswell processors really show their worth is in battery life. According to Apple, the new 13-inch MacBook Air lasts up to 12 hours on a single charge, or 10 hours of movie playback over iTunes. Like all recent MacBook Airs, when you close the lid it enters Standby Mode, an ultra-low energy state that can last for up to 30 days on a full battery.

    When you open the lid again, it's on straight away, though its fast solid state storage means it boots extremely fast even when switched off. The new 13-inch MacBook Air has a second microphone to reduce background noise when using features such as FaceTime or Dictation. The second microphone hole on the left-hand side of the casing is the only physical difference between this mid-2013 and the mid-2012 model; their chassis are otherwise identical.

    Interestingly, the oft-predicted Retina screen never emerged. Packing in such a high resolution it's impossible to distinguish between individual pixels at a normal viewing distance, Retina screens proved extremely popular on recent MacBook Pro and iPad 16 models. Yet we didn't get one on the 2013 MacBook Airs, even as a custom option for those ordering on the Apple online store.

    Perhaps it would've taken too great a toll on the battery life. Performance The new Haswell processors use very little power, giving the 2013 13-inch MacBook Air and absolutely stunning battery life. In our test, in which we streamed the live BBC News channel feed on iPlayer over a wireless network, the laptop lasted for nine hours.

    That's significantly better than the 11-inch MacBook Air's 7 hours 15 minutes, and a substantial improvement over the 2012 MacBook Air's 5.5 hours. Since switching to solid state storage off the shelf with the late 2010 update, the MacBook Air has been known for its good battery life. But with the Haswell processors in place, it's absolutely stunning.

    At last, you can use your notebook all day long on a single charge. Benchmarks Xbench: 357.50Cinebench 10 Single core: 4242Cinebench 10 Multi-core: 8636iTunes encoding (USB SuperDrive): 452 secondsMovie encoding (iMovie): 242.6 seconds Doom 3 : 68.9fps Call of Duty 4 : 67.8fpsBattery: 9 hoursNovabench, Total: 589Novabench, Graphics: 44 Although the processors have a slower clock speed than the previous generation, across-the-board performance improvements mostly make up the difference. The faster graphics enjoyed by the Haswell processors meant that in our Call of Duty 4 test, the 2013 13-inch MacBook Air ran the game at 67.8 frames per second, compared to 59.5fps for the 13-inch, 1.8GHz dual core Intel Core i5 model from 2012.

    The much older Doom 3 , however, seemed less able to take advantage of the Intel HD 5000 Graphics, running at 68.9fps on the 2013 Air, and 83.0fps on last year's model. The new MacBook Air's faster storage gave it a definite advantage in our Xbench test, which we set up to measure both the CPU and storage performance. Its score of 357.50 was 5.4% up on last year's model.

    But the swings-and-roundabouts improvement offered by the new MacBook Air is clearly demonstrated by our Cinebench test, where graphical and processing power is assessed first using a single core and then with every core available (on these dual-core, Hyper-Threading chips, that's four cores). Using only one core, the 2013 MacBook Air's score of 4242 is 3.9% up on last year's model, but with all cores in play, the 2012 MacBook Air's faster clock speed takes its toll - the 2013 model is actually 1.8% down. It's around 40 seconds slower when encoding our five-minute test movie to iPod format using iMovie, too.

    One thing that hasn't changed is the laptop's display. It's still a 1440 x 900 resolution, 13.3-inch LED-backlit glossy widescreen display, with rich, deep colours and good viewing angles. The new MacBook Airs are just as portable as their predecessors too, with a tapered height of 0.3-1.7cm (0.11-0.68 inches), a width of 32.5cm 912.8 inches) and a depth of 22.7cm (8.94 inches).

    Most impressively of all, it weighs just 1.35kg (2.96lbs). If you're sick of lugging a hefty notebook around with you, the MacBook Air could be just what you need. Verdict The new 2013 13-inch MacBook Air makes some significant improvements on the 2012 model, but the processor's clock speeds are down.

    In performance terms, this means it outperforms its predecessor in some tests, but falls behind in others, generally by small margins. However, there's one test where the new MacBook Air clearly trounces the previous model... We liked ...And that's battery life.

    The Haswell processors are designed to go light on power, and it shows. On a full charge, the new 13-inch MacBook Air is good for 12 hours of general computing, and lasted for nine hours of live video streaming. Very impressive figures.

    The new storage, which is 45% faster than the previous generation, and graphics that are around 40% quicker than before, are also to be commended, as are the switch to Wi-Fi ac and the inclusion of a second mic for reducing ambient noise. Key features we loved about previous MacBook Airs haven't gone away either. It's still incredibly light and portable, is very strong despite being thin and has a beautiful backlit keyboard.

    The multi-touch trackpad is a great asset too. We disliked But why did Apple have to reduce the processor's clock speed? It's down to 1.3GHz, from 2012's 1.8GHz, both dual-core Intel Core i5 chips.

    Improvements elsewhere - most notably the graphics and storage - mean you don't notice it all that much, but we wish the new MacBook Air CPUs at least matched the old ones. The expected Retina screen failed to emerge too, even as a custom option on the Apple online store, but we've mixed feelings about this one anyway. Although gorgeous to look at, would it have compromised the battery life to too great a degree?

    Talking of the Apple online store, if you want to upgrade your MacBook Air it's best to do it here at the time of purchase, since you can't make component upgrades later. Final verdict Despite the swings-and-roundabouts benchmarking results, the new MacBook Air is a definite and significant step up from last year's release. The battery life is little short of incredible.

    Business travellers taking long flights and students who need it all day for lectures and then throughout the evening for writing an essay will love its all-day power. The new MacBook Airs take it into the Wi-Fi ac era too, giving speedier, more stable wireless connections - as long as your router is also wireless ac. The faster graphics and quicker storage do much to compensate for the slower processors, but we wish Apple had at least matched the 2012 MacBook Air's clock speeds.

    References ^ OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion ( ^ OS X Mavericks ( ^ 11-inch MacBook Airs ( ^ Chromebooks ( ^ Windows ( ^ Chrome OS ( ^ Samsung Chromebook ( ^ Chromebook Pixel ( ^ Windows 8 ( ^ Samsung Series 9 NP900X3D ( ^ Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Touch ( ^ MacBook Pro ( ^ iMac ( ^ Haswell ( ^ 802.11ac ( ^ iPad (

  • 14 million UK males admit to wrecking their home! To celebrate the release of Wreck-It-Ralph on DVD Disney conducted a survey which has revealed 57.8% men in the UK have suffered a wrecking mishap in the home. It seems that 2013 will see the summer of DIY discontent. With no major football tournaments on, men across the UK will be picking up their tools and attempting home renovations.

    However, just like Ralph, the men of the UK only seem capable of making their DIY disasters worse and end up looking like the bad guy rather than the hero. It s not just homes left with gaping holes but our pockets too as half of British men (50.35%) confess to having at least one unfinished DIY project in their home totalling a whopping 2,011,480,093 for the UK in total (average cost per job 140.89). A third of men (29.9%) admit they have been unsuccessful or struggled with DIY and have covered it up as a result, particularly in London (35.07%).

    East Anglian men seem to before more proficient with a tool box, however, as only 1 in 5 (21.05%) have struggled with DIY. Looking for the wreck in your home? Head to the bathroom, as most DIY mishaps (18%) in the home will take place there.

    The research was conducted to promote the launch of Disney s Wreck-It Ralph on Blu-ray on 3 June. The box office smash hit tells the story of the video game character with a big heart, Wreck-it Ralph. His entire world is based on his existence as a wrecking machine and being a bad guy.

    Fed up with never being the hero, he sets off on a journey through multiple generations of video games to prove he s got what it takes to be a likeable good guy. The poll also delved into British male attitudes concerning DIY wrecks and fixing solutions to establish how many real life Wreck-it Ralphs there are in the UK with findings revealing that British men fall under the following five main categories when it comes to DIY: Confident in his DIY skills, Fix-It Felix can repair most DIY wreck jobs and is often asked for advice. Men in this category start DIY jobs but botch them and hire repairmen to fix the job before anyone finds out, passing it off as their own work The Wreck-It Ralph (10.8%) Wreck-It Ralph has the best of intentions but he wrecks things and continues to do so as he can t fix the job in question but is too proud to ask for help The Daddy s Boys (14.8%) Rather than admit his own failings, the Daddy s Boy often calls upon family members (like his dad) or friends to help fix any resulting DIY disasters The DIY Phobics (17.9%) Has no aptitude for DIY and is happy to hire a qualified professional to undertake all necessary work where required Pride gets in the way when it comes to solving DIY calamities, with 14.8% of UK males confessing to being a Daddy s Boy.

    As with Ralph as he undertakes his journey through multiple gaming worlds, it seems guys need their friends and family to help them solve their problems. With the men of the UK aspiring to become the new Fix-It Felixes of the world, it seems their partners are the ones who are suffering as over a third of women in the UK (34.45%) confess they have been affected by a DIY disaster caused by their partner. Furthermore, these put upon partners are literally being left to pick up the pieces as over one million women ( 1,271,709) admit to fixing the DIY problems their partners caused.

    Part of a sixth category named The Solvers they often find themselves fixing the wrecks caused by others in their home. Welsh women have it harder as nearly 1 in 10 (9.3%) consider themselves to be solvers. It s not all bad news however.

    In attempt to redeem themselves and make up for their wrecking mistakes, similar to Ralph, UK men end up doing the right thing.

    Nearly one million women in the UK ( 960,270 ) have admitted that they request their partner to buy them a gift to make up for their home wrecking efforts.

  • 14-inch Razer Blade gaming laptop review: smaller, faster, lighter Most companies refresh their products on an annual basis, carefully timing development and release schedules to match consumer demand, product obsolescence and component upgrades. It's the norm, an expected pattern that most PC, smartphone and tablet manufacturers follow. Razer, however, completely ignores this cycle, as exemplified by its Blade line 1 of gaming laptops 2 -- already on its third generation 3 in less than two years.

    This would be less impressive if the firm wasn't a relative newcomer to the game; before it announced the Blade, Razer was known primarily for creating keyboards 4 , gaming mice 5 and console controllers 6 . A fully fledged gaming PC was a jarring departure for the humble peripheral maker. Even so, here we are: reviewing the third-generation Razer Blade gaming laptop.

    This, too, is a departure from what we've grown to expect from the company -- a smaller, thinner device bereft of the previous model's signature Switchblade 7 interface. For some PC manufacturers, a 14-inch machine might be just another SKU in the catalog. But for Razer, it's almost a mark of progress: not only is the Blade popular enough to necessitate successive generations, but also multiple form factors.

    It's also the company's lowest-priced laptop yet, not to mention its first to include Intel's new fourth-generation CPU -- but at $1,800 for the base model, it still isn't cheap. Read on to see if the new Blade has enough charm to be worth its lofty price tag.

    14-inch Razer Blade review See all photos 8 25 Photos Look and feel It seems strange to applaud the absence of a feature, yet it's the loss of Razer's Switchblade interface that makes the 14-inch Blade an enticing choice. Yes, the configurable, display-laden touchpad is a unique and charming feature, but cutting it allowed Razer to build the smaller, less complex laptop we have here -- and there's grace in that simplicity.

    Without the flashy interface, the machine instantly becomes more accessible than its predecessors, offering the familiar trappings of mobile computing without the burden of mastering a new input device. Although it's true that the machine loses some charm by abandoning the technology that inspired Razer to build hardware in the first place 9 , the 14-inch model is ultimately stronger without it, retaining all of the gorgeous design aesthetics of its oversized siblings without the extra bulk. It seems strange to applaud the absence of a feature, yet it's the loss of Razer's Switchblade interface that makes the 14-inch Blade an enticing choice.

    Speaking of the Blade's classy exterior, not much has changed here -- the 14-inch version features the same anodized-aluminum hull as previous models, albeit in a smaller, slightly tweaked shape. The changes are fairly minor: the machine's speakers have been relocated to the keyboard's sides, for instance, and the power button is slightly smaller than on previous models. For better or worse, these tweaks increase the machine's uncanny (and unabashed) resemblance to the MacBook Pro.

    This could be a turnoff for stodgy, old PC gamers who are still invested in ancient Mac vs. PC squabbles 10 , but we find the design refreshing -- the Razer Blade is one of the few gaming powerhouses that won't draw unwanted attention in public. Of course, this subtle design comes at a price: connectivity.

    Peering along the Blade's slim 0.66-inch edges, you'll find just three USB 3.0 ports (two on the left, one on the right), a headphone jack, an AC plug and a solitary HDMI port. That's it. No optical drive, no multi-card reader and no Ethernet.

    Notable exceptions, but we can't say we're surprised -- the Blade is actually thinner than the apex of a MacBook Air 11 , and weighs just over four pounds. These are understandable casualties, considering the fact that Razer designed the 14-inch Blade twice 12 to ensure it could call it the "world's thinnest gaming laptop." Still, gamers hoping to bring the Blade to their local LAN party will want to carry the appropriate dongles 13 and accessories. Keyboard and trackpad We've made a lot of fuss over mousing surfaces in the past, harshly judging many Windows machines for having unresponsive trackpads with poor gesture recognition.

    Thankfully, this trend of subpar touchpads seems to be dying off, and the Blade is the latest (and possibly greatest) example of a PC mouse doing it right. This smooth, low-friction surface is easily one of the most responsive and tactilely satisfying trackpads we've seen on a Windows device. It's roomy, too: a large, matte black sensor provides ample room for multi-touch Windows 8 gestures, most of which it recognizes instantly and without error.

    We did hit a few minor hiccups, however -- if our digits wavered too much during two-finger scrolling, the pad would mistake the flinch for zoom pinch, distorting our view. It was also quick to take notice of low-hanging thumbs, unexpectedly moving the cursor while we typed (more on that in a moment). We're hesitant to restate similarities between the Blade and the MacBook Pro, but the machine's blatant homage to Apple left our sense memory wanting for Cupertino's clickable mousepad 14 -- the Blade's underlying physical buttons just didn't feel right by comparison.

    That said, the left and right clickers are tolerable, but not quite as satisfying as the mouser's ultra-sensitive touch surface. We'll admit they grew on us over time, but they initially felt slightly mushy. The keyboard, however, feels just right.

    With the exception of retooling a few key sizes and tweaking the lettering a tad, Razer didn't make any significant changes to the third-generation Blade's sea of alphabet islands -- this is the same chiclet keyboard we saw twice last year. Unsurprisingly, the keyboard is still incredibly solid, offering a firm and tactile response, low-resistance key depressions and as many as 14 simultaneous presses (for the gamer concerned about anti-ghosting). Our only complaint stems not from the keyboard itself, but from the trackpad: the aforementioned touch surface is so sensitive, we occasionally triggered it by accident while typing.

    It would have been nice to see a touchpad-lock Fn key added to the keyboard's bag of tricks. Display and sound Razer's made a habit of pairing its hardware with middling, but not-quite-terrible displays -- an unfortunate pattern. Mirroring its predecessors, the new Blade offers a screen that's just okay, suffering no major ailments of banding, low contrast or particularly bad color reproduction, but still failing to dazzle.

    Looking at the 1,600 x 900 panel straight on provides a clear enough picture, but even slight adjustments to the viewing angle can cause washed-out images or significant darkening. Colors can appear off when viewed from sharper horizontal angles as well. Admittedly, most Razer customers will be using the screen from its optimal viewing angle and won't experience any nagging issues, but its matte finish begs for a panel that can take advantage of wider viewing angles, and that's just not what we're getting here.

    Flanking the keyboard, the Blade's speakers offer a clear distinction between left and right audio channels. This is probably the only thing that truly sets them apart from the previous generation's audio offering, which piped average (if a bit muted) audio through a speaker configuration providing little in terms of stereo separation. As far as we can tell, the smaller Blade doesn't sound too different -- audio is clear and undistorted, but it lacks a richness and warmth, falling flat on busy tracks with deep bass or complex harmonies.

    On the plus side, the speakers do seem to be a bit louder than Razer's last-gen laptop, and they don't distort at higher volumes either. Performance and battery life PCMark7 PCMark Vantage 3DMark06 3DMark11 ATTO (top disk speeds) Battery life Razer Blade 14-inch (2.2GHz Core i7-4702HQ, GeForce GTX 765M) 5,837 19,505 19,815 E6,364 / P4,161 546 MB/s (reads); 253 MB/s (writes) 6:24 MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 15 (2013) (2.4GHz Core i7-4700MQ, GeForce GTX 780M) 6,111 20,250 N/A E10,519 / P7,416 1.19 GB/s (reads); 806 MB/s (writes) 4:34 Razer Blade 2.0 16 (2.20GHz Core i7-3632QM, GeForce GTX 660M) N/A 17,120 15,876 N/A N/A 3:29 Razer Edge Pro 17 (1.9GHz Core i7-3517U, NVIDIA GT640M LE 2GB) 4,949 13,536 10,260 E2,507 / P1,576 409 MB/s (reads); 496 MB/s (writes) 3:40 Samsung Series 7 Gamer 18 (2.30GHz Core i7-3610QM, GeForce GTX 675M) N/A 11,515 21,131 N/A N/A 2:11 Look at the Razer Blade's specification history, and you'll notice a steady trend: each successive iteration has had Intel's latest chipset at its core. The 14-inch Razer Blade is no exception, sporting a 2.2GHz (3.2GHz with Turbo Boost) Intel Core i7-4702HQ Haswell processor, the company's fourth-generation Core CPU.

    It's not just the latest and greatest silicon available; it's also the processor Razer's been waiting for -- with a modest reputation for increasing laptop longevity 19 , Haswell is the gaming notebook's best chance at finally achieving a workable runtime. After seeing what the chipset did for MSI's gargantuan GT70 Dragon Edition 20 (spoilers: it doubled its battery life versus the Ivy Bridge configuration), we couldn't wait to see what it could do for a more modest machine. We weren't disappointed.

    Razer's 14-inch Blade survived Engadget's standard battery test for almost six and a half hours -- not a huge stretch of productivity for an Ultrabook, but an unprecedented runtime for a high-end gaming laptop. Razer's machine now lasts as long as a 2012 13-inch MacBook Air 21 , and outlasts Apple's existing 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro. We took the machine through a few less-controlled scenarios and easily made it through several four-hour-plus stints of active work (involving several web browsers, word processors, chat clients and constantly updating Google documents) without a hitch.

    It's almost a shock -- thanks to Haswell, gaming machines are now getting respectable battery life for normal computing tasks. It's certainly a boon to know that the Blade has the longevity to moonlight as a workhorse, but let's be honest: we're really here to see how it plays games. We ran the rig through our standard gamut of PC games, and found a capable machine that might be straddling the line between high fidelity and high frame rates.

    Take BioShock Infinite , for instance: tuned to ultra-high quality, the Blade has no issue clocking a steady 35 frames per second in the flying city of Columbia, but this frame rate rides only just above the 30 fps minimum most PC gamers demand. More demanding titles, like FarCry 3 and Crysis 3 struggled to average a solid 30 fps on ultra quality -- demanding visual concessions to score more consistent frame rates. We dialed both games down to medium and scored 60 and 44 fps, respectively.

    On the other hand, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim bounced between 45 and 100 fps averages (outdoors and in dungeons, respectively) at ultra-high quality, and a maxed-out Battlefield 3 held a steady 39 fps. Even The Witcher 2 , a game known to be somewhat punishing, ran at a respectable 44 fps on High (with Ubersampling disabled). Make no mistake, the Blade is a fast and powerful machine, but it's already struggling to maintain maximum fidelity on some of today's most demanding titles.

    That's not a bad thing, but it's worth bearing in mind for gamers who insist on dialing their games up to 11. As for the rest of us? We were hard-pressed to find a game that couldn't find a happy high / middle ground at the Blade's native 1,600 x 900 resolution.

    The above games took a much heavier toll on the Blade than our day-to-day work cycle. Running BioShock Infinite on ultra quality killed the laptop's battery in a little more than an hour; Haswell's power management is good, but it isn't that good. It's just as well, gameplay tends to make the laptop a little too warm to hold comfortably on one's lap -- the Blade's slim profile simply doesn't disperse GPU heat efficiently.

    Software There's nothing worse than booting up a brand-new computer only to find it riddled with intrusive and unnecessary bloatware -- thankfully, you won't find any on the 14-inch Razer Blade. It's one of our favorite things about Razer hardware. No trials, no unwanted software bundles and no garbage: just a clean, lightweight Windows 8 installation.

    Razer did install some of its own software of course, including its standard Synapse 22 device-management package and a beta version of Razer Comms 23 , an instant-messaging client. We could hardly ask for anything less. Configuration options and the competition Folks looking at Razer's 14-inch Blade will find its configuration options fairly limited: each of its three variants share the same core specs: a 2.2GHz Intel Core i7-4702HQ CPU, 8GB of RAM and NVIDIA's GTX 765M GPU -- the only difference between SKUs is storage space.

    Our $2,000 review unit came equipped with a 256GB solid-state drive, which can be downgraded to 128GB for a $200 savings or upgraded to 512GB for $300. Although it's not technically the same machine, Razer also offers the Blade Pro, a 17-inch version featuring the Switchblade interface and a slightly faster 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-4700HQ processor -- that starts at $2,200 with similar price adjustments for SSD upgrades. Slim, yet expensive pickings.

    Think of it as the Chromebook Pixel 24 of PC gaming. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives available for Haswell-hungry gamers. Dell's Alienware 14 25 , for instance, can be kitted out with a Core i7-4700MQ CPU, 8GB of RAM, an NVIDIA GTX 765M GPU and a much larger 750GB HDD for $1,350.

    If that doesn't fit the bill, Dell offers half a dozen different configurations for the 14 that can undercut and outperform Razer's kit. It isn't the only 14-inch alternative available either: MSI's own $1,300 machine, the GE40 26 , offers a 2.9GHz Core i7-4702MQ CPU, 8GB of RAM, a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760M GPU and a 750GB HDD. If you're simply after raw power, however, consider the MSI GT70 Dragon Edition 2 -- it has enough oomph to run circles around the competition, but it isn't cheap: this $2,800 model is the only configuration available.

    There is one more comparison we'd like to bring up, but take it with a pinch of salt: Apple's MacBook Pro 27 . Please, hold your fire; we aren't suggesting that the MacBook Pro is a reasonable alternative to Razer's premium gaming laptop -- we're suggesting that Apple users might want to take a look at the Blade. For roughly the same price as a current MacBook Pro, the Blade offers the latest silicon, a better GPU and a familiar unibody design.

    Tit for tat, the Blade only loses on two fronts: it has significantly less storage space and its trackpad isn't quite as good as Apple's clickable mouser. If you simply can't wait for Apple's own Haswell refresh, the Blade is the next best thing. Wrap-up Razer's 14-inch Blade is almost everything we wanted out of the company's first gaming laptop: a smaller, less-expensive machine with longer battery life, more power and a shockingly attractive chassis.

    These elements lift the machine's stature, defining it not only as a solid gaming machine, but also as a great Windows laptop in general. It's an enthusiast laptop, yes, but one we'd feel comfortable recommending to non-gamers, too. That said, the Blade is still a tough sell for gamers on a budget.

    Think of it as the Chromebook Pixel 28 of PC gaming -- it represents an ideal machine, but as a luxury item it's not a reasonable choice for the average consumer. This issue is compounded further by the fact that its internals ride the edge of modern gaming's maximum visual requirements, making it not only more expensive than its direct competition, but less future-proof, too. Even so, the Razer's 14-inch Blade is its best gaming laptop yet, and if you can stomach the above caveats, it's a completely worthwhile machine.

    References ^ Blade line ( ^ gaming laptops ( ^ third generation ( ^ keyboards ( ^ gaming mice ( ^ console controllers ( ^ Switchblade ( ^ See all photos ( ^ in the first place ( ^ Mac vs.

    PC squabbles ( ^ MacBook Air ( ^ designed the 14-inch Blade twice ( ^ appropriate dongles ( ^ clickable mousepad ( ^ MSI GT70 Dragon Edition ( ^ Razer Blade 2.0 ( ^ Razer Edge Pro ( ^ Samsung Series 7 Gamer ( ^ increasing laptop longevity ( ^ GT70 Dragon Edition ( ^ 2012 13-inch MacBook Air ( ^ Synapse ( ^ Razer Comms ( ^ Chromebook Pixel ( ^ Alienware 14 ( ^ GE40 ( ^ MacBook Pro ( ^ Chromebook Pixel (

  • 17-inch Laptop Review Roundup: Gigabyte P2742 ... Two large, affordable gaming notebooks go fang-to-fang Gaming notebooks can be quite pricey, but Gigabyte's P2742 1 and CyberPower's Fangbook X7-200 remind us that we don't need to break the bank to get PC gaming on the go. Not only are both of these 17.3-inch notebooks affordable at around $1,500, they also both feature the same Core i7 Ivy Bridge processor. Which one is worth your hard-earned money?

    Read on to find out. Gigabyte P2742 While it's hard to find a 17.3-inch gaming notebook that s truly portable, the P2742's 16.2x10.9x1.9-inch chassis is relatively svelte compared to others in its size class, including CyberPower's Fangbook. With a carry weight of eight pounds, 6.1 ounces (more than two pounds lighter than our "smaller" 15.6-inch MSI GT60 zero-point), the P2742 just barely passes as a notebook you could travel with.

    The P2742 is available with a spicy orange cover, but we received a boring matte-black one. Although its simple, unadorned appearance might not scream gaming notebook where are the tell-tale flashy LEDs? its top cover features angular beveled edges that add some flare.

    Under the hood, the Gigabyte features a 2.4GHz Core i7-3630QM Ivy Bridge processor with a Turbo ceiling of 3.4GHz, 8GB of DDR3 RAM, and a GeForce GTX 660M 2 with 2GB of GDDR5 memory. It also packs a 128GB SSD and a hefty 1TB HDD. While the P2742 boasts a newer CPU than our zero-point's 2.3GHz Core i7-3610QM processor, it wasn't able to beat it in any of our CPU-intensive tests.

    At its best, the Gigabyte CPU was neck-and-neck with our zero-point in our x264 benchmark. GPU-side, Gigabyte's offering didn't perform any better, trailing the ZP by 13 percent in 3DMark 11 and 23 percent in our STALKER benchmark. In our experiential gameplay test, we were able to squeeze by with max settings on Dota 2 (a Source Engine game) with average frame rates in the mid-30s at 1080p.

    Running the more graphically intensive Far Cry 3, we had to use the default low settings to attain playable frame rates at 1080p, which is a far cry from how great the game can look. The P2742 reminds us that the GeForce GTX 660M is no match for the GeForce GTX 670M, even if it has upgraded from Fermi to the more efficient Kepler architecture. Above the fold is a matte 1920x1080 resolution display, which doesn't offer the widest viewing angles we've seen from a TN panel, but is perfectly serviceable.

    The P2742's trackpad has a coarse, almost sandpaper-like texture, which helps set it apart from the smooth surface of the palm rest. The trackpad supports Windows 8 gestures like swiping from the side and corners to bring up menus, but we found this irritating, as it often interfered with basic gestures. Luckily, disabling this feature fixed these issues, but there were still rare instances where the touchpad was unresponsive to our swipes.

    We had no complaints about the P2742's keyboard, which worked well whether gaming or typing. One big issue we encountered was an error code that prevented us from installing Steam, requiring us to reformat the notebook to get it working. Gigabyte says ours was an isolated incident and that they have tested other units without such issues.

    That problem aside, Gigabyte's P2742 can play the majority of games today, but it isn't as future-proof as we would like and is unable to play more graphically intensive games beyond medium-to-low settings. For $150 more, we recommend getting the much more powerful Fangbook. Still, considering its affordable price tag, spacious storage, and relative portability, there's still use for the P2742 yet.

    Affordable; relatively portable; spacious storage. $1,400, 3 Benchmarks Zero Point Stitch.Efx 2.0 (sec) 1,092 1,100 (-0.7%) ProShow Producer 5 (sec) 1,786 1,853 (-3.6%) x264 HD 5.0 (fps) 12 12 STALKER: CoP (fps) 32.8 25.3 (-22.9%) 3DMark 11 Perf 2,979 2,569 (-13.8%) Battery Life (min) 187 190 Our zero-point notebook is an MSI GT60 with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM, 12GB DDR3/1600, two 500GB Seagate 7,200rpm hard drives, a GeForce GTX 670M, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. STALKER: CoP tested at 1920x1080 with Ultra settings, Tessellation, and contact hardening. Specifications CPU 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-3630QM RAM 8GB DDR3/1600 Chipset Intel HM77 GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 Display 17.3-inch, 1920x1080 LED display (matte) Storage 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD Optical Drive Blu-ray combo drive Connectivity Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, eSATA, all-in-one card reader, 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, audio in, audio out, headphone, mic, 2MP webcam, Bluetooth, 802.11n Lap / Carry 7 lbs, 0.6 oz / 8 lbs, 6.1 oz CyberPower Fangbook X7-200 While Gigabyte's P2742 is somewhat portable, the same can't be said of CyberPower s Fangbook.

    It uses MSI s popular bulky chassis design the same design used by our MSI GT60 4 zero-point, except in a larger 16.8x11.3x2.1-inch form factor with a 17.3-inch TN display, la the iBuyPower CZ-17 5 . When we asked CyberPower why this particular chassis was becoming so popular, the company pointed to its spacious design, which offers good airflow, and the fact that consumers like its aesthetic. The Fangbook features TRON-esque LEDs around the speakers, keyboard, and trackpad.

    Even though CyberPower uses a chassis we've seen time and time again, the Fangbook does make a few tweaks. First and foremost, the cover implements a futuristic armor design, which is reminiscent of the Crysis Nanosuit. In addition, the laptop features blue LEDs peppered about the case and a red-LED-backlit keyboard.

    This gives the notebook a very TRON-esque vibe that asserts its gaming status loud and clear. While the Fangbook doesn't have the most impressive specs ever, you're getting a lot for $1,550, including a 2.4GHz Core i7-3630QM CPU, 16GB of DDR3 RAM, and a GeForce GTX 675MX 6 videocard. This is the first time we've reviewed a gaming laptop with a 675MX, which has 4GB of GDDR5 RAM and performance between a 680M and 670MX (MX cards are slightly faster than their M counterparts).

    While you don't get as much storage space as Gigabyte's P2742, you're still getting a 60GB Intel 520 Series SSD and a 750GB mechanical hard drive. Thanks to these specs, the Fangbook was able to outrun our zero-point in every test. The gains weren't crazy in our CPU-intensive benchmarks (Stitch.efx, ProShow, x264) all within 5 percent of each other which makes sense given that the Fangbook's CPU is only 100MHz faster than the zero-point's.

    The performance differences were more apparent when we ran our GPU-intensive tests. The Fangbook was able to best the GT60 by 13 percent in STALKER and double-digit percentages in 3DMark 11. Clearly, the Fangbook was able to put the 670MX's extra CUDA cores, faster clocks, and additional RAM to good use.

    In our experiential gameplay tests, the Fangbook was able to run Dota 2 maxed out at 1080p with silky-smooth frame rates in the mid-50s. In Far Cry 3, the Fangbook was able to run at the default medium settings with frame rates in the mid-40s. We also ran the game on high, where the laptop yielded an average 30fps, though the inconsistent dips make this ill-advised.

    The Fangbook's keyboard features anti-ghosting keys, which means the computer will recognize numerous button presses simultaneously. While the keyboard works well for gaming, it's not great for word processing; keypresses seemed to require more pressure than they should. We felt the same about the two buttons below the trackpad.

    One feature we did like is the sub-woofer at the bottom for a 2.1 audio setup, which adds a little extra oomph to the auditory experience something generally lacking in notebooks. If you can get past the fact that the Fangbook is a heavy desktop replacement, you ll find a powerful gaming rig for an absolute steal of a price. We liked our MSI GT60 zero-point when we first reviewed it in December 2012, but the Fangbook is considerably more powerful, comes with an SSD, and offers a much larger screen for only 50 bucks more.

    We say it s well worth the price of admission. Powerful gaming rig; great price; good battery life. Really bulky and heavy; keyboard and trackpad require too much force. $1,550, 7 Benchmarks Zero Point Stitch.Efx 2.0 (sec) 1,092 1,057 ProShow Producer 5 (sec) 1,786 1,705 x264 HD 5.0 (fps) 12 12.4 STALKER: CoP (fps) 32.8 37.1 3DMark 11 Perf 2,979 3,719 Battery Life (min) 187 192 Our zero-point notebook is an MSI GT60 with a 2.3GHz Intel Core i7-3610QM, 12GB DDR3/1600, two 500GB Seagate 7,200rpm hard drives, a GeForce GTX 670M, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

    STALKER: CoP tested at 1920x1080 with Ultra settings, Tessellation, and contact hardening.

    Specifications CPU 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-3630QM RAM 16GB DDR3/1600 Chipset Intel HM77 GPU Nvidia GeForce GTX 675MX 4GB GDDR5 Display 17.3-inch, 1920x1080 LED display (matte) Storage 64GB SSD, 750GB HDD Optical Drive 8x DVD burner Connectivity Ethernet, VGA, HDMI, eSATA, all-in-one card reader, 3x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, audio in, audio out, headphone, mic, 1.3MP webcam, Bluetooth, 802.11n Lap / Carry 8 lbs, 9.3 oz / 10 lbs, 12.4 oz References ^ p2742G ( ^ 660m ( ^ ( ) ^ msi gt60 ( ^ ibuypower cz-17 ( ^ 675MX ( ^ ( )

  • 18 And East Womens Hannah Blouse - Reviews
  • 1952 VINTAGE YEAR - 60th Birthday Gift / Present Lady Fit T-Shirt
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  • 1982 VINTAGE YEAR - 30th Birthday Gift / Present Lady Fit T-Shirt
  • 1982 VINTAGE YEAR - 30th Birthday Gift / Present T-Shirt
  • 1best of: Sony Ericsson Mobile PhonesSony Ericsson mobile phones with innovative innovative technology offer a wide range of features of their phones. There are phones that suit all shapes of life that suits all pockets and show your personal style and class with a difference. The company has innovative designs of their phones, offering a wide range of innovative features, the phones are basically designed keeping in the mind of consumers.

    Everything is geared to make things easy and convenient for you in terms of design, usability and functionality.Compared to other mobile company Sony Ericsson phone manufacturers also ensures that they are well ahead of the competition by offering the best performance with all the high-end cameras, multimedia and surf the net profit. Sony as a brand has become synonymous with the best quality electronics and the best equipment available on the market. However, he made a mark for itself in the mobile sector as well.

    Sony has made a revolution in the region with Sony Bravia TV, in the field of digital photography with digital SLRs and Cyber-shot in the laptop industry with its Sony Viao. As we are the best suppliers of mobile multimedia Walkman. For music lovers Sony is the best destination.

    However, on the one hand, he W995, a really music oriented, the other side phone, C905 belonging to the group of high-end mobile camera that makes people passionate about photography sing the praises of this brand?Cell Phones Sony experience forwarded ensure delivery of web browsing with GPRS and EDGE technologies has provided comments on the invincible products. The Sony Ericsson mobile phone deals make the already good experience buying the Sony memorable as these agreements certainly gives an added advantage to the users in terms of gifts, discounts, cash back, free minutes or accompanying certain amount of facilities free SMS. These phones offers are compatible with all major network service providers like O2, Orange, Vodafone, Virgin, 3 and T-Mobile network.

    Buying a phone with mobile phone deals, but do not compromise in terms of features and functionality that the phone company offers. Not that the offers available from the company trying to push some models that do not do well on the market (albeit with "Sony" there is no such possibility!). In other words, there is no compromise with features no hidden or while taking advantage of offers clauses.

    It is only that the company is trying to improve sales and also trying to show some aspects of its valued customers by giving them money or other benefits.

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  • 2 Pcs Black Plastic Handle Pen Shaped Anti Static ... 2 Pcs Black Plastic Handle Pen Shaped Anti Static Conductive ESD Brush Features: 0 1.

    8 x 4cm (L * D) brush size, just to round out the framework for easy handling and comfortable. Antistatic polypropylene handles to remove the load on the ground can. Removes dirt on the plate or other sensitive components and discharge of static electricity.

    Allow a complete and safe cleaning of ESD sensitive components without generating any harmful static charges.

    In some remote areas of contact with the wire brush, static charge can be removed from the corona discharge and dissipation.

    Product Rating: 4.99 | 72

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  • 2 Rosewill Backpack for 17.3-Inch Notebook Computer ... Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 7:13 am Rosewill Backpack for 17.3-Inch Notebook Computer (RMBP-12001) Great for commuters and frequent travelers, the Rosewill RMBP-12001 backpack can fit most 17.3 wide screen notebooks and other essentials. The main compartment offers cozy protection for your laptop, while front pocket, side pocket, and multiple organizers keep your accessories organized. Rubber-wrapped carry handle and padded shoulder strap allow you to transport your backpack any way you like.

    Case base stabilizer platform prevents tip over on just about any surface. The main compartment holds notebooks with up to 17.3 widescreen. Front pocket, side pocket, and multiple organizers store your daily essentials.

    Quick-access phone pocket on the shoulder strap keeps your mobile phone within reach. iPod/MP3 player-pocket with media outlet allows you to enjoy all your favorite tracks while keeping your device snug and secure. Rubber-padded handle and shock absorbing shoulder straps allow easy transport.

    Air-flow back padding keeps the back breathable for comfortable wear. Fits most 17.3 Wide screen Notebooks Capacity: 16.9 x 11.8 x 1.57 Quick-Access Phone Pocket (on Shoulder Strap) Case Base Stabilizer Platform iPod/MP3 Player Pocket Shock Absorbing Shoulder Straps Rosewill Backpack for 17.3-Inch Notebook Computer (RMBP-12001) Proudly brought to you by: Rosewill at Backpacks category. CLICK HERE to buy Rosewill Backpack for 17.3-Inch Notebook Computer (RMBP-12001) 1 Tagged with: 17.3-Inch Backpack Computer fits Notebook RMBP-12001 Rosewill Rosewill Backpack 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Filed under: Backpacks 10 Like this post?

    Subscribe to my RSS feed 11 and get loads more!

    References ^ CLICK HERE to buy Rosewill Backpack for 17.3-Inch Notebook Computer (RMBP-12001) ( ^ 17.3-Inch ( ^ Backpack ( ^ Computer ( ^ fits ( ^ Notebook ( ^ RMBP-12001 ( ^ Rosewill ( ^ Rosewill Backpack ( ^ View all posts in Backpacks ( ^ Subscribe to my RSS feed (

  • 20% Off At Toys r Us This weekend Merchandise Guide - The ... 20% Off At Toys r Us This weekend Toys r us are offering 20% off any order on-line or in-store this weekend giving you an ideal opportunity to get the new Doctor/Dalek sets which have now arrived. Order on-line or download the voucher Here 1 Other sets include the following 1st Doctor with Supreme Dalek from The Daleks Master Plan 2nd Doctor with Guard Dalek from Evil of The Daleks 3rd Doctor with Dalek from Planet of The Daleks 4th Doctor with Dalek from Destiny of The Daleks 5th Doctor with Dalek from Resurrection 6th Doctor with Dalek from Revelation 7th Doctor with Renegade Dalek from Remembrance of The Daleks 8th Doctor with Dalek Alpha from Children of the Revolution 9th Doctor with Imperial Guard Dalek from Parting of the Ways 10th Doctor with Crucible Dalek 11th Doctor with Blue Strategist Dalek from Asylum of the Daleks Based on What You Know So Far Which Sets Will You Buy?

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  • 2012 A Year In Review My Danish Kitchen December 29, 2012 by mydanishkitchen With the end of the year quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to do a review of the most popular posts for 2012 (starting with the most popular). The outcome does not surprise me at all since the majority of my readers are Danes living outside Denmark or Americans with Danish heritage. The top posts are the classic Danish dishes, the ones that we miss, the ones that are etched into our memories and the ones that we grew up with.

    I wish to extend a sincere Thank You to all of my readers as you help me keep in touch with Danes, Denmark and all the wonderful Danish foods.

    Godt Nyt r til jer alle, Happy New Year to all of you and here s to you Sk l and Cheers!

    Ris a la mande Remoulade Koldsk l Risengr d Wienerbr d Leverpostej Pebern dder Easy Cheese Danish Florentine Rundstykker Posted in Danish, New Years Eve, Other | Tagged a year in review, Danish, dansk, denmark, food, food blog, new years, popular, top 10 | Leave a Comment
  • 2012 in Review & A Celebratory Indian Cauliflower Fritter | life ... Glazed Nut Diamonds As a new year starts, it s been fun to look back at activity around Life Through the Kitchen Window in 2012. This was my first full year of blogging, and it s been full of adventure and enjoyment for me. An unanticipated benefit of blogging is the sense of supportive community with other bloggers.

    It s been so gratifying to make connections with so many talented and interesting people who are eager to share their recipes and teach others. And learn, I have! I originally set out wanting to write about our family recipes for my children, but I have learned so much about cooking through this experience that a large proportion of my posts are about recipes and foods new to me.

    I m grateful for all the visitors to my blog and the interest and support they ve shown. I think my biggest accomplishment, blogging-wise, was the improvement in my photography. (The photos above are a baker s dozen of my favourites of the year can you tell I had trouble choosing?.) I don t have any fancy equipment; most of my photos are taken with a five-year-old Canon PowerShot SD750 and a few with my iPhone which takes surprisingly good photos. Most of what I ve learned about food photography has been from other bloggers who ve written about their approach, a bit of internet research and good old experience.

    This fall I treated myself to a light box to make up for losing the evening light for outdoor photography, and it s made a tremendous difference. I m also making fuller use of the editing tools that come with iPhoto. I think these two photos really showcase the improvement in my skills (I m feeling a bit embarrased about that first picture now).

    For those of you starting out and feeling the need to improve your food photography, take encouragement! I am appreciative of all the supportive comments and feedback I ve received from fellow bloggers, followers and folks who ve just dropped by. My number one commenter for 2012 was none other than my Culinary Enthusiast, who is unflagging in his support and encouragement.

    Thank you, my dear! In the category of commenters who aren t in love with me, Chicago John of From the Bartolini Kitchens left the most feedback. John is unstintingly generous in his comments, and always puts a lot of thought into what he writes.

    He also is my go-to resource for Italian cooking! My next most prolific commenter is Barb from the lovely, elegant and inspiring blog Just a Smidgen. Barb is wonderfully supportive, and a comment from her is like a note from my best friend.

    Please take a moment and visit both John s and Barb s blogs; once you re there, I m sure you ll want to visit again and again. Life Through the Kitchen Window had about 11,000 views in 2012, from 100 different countries. The United States was at the top of the list, followed by Canada and Great Britain.

    And, I m happy to see that Belgium was number six on the list! I hope this means relatives and friends there are dropping by and seeing what s cooking in Canada! It s always interesting and sometimes perplexing to look at the search terms people used to find my blog.

    The top search terms were related to chana masala spice mix , black bean salad and easy elegant desserts . On a more curious note, some folks made their way here using the search terms crushed spirit (oh dear), schmancy pepper mill and virtuous flowers. And finally, the countdown to the top five most-viewed posts on Life Through the Kitchen Window in 2012 5 Butternut Squash & Chickpea Cakes 4 Little Boy Blue Cupcakes Fluffy Vanilla Cupcakes with Blueberry Italian Meringue Frosting and Blueberry Meringue Kisses 3 Lemon Posset ~ An Easy & Elegant Dessert 2 Italian Comfort: Pasta with Potatoes, Cabbage & Cheese and drum roll in first place, Another Indian Spice Blend Chana Masala.

    Thanks again to everyone who supported me and Life Through the Kitchen Window in so many ways in 2012. I look forward to the adventures to come in 2013! And now, to pay tribute to the fact that it was an Indian recipe that was my most-viewed post in 2012, not to mention all the search terms related to Indian food that brought people to the blog, I d like to introduce you to what I think of as an Indian-inspired cauliflower fritter.

    I made these a few months ago, and we quite enjoyed them for dinner. They re relatively simple to make, crispy and very tasty. It would be an easy thing to gobble up a whole batch of these!

    Indian-Inspired Cauliflower Fritters Serves four. This recipe is very lightly adapted from the lovely blog Cook Eat Live Vegetarian, and Natalie adapted it from Ottolenghi The Cookbook. Trust me, you don t need to be vegetarian to enjoy Natalie s beautiful blog and the food she presents; visit it today and you ll see why!

    Note, I halved the recipe for the two of us to enjoy as a side dish, and as mentioned above, we had leftovers. Next time, I ll let these crisp and flavourful fritters be the star of the meal. Natalie s recipe also includes a Lemon Cilantro Yogourt Sauce; I didn t make it but it sounds delicious.

    One more note before I get to the recipe; I just realized I used the cauliflower raw when I made the fritters (yes, I was in a rush!). It was still tasty and I liked the texture, but I think I would blanch it next time to make it easier to work with (my fritters were pretty lumpy). The recipe calls for 15 minutes to cook the florets, but I ve changed it to 5 10 minutes and would give the cooked florets a quick chop before adding to the batter.

    1 small cauliflower (about 400 gr) in small florets 120 gr flour (I used chickpea flour) 3 tbsp chopped cilantro 1 clove garlic, chopped 2 spring onions, chopped 4 eggs 1-1/2 tsp ground cumin 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp ground coriander 1/2 tsp turmeric 1-1/2 tsp salt freshly ground black pepper to taste 500 ml sunflower or other oil for frying Bring a large pan of salted water to a boil and cook the cauliflower florets for 5 to 10 minutes, until soft with a bit of bite. (Note, the original recipe calls for the cauliflower to be cooked until very soft.) Drain well in a colander. If you ve left your cauliflower al dente, I recommend coarsely chopping it. Meanwhile, put the flour, cilantro, garlic, onions, eggs and spices in a bowl and whisk together.

    When smooth, add the hot cauliflower and whisk together. If you cooked the florets until very soft they should break down into the batter. Taste and adjust seasonings if required.

    Heat the oil in a large frying pan or wok. When it s hot, carefully add large spoonfuls (about 3 tbsp each) of the batter to the oil, working in small batches. Separate with a metal spatula.

    Lower the heat a bit and fry for about two minutes per side, or until nicely browned, carefully turning the fritters over.

    Set on a paper towel-lined plate to absorb excess oil and keep warm in the oven while making the rest of the batch. .

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  • 2012 year in review: Weddings, babies and baby bumps - CelebrityFIXThere were plenty of reasons for celebs to celebrate in 2012. Who got hitched? Who got knocked up?

    Well, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel finally made it official. Jessica Simpson, Guy Sebastian and Megan Fox were among the many stars to welcome new bundles of cuteness. And of course there was the biggest baby news of the year: Wills and Kate are expecting their very first mini-heir to the throne!

    Check out our round-up of 2012's biggest celebrity weddings and cutest celebrity bubs.
  • 2012: Year in Review | Rock 'Em Apparel We ve gone through a ton of (positive) changes within the past 12 months, ones that have redefined our company s goals, ambitions, and outlook. Our customer base expanded almost in tenfold, introducing new fans to an already extensive community of basketball enthusiasts. We experienced some of the best the roundball world has to offer (NBA All-Star Game, NCAA Final Four, NBA Playoffs, Nike World Basketball Festival, NBA Draft), and did our part in giving back through local sponsorships and Kay Yow fundraising.

    We released over 100 exciting items, and relaunched our brand into a full line of apparel after almost 2 years of development. 2013 will be another defining year for us. Through new friends met these past few months (secret meetings with Nike in Las Vegas, anyone?), collaborations and new ventures will keep things very interesting.

    The Rock Em fam would like to extend a huge thanks to all of our fans, we do this for ya ll. 2013 (and beyond) will be fun, we re glad to have you along for the ride. Do You Rock Em? .

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  • 2013 s Most Popular Fashion Trends Spring is here, and if like me you want to keep up with the latest fashions, then there really is a lot to choose from this year; the great thing is there really is something for everyone s budget. If like me you are fashion conscious, but don t always like the hefty price tag, then shop around, do some research on the internet, or look in magazines. These are always great for ideas on how to make the most of your cash.

    Bermuda Shorts These are a must have for every girls wardrobe this year. These cool shorts, are very stylish and chic, and are perfect for those of us who felt that we were never comfortable in those cut off trousers. There are different styles and colours to choose from and they can be teamed with jackets and tee shirts for a great look.

    Black and White Monochrome is back, and for those who love this look, you will be delighted to find these clothes in all the high street shops. Marc Jacobs 1 , Alexander Wang, and Jason Wu, are just some of the designers clothes you will see on sale. This look really is easy to pull off, and will look good on you all year round.

    Peek-A-Boo-Pieces If you are looking for something a little sexier to wear, then the new Peek A Boo collection is a must. There are many flattering styles to choose from, including midriff-baring cut-outs, in beautiful sheer fabrics, and a design to suit every shape and size. You will have no difficulty in finding an outfit for that night out Sun Glasses Sunglasses look good with any outfit.

    They come in different shapes and sizes, and every colour you can think off. You can choose to be subtle or bold, with fabulous statement glasses; adding glamour to any outfit. These glasses don t need to be costly, as the high street shops, have something for everyone s pocket.

    If you are on a budget, then Primark is the shop worth spending time in, as they have a great selection from as little as a 1 Bold Stripes The nautical look is in just about every shop you go into these days. Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors, have designed a great spring collection for 2013 2 . These clothes look fresh and bright, and will suit just about everyone.

    Nautical is great for mixing and matching, a navy and white striped t-shirt will look good with a plain pair of navy shorts, or trousers. There is so much you can do with this eye catching look and mixing and matching is the key to making this work for you. Luxe Leather Luxe leather should be in every fashion conscious woman s wardrobe this year.

    This is a great investment, and can be mixed and matched with almost everything. Also you just don t have to stick to the normal black as there are many bright colours to choose from, in skirts, dresses and jackets. If you do not want to wear this then there are a great selection of luxe leather bags 3 to choose from.

    With thanks to Shelly for this post.

    Shelly is a regular Fashion Blogger for Eles Wholesale Clothing 4 company.

    References ^ Marc Jacobs ( ^ spring collection for 2013 ( ^ leather bags ( ^ Eles Wholesale Clothing (

  • 2013 Mens Supra Shoes UK Skylow Supra/P05 sale ... Celebrities that praise developing creative designers Nike atmosphere maximum ninety sb rearfoot flip flops greater it offers the actual teijin synthetic best, that is designed to handle for your type out of your ft, as well as control keys that allow instant speed nike dunk sb pumps reduced.The particular nike mercurial fumes sixth is v soccer cleat is available in most mild andpany ground single meals.Following the particular accomplishment from the nike pas cher mercurial watery vapor /, the actual nike pas cher mercurial fumes superfly originated through nike pas cher hdm-Zll130809 nike pumps reduced brand new appearance.This particular inexpensive nike soccer cleat weighs in at only a 185 whilst gary the actual device man, as well as may also be the final outcome outcomes of 2 a while related to development as well as style through nike pas cher, andments as well as screening in the web host related to professional cheap Unisex Supra Shoes 2013 UK Supra/S07 wholesale 1 game enthusiasts for example cristiano cr7.This specific cleat provides flywire systems that s a actual light-Weight assistance plan together with tensile fibers that appear with each other produce the building blocks for top level supplies making nike pumps higher brand new appearance.Another time period mercurial superfly the particular nike mercurial fumes superfly ii nike pas cher football cleat opened lately.That is a genuine harder, faster in addition to smarter cleat nike dunk sb pumps higher.It offers an 2013 Mens Supra Shoes UK Skylow Supra/P05 sale 2 entire brand new flexible traction force dish that characteristics 2 pressure triggered studs regarding exceptional hold in addition to immediate pace.Nike, dunk, sb, pumps, reduced, References ^ cheap Unisex Supra Shoes 2013 UK Supra/S07 wholesale ( ^ 2013 Mens Supra Shoes UK Skylow Supra/P05 sale (
  • 2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged first drive review What is it? The all-new Range Rover 1 Sport is at once Land Rover's riskiest model to replace, and one of its simplest. It was a risky choice because even towards the end of its eight-year life it has sold remarkably strongly; it's the easiest because of the arrival last year of the new, all-aluminium Range Rover flagship.

    2 The new flagship made it obvious that huge gains in styling sophistication and weight reductions (up to 420 kilograms) would be possible in a slightly smaller, lower and sportier SUV that used the same up-to-date underpinnings instead of a tough but less sophisticated twin-rail chassis from the Discovery. The Range Rover Sport, on sale now at prices beginning just below 60,000, comes with a choice of a 288bhp SDV6 turbodiesel, a 503bhp 5.0-litre supercharged petrol V8 engine or a slightly lower-powered TDV6 model. An all-new diesel hybrid (producing just 169g/km of CO2) is also due.

    It utilises an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission, controllable by paddles if the driver so wishes. At launch, the 81,000 eye-catcher is the petrol V8 which gives the Sport the remarkably impressive 0-62 sprint time of 5.3 seconds (with a governed 155mph top speed), which pitches it directly into battle with Porsche's Cayenne 3 - another long-term sales success. What is it like?

    The recipe for a sporty SUV - build a big, high, boxy and draggy SUV, then give it so much horsepower and engineering sophistication that it drives brilliantly anyway - has never pleased the purists but it creates a new level of desirability here. The styling combines some of the wedge-shaped dynamic qualities of the Evoque 4 with the majestic qualities of the "real" Range Rover. The interior is sophisticated and draws much from its senior partner, but places its driver and front passenger in a slightly lower yet elevated position, in tub-like positions with their legs in a more car-like pose - and with an improved version of the previous Sport's high central console to separate them.

    Space efficiency is also much better: this model has proper rear room, and can also house an optional "plus two" row in the rear, an unexpected bonus. On the road, its abilities are as you'd predict. It is firmer and faster than the flagship, but the degree of its advantages take you by surprise.

    The quicker steering and impressive damper control give it an agility that is truly surprising. At a point in hard corners where the previous Sport simply had to resign from delivering any more cornering force, this one continues to obey the wheel with ease and aplomb. Body roll is there, but always well-controlled by the multi-adjustable air suspension (the new 'auto' setting on the console-mounted Terrain Response knob will suit most people).

    Ride quality is a little surprising. The car is always quiet over bumps, but its firmer rates are always obvious, even on the motorway. In all of the major responses, engineers have tried to build a genuine difference between the two biggest Range Rovers 5 - and the matter is reinforced by the remarkably sporty design of the seats, which have very supportive side bolsters, almost of the kind you'd find in a sports car.

    The strong, smooth thrust of the supercharged V8 engine is familiar from previous applications, even though it comes with a brand new exhaust note, a muted, rasping roar that seems to come entirely from the tailpipes because mechanical noise is to well controlled. The gearbox is simply unobtrusive - always ready to drop a gear or two for quick passing acceleration, but also keen to let the car cruise on long journeys between 2000 and 2500rpm. Should I buy one?

    If you're a keen driver who likes or needs the practicalities or elevated driving of an SUV, it's hard to see an argument against it. Fuel consumption might be one - our tests show you'll never do much better than 22mpg - but even this is tolerable, given the accessible and impressive performance. What is most surprising is the genuine difference in driving characteristics built into the new Range Rover Sport.

    It is truly built for a different kind of driver.

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  • 2013 ultrabooks to include voice control, touchscreens, longer ... Now that Intel s Haswell processors 1 are about to hit the streets, we re going to start seeing laptops, tablets, and other devices featuring those chips. Many of those devices will be the thin and portable notebooks and hybrid tablets that Intel likes to call ultrabooks. This year s models should offer longer battery life, quicker wake from sleep, and new forms of input.

    That s because Intel says so and since Intel create the term ultrabook, the company gets to decide what qualifies. Here are some of the new features that a computer will need to have to qualify as an ultrabook in 2013. Touchscreens and Voice Control Next-generation ultrabooks will need to have touchscreens and voice controls built-in.

    That s true whether you re talking about a traditional notebook-style computer or a model with a detachable display which you can use as a tablet. Size Since Intel is pushing the detachable form factor though, the company is allowing this year s ultrabooks to be a hair thicker than earlier models. Up until recently anything over 21mm (0.82 inches) didn t quality as an ultrabook.

    Now Intel is letting PC makers build models that are up to 23mm (0.9 inches) thick assuming they re convertible devices that can be used as a tablet by rotating or removing the display. Interestingly Intel still doesn t place any limits on weight. So while ultrabooks are thinner than most traditional laptops, I ve seen models that weigh anywhere from 2.4 to nearly 6 pounds.

    Battery Life Next-generation ultrabooks will be based on Intel s Haswell processor, which uses less power than earlier Core chips. So it should be pretty simple for device makers to offer models with better battery life. But Intel wants to make sure ultrabooks offer long battery life, so the company s providing stricter guidelines: 9 hours or more of battery life while idle in Windows 8 6 hours of battery life or better when playing HD video 7 days or more of standby Up until now, Intel simply told PC makers to build systems that offered 5 hours of battery life or more in the MobileMark 2007 2 benchmark.

    Performanc e Haswell chips offer better overall performance and significantly better graphics performance than Ivy Bridge chips so Intel isn t so much dictating a requirement as outlining a fact when the company says new ultrabooks with 4th-gen Core chips will offer up to 40 percent better graphics performance and up to 11 percent more overall performance while using 25 percent less power. But the company does insist that ultrabooks should now be able to resume from sleep in less than 3 seconds instead of the 7 seconds allowed for earlier models. Other features Intel is also recommending additional features such as facial recognition which lets you login to a PC by gazing into a camera, convertible tablet/notebook designs, and more.

    Ultimately, an ultrabook is Intel s vision of what a premium laptop experience should look like in 2013. That s a thin computer with long battery life, speedy performance, solid state storage, and the ability to interact with a PC using more than just touchpad and keyboard input. We ll likely continue to see plenty of computers that are almost ultrabooks, but which lack a few of the defining features, such as a touchscreen, voice control, an SSD, or even an Intel processor.

    It turns out you can make portable notebooks with AMD chips 3 (or even ARM-based processors 4 ) too.

    But with its new ultrabook guidelines and Haswell chips, Intel has sort of set a roadmap for where it thinks the PC market is going and many PC makers will likely be following that map for the coming year.

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  • 24 Hour Clinic: The Art Of The Poetry Anthology Poetry: In the last year it s been either dead or new. It s been either the sad end of the long running literary genre or the new rock n roll. Or the new comedy.

    Or destroyed by spoken word. Or the new way to teach. Or stuck in a bygone era of dead white men writing about months, clouds, clocks and tigers.

    Or the new voice of youth. Or plagued by plagiarism. The way some of the British media talks about poetry is very strange.

    I understand that editors like angles , but it sometimes feels like an article can t be written about poetry that is just simply about poetry. Sure you get the odd review of the latest Faber, maybe a nod to a Bloodaxe collection - but it feels like poetry is not discussed without some squealing polemic declaring its rude health or newly rotting carcass. I don t profess an intimate knowledge of the poetry world, even though I have published poetry myself (through my imprint Influx Press), read a few contemporary poetry blogs and attend readings or spoken word events regularly.

    However, even without that involvement it s pretty easy to see that parts of the mainstream media have no idea how to talk about poetry or how to write about its changing nature without resorting to exclamatory headlines. With this in mind, when I picked up a copy of Clinic III - an anthology of new poetry put together by south London platform Clinic - I felt inspired to write about it: I wanted to meet the editors and hear what they had to say about poetry and about their output. A straight article, old fashioned perhaps, but there you go.

    Clinic have been doing their thing for a while now. Over the last three years they ve been hosting nights around the capital, releasing pamphlets, anthologies and blogging fiercely. Clinic is run by poets Rachael Allen, Sam Buchan-Watts, Andrew Parkes and designer Sean Roy Parker.

    Their third anthology features some genuinely brilliant poetry. The collection isn t thematic, so it s hard to say what it s about per se: It feels more like a collection that is presenting a future of poetry. Not the sole future of course, but there is a sense that many of the writers feature in the collection could go on to be very successful, artistically.

    Some of them already are, Sam Rivere and Emily Berry for example - but they also featured in earlier Clinic releases before joining the Faber roster. There s never a theme with Clinic, says Sam Buchan-Watts, we go to loads of readings and hear lots of different poets at different stages and ask some of those people to submit something for the next anthology. But it s also a submissions process, anything we get is always looked at and considered.' The book is organised on the basis of the poets, rather than the poems.

    Many of them have more than one poem in the anthology and this gives Clinic III the feel of having a number of mini collections within the book. Personally, I struggle with poetry collections that don t pull together to present a discussion or idea. However, the poems in Clinic III are very well selected, so it almost passes me by.

    There is a political thread through the book, though. Not explicit, but it connects such poems as Nia Davies s, in the year ninety : 'we knew about saddam and maggy and out out out and oi, we say no to texaco, the petrol blooms desert spooled through with black smoke like our own sandstone flushed black & the stained soil in the field we called the park we were for texaco but we weren t for the war' and Charlotte Geater s avoid using the word pussy : 'the trampled tents laughing i hate i despise / the empty church & do not respect your festivals / what if we had two hundred thousand years more of this & if you are not angry from before these times / what riots will you have had enough /stop will you stop? pussy like most slang terms (see also: cunt) an endearing name for a girl / do not endear when riots are / which anger is this' However, Rachael Allen disagrees.

    If the poem is political and it s political unto itself, then that s fine. But we re not deliberately collecting political poems. There are more political poems in III - but that might be just a reflection of the current climate.

    Rachel also fairly points out that, themes can be quite dogmatic, we think very hard about the way collection is presented. In the Clinic Anthologies Sean Parker (not that Sean Parker the anthology s designer) is given all the selected poems as a bundle and it is up to him which order he places the poets (apart from the first and last). This is means the visual look of the poems are given due thought from a design perspective.

    I like this, it seems a fresh way of looking at poetry on the page. It lends a visual lucidity to the book, which matters. Sometimes poetry can be alienating when it is formed like this with spaces that may seem to have meaning.

    However, with a designer s eye all over the book, it feels more accessible. And Clinic III , like II and I before it is very accessible. Accessible in the sense that the poems have depth and emotion, but don t obfuscate or confuse just for the sake of it.

    There is no pretention, no loftiness. Rachael explains that this was part of their aim: It s really important to us to present as many types of poetry as we can. But the newest of those many forms.

    If we find we re too heavy one way, we actively look to balance it out with something else. There are lots of late nights with us rowing about what poem should go in or not. But it s so important to be accessible.

    From the beginning, we wanted to make sure that people who don t read poetry, necessarily, can read this. So it s the strongest of the batch of poets poems. A good example of this accessibility is Emily Toder s short number, A lot of Free Trials : A lot of free trials in conjunction should be either prohibitively expensive or one single free and lasting thing This struck me as I continued signing up my name on them I had just heard word It feels good to try something new They had just come in with the news I had just been my own posture I mean my posture overcame me I just let my posture overtake me My torso bolted Now if I don t cancel this thing within a month I will have lost once again in battle It s very hard to imagine Rachael and Sam rowing.

    Sam is a laconic, laid-back man with a head of thick curls he constantly brushes away from his eyes. Rachael, by contrast, talks at bullet train speed sporadically interrupted by a loud laugh and a wicked smile. It s clear that they favour different poems in the anthology but that makes for an interesting collection.

    I don t like all the of the work in Clinic III , but I don t think I ve ever read an anthology, or multi-author collection in which I ve loved absolutely every single piece. It s inevitable that some will pass the reader by while others will speak to them very deeply. In the last week I ve been to four poetry nights out of seven evenings.

    Partly due to the Stoke Newington Literary festival, but also because, well... there are a lot of poetry readings and spoken word events going on in London. If there s an environment to discover poetry it is the live arena and currently London seems to be the place live poetry is blossoming.

    In this tradition, Clinic started as a night out, combining music, art and live readings. It seems an important part of the Clinic identity: It was always surprising in the first few events, Rachael says, because we thought people would be coming for the music, but we d get people at the door asking if the poetry had started yet? We ve been really lucky that they ve go down very well.

    We let the poets have free reign. We say, you do what you want, have fun with it. After I suggest that performance is a strong part of poetry reading, at least in the spoken word scene with which I m more involved, I m swiftly rebuked: We ve never had a spoken word event, Rachael says, it s always been inviting people saying - we like to read this, so we d like to hear it too.

    If anything our poets are not performative in the way that they read. I like that, it feels like... they re reading something truer to the page.

    Not that we re for that page in that sense - I love to go to readings, I love hearing poems and I love to read out loud. But there s no style for the readers. We never worry if the readers are going to be bad, usually they re just drunk.

    But we ve never had a reading where something s gone wrong with the poet. Sam tells me a story about one event they put on with a live Skype reading in collaboration with an American press called Ugly Duckling. One of their poets, Eugene Ostachevsky, even fielded a phone call from his mum during the reading.

    Even with the glitches in internet connection and interruptions the reading was a resounding success. In Clinic III , there are a number of North American writers - more so than the previous anthologies. No bad thing, it even adds a strong burst of diversity to the collection.

    In America they re really making strides. There is so much out there. So much dialogue.

    Sam adds, the criticism in America is just so much better. The national press reviews here often just read like blurbs. Publishing has become democratised.

    Loads of poetry is happening online which means it s more easily available if you look for it. The old publishing models are breaking down, really slowly. And poetry is perfect for being read online because it suits that tiny window format - for example, Sam Riviere s Austerities - that was on Tumblr to start with, it was wildly successful and perfect for that format.

    Online is where the leadership is. Rachael cites her friend Harry Burke, who has recently changed his website to become just drafts of poems as a google doc 1 . It s this wonderful blend of experimenting with format, and with the poem at the same time.

    That feels perfect for an online space. Clinic certainly has a breadth and knowledge that comes from what could be seen as an obsession with poetry ( We re just nerdy. That s it.

    We talk about poetry all the time, we read it all the time, we re constantly sharing it - Rachael). The anthologies are impressive, well edited, well thought through and artistically innovative. As an editor myself I m often curious about the thought processes that go on in selecting work for anthologies and the like.

    I ask Rachel and Sam what they look for in a poem and what is it that they see as necessary and relevant in poetry. Rachael: I m into poetry that gives me a punch in the gut, emotionally. I started out by reading Sharon Olds and lots of confessional poets - and I was like, oh my god - blood, and women and guts and feeling.

    And it was only after I went to University that I began to theorise, and look at more complex poetry, language games etc. It becomes more critical then and you apply that sort of thing. But I think I still hold in my heart that I like to be punched in the gut by a poem.

    I like it to make me feel something. There s a poem in Clinic III by Olly Todd that just makes me cry every time I read it.* It s very powerful and so concise. Ands he s just managed everything in it so well.

    But at the same time I m looking at things that are being experimental within the form, searching for something new, maybe something a bit conceptual. Sam: When I m reading a poem, I m looking for a kind of truth. It s offering, to me, something that I know but have never recognised it in those terms.

    With some of the poems, it s instant - this is incredible - but with others, they take some digestion. And a bit more labouring over understanding. Rachael: Newness is absolutely necessary - in a way that your not replicating format.

    Or, if you are working within a format you have to be thinking about how that can be made relevant. Everything is changing. Context is changing all the time.

    There are new things in the world every single day and these things need to be worked with and made artistic. So if you re going to carry on writing about love all the time, you have to write about love in a brand new way. For example, Harry Burke writes about heartbreak in a certain way, it feels very glib but it s also really punchy and affective.

    It s tight and quick and it feels like he s rushing through heartbreak. Which feels new to me. Most poets dwell on it!

    Sam: I think about Austerities in terms of newness because it s in an old place to start as the book is a Faber publication. But... there s such a concept involved: this sustained, insane register carrying through all 81 poems.

    But it s totally subjective - what s new for me might be old for someone else. There is definitely a big appetite for poetry in the UK. It comes in many forms and exists mainly outside poetry s established spaces of production.

    At least, there is a willingness to entertain giving it a go amongst a lot of people now. I ve lost count of the number of times someone has said to me at a poetry gig or spoken word event, I ve never really read poetry before, but that was great. So I might start.

    I can t speak for everyone, but I ve been surprised at the number of copies our poetry collections have sold and also that of other small publishers I know. Even then, as Rachael pointed out, it s read online far more than anywhere else. She adds, there s no money in poetry, there never has been - but now the processes are more democratic it s really burgeoning.

    Digital publishing has certainly changed the way small presses can afford to operate, for the better, and blogs, journals and collections online give poets far greater access to their audience. As Sam said, there isn t a gulf between the poet and the reader because the poem doesn t exist without the reader. Therefore once the distribution gulf is reduced, poetry is reaching more and more people.

    Clinic is doing a good job of keeping that accessibility open wide. Perhaps one day in the future people will look to the anthologies as a classic example of contemporary poetry during our times. Maybe they won t.

    But I m definitely keeping the books as a record for myself. (*) Harpists at the BBC What you lost won t be forever Lost. It is simply a vanishing point, a horizon the Greyhound driver s hand levelled at your brow, a hack game in Girffith park - the sack rasta colours and leaking beads, losing weight with the sun. It is things like searching stupidly ovens for tupelos (or swamp trees ), falling, as airman, with grace to the sea.

    It might be a letter shelf, fire grate, Ray Bans, a photo of her dressing harpists at the BBC.

    Clinic III is out now, available at 2 References ^ recently changed his website to become just drafts of poems as a google doc ( ^ available at (

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  • 3 new Motorola Droids With all eyes -- or, at least, all tech geek eyes -- looking ahead to Moto X 1 , the first phone that has been manufactured under the auspices of Motorola Mobile/Google, Verizon has just introduced three new Motorola phones 2 under relatively modest circumstances. They seem like fine phones. The three new 4G LTE phones will be available starting August 20th and include: the 4.3-in.

    Droid Mini ($99), the 5-in. Droid Ultra ($199) and the 5-in. Droid Maxx ($299). (All prices are for two-year contracts.) The three phones have a lot in common, including the software and much of the hardware.

    They will offer a 1.7GHz dual-core processor along with what Motorola calls its X8 mobile computing system, which will be made up of two application processor cores, four graphics processor cores, one contextual computing processor core and one natural language processor core. All three will offer 720 x 1280 HD AMOLED displays using Gorilla glass. All three include a 10-megapixel outward-facing camera and a 3-megapixel forward-facing camera.

    All have 2GB of RAM; while the Mini and Ultra have 16GB of storage, the Maxx will have 32GB. Other differences? The Droid Mini's difference is obvious: a smaller screen and a lower price.

    The Droid Ultra (which will be available in both red and black casing) is what Verizon reps described as the thinnest 4G LTE phone available at .28-in. The Droid Maxx will include a 3500mAh battery that will, according to the company, offer 48 hours of use. Besides Android 4.2.2, there are a number of additions that Motorola is including.

    For example, Touchless Control is supposed to allow you to have access to Google Now commands without having to actually hold the phone to wake it up (so that you can, for example, use the phone in a car without handling it). The Verizon rep who was demonstrating it at the introductory event today couldn't make it work because of the ambient noise (I couldn't help wondering if the ambient noise in a small car on a highway would be all that much better. But be that as it may ) Other software add-ons include Quick Capture, which lets you immediately launch a camera and take a photo by touching the screen; Active Display, which lights up just a portion of the screen to reveal info without disturbing others; and Droid Zap, which will let you share photos and videos with anyone within 300 feet. (Currently, it's only available to Droid owners, but it should be eventually available to other Android phones via a Google Play app.) I was able to briefly handle the phones, and of the three, I preferred the Droid Maxx which, while it was heavier than the lightweight 4.9-oz.

    Ultra, felt more substantial; I also liked its Kevlar body, which wasn't as slick as the others and so felt less likely to eventually land on the pavement. The phones are now available for pre-order. Whether customers will want to pre-order before they find out what the upcoming Moto X is about is another question; no matter how nice these look, there is too much excitement surrounding the Moto X to encourage technophiles to jump into the Droid camp just yet.

    References ^ looking ahead to Moto X ( ^ introduced three new Motorola phones (

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    Baby Pram with Swivel Wheels, Car Seat ... The baby all in one travel system is a light and practical pushchair system for fastidious parents. This modern designed solution has a simple folding system and offers a very quick installation of the different attachments. The small size when folded, makes it easy to carry.

    Travel system has 3 different ways to use the seat unit. Use it in pram mode for a newborn. Then as your little one grows, the pram mode can be converted to the pushchair mode turnable handle bar allows to face or rear the drive direction.

    The pushchair seat can recline in several positions, including lie-flat, allowing your little one to sit more upright or recline back into a more relaxed position. Travel System is a 100% made in the European Union product. European safety standards PN-EN 1888:2003GENERAL:-Suitable from birth-Made of a sturdy steel and aluminum construction-Front lockable 360 swivel wheels-Turnable handle bar-Adjustable suspension (at the back)-Height adjustable pushchair handle (70-113 Details of the item 3-in-1 Travel System incl.

    Baby Pram with Swivel Wheels, Car Seat, Pushchair & Accessories, Grey & Polka Dots ASIN : B00A9TBIJYCategory: Travel SystemsBrand: Baby SportiveRating : 5.0Reviews : 4 3 in 1 Travel System All in One Set Pram, Car Carrier Seat and Sport Buggy + Accessories: carrier bag, rain protection, mosquito net, changing mat, removable bottle holder and removable tray for your child s bits and pieces Suitable from birth, Easy Quick Folding System; Large storage basket; Turnable handle bar that allows to face or rear the drive direction; Quick release rear wheels for easy cleaning after muddy walks Front lockable 360o swivel wheels for manoeuvrability , Small sized when folded, fits into many small car trunks, Carry-cot with a removable hood, Reflective elements for better visibility Stroller: Removable foot cover, 5 point safety harness, Multi-position recline seat (including lie-flat), Adjustable leg rest Car seat up to 10 kg (European Safety-Norm ECE 44-04), Removable foot cover, Seesaw function 3-in-1 Travel System incl. Baby Pram with Swivel Wheels, Car Seat, Pushchair & Accessories, Grey & Polka Dots is one of the best Baby Sportive Travel Systems currently. When you re wish to buy the best Baby Sportive Travel Systems , we suggest this product is the best option.Aside from its affordability, 3-in-1 Travel System incl.

    Baby Pram with Swivel Wheels, Car Seat, Pushchair & Accessories, Grey & Polka Dots also comes with variety interesting features. This product of course will complement your needs.

    3-in-1 Travel System incl. Baby Pram with Swivel Wheels, Car Seat, Pushchair & Accessories, Grey & Polka Dots Image collection: We have try to present and spent lots of time to get the most profitable deal for you.

    When you have any doubts, you could find anything they said about 3-in-1 Travel System incl. Baby Pram with Swivel Wheels, Car Seat, Pushchair & Accessories, Grey & Polka Dots . Excellent Great pram easy to use.

    Only downside is that the rain covers provided do not fit when using the car seat and are quite flimsy had to buy replacement. Absolutely Fantastic This is an absolutely fantastic travel system and amazing buy. You have everything included, that you could possibly want or need at such great value.

    Minimal amout of parts which are easily fitted together, it looks great, is great quality, we are so happy with it. The seller was easily contactable and the advice given was 100% correct including the delivery times which were fast and fantastic. We would recomend this over any other product to anyone!

    Brilliant! Resistance and charm at once Brought it with me from UK to Brazil and it resisted the whole flight, the bag was destructed but the pram did not even scratched. Very very charming stroller and wife loved, includes all kind of acessory your baby you need..Just be aware if you have a very compact car because this is stroller is quite big even closed, so it may not fit!

    It was delivered very quick and seller was excellent and answered all me doubts very fast and politely! If you shop around as I did in London you see that any stroller with similar quality will be much more expencive than this one! Posts related to 3-in-1 Travel System incl.

    Baby Pram with Swivel Wheels, Car Seat, Pushchair & Accessories, Grey & Polka Dots .

  • 3-in-1 Travel System with Baby Pram, Car Seat, Pushchair ... 3 in 1 Travel System All in One Set incl. Pram, Car Carrier Seat and Sport Buggy. The baby all in one travel system is a light and practical pushchair system for fastidious parents.

    This modern designed solution has a simple folding system and offers a very quick installation of the different attachments. The small size when folded, makes it easy to carry the travel system even in small car trunks. Travel System is a 100% made in the European Union product.

    European safety standards PN-EN 1888:2003 General:- Made of a sturdy steel and aluminum construction- Fourfold adjustable suspension- Height adjustable pushchair handle (70-113 cm)- Strong reciprocal brakes- 4 different wheel designs (hard rubber tires or pneumatic air tires)- Weather resistant materials- Contains a spacious shopping basket- Integrated reflectors for a better visibility- Viewing Window at the hood Pram/Stroller/Sport Buggy:- Footmuff adjustable and removable- Removable safety bracket protects from falling out- 4 times adjustable backrest- 5-Point security safety belt- Adjustable footrest Car Carrier Seat:- 3-Point security safety belt- Seesaw function- Ergonomic carrying handle- Equipped with a removable hood- Removable warm hood for the feet- Car seat European Safety-Norm ECE R44-04Accessories:- Soft Carrier Bag- Removable sleeping bag- Rain Cover- Functional small bag at the back- Mosquito net- Removable bottle holder- Changing mat- Removable tray for your child s bits and pieces 3 in 1 Travel System All in One Set incl.

    Pram, Car Carrier Seat and Sport Buggy Solid steel frame, turnable handle bar that allows to face or rear the drive direction, Small sized when folded, fits into many small car trunks Carry-cot with soft padded lining, hood with a ventilation window, reflective elements for better visibility, Car seat up to 10 kg (European Safety-Norm ECE 44-04), rain protection, mosquito net.

    tray, changing mat, removable bottle holder,

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  • 30% OFF Timefy Coupon Code Timefy Discount Code Promo Code Surfing for a valid Timefy Coupon Code? Timefy is the place for design and urban watches lovers. They ve made a subjective selection of worldwide designs.

    They want to bring you a nice and qualitative experience with designs that have a story to tell. They are a passionate team as you are and they want to build Timefy with you, with your tastes, they have a community approach of this watch universe. Timefy offers a selection of beautiful watches , designer watches , men s watch , women s watches , wristwatches.

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  • 3D printers hit UK high street News: UK electronics retailer Maplin are taking pre-orders of the first 3D printer for the home.

    1 The Velleman K8200 2 printer, priced at 700 and no bigger than an inkjet printer, is available to pre-order 3 today, making Maplin 4 the first retailer to sell a 3D printer on the UK high street. Using the simple software to design three dimensional objects, consumers can print anything under 20 square centimetres, from a smartphone case to replacement chess pieces. "A smartphone case will take about 30 minutes to print," says Maplin. Here's a demonstration video of the K8200 machine in action: Maplin's commercial director Oliver Meakin has said, "We have been excited about 3D printing technology for a long time, as its principles of innovation and creation sit perfectly with what Maplin has been doing for over 40 years." "Until now, the cost of 3D printers limited their use to the professional market.

    However, the Velleman K8200 kit has enabled us to introduce 3D printing to the mass market." The printer comes with five metres of PLA, the plastic raw material used by the printer, and replacement cartridges cost 30. The rising popularity of 3D printing has led to dozens of recent product launches. Earlier this month Iris van Herpen and Rem D Koolhaas unveiled 3D-printed shoes that look like tree roots 5 , while a design graduate has developed 3D-printed casts for fractured bones 6 .

    You can read more about the way 3D printing is changing the worlds of architecture, design, food and medicine in Print Shift 7 , our one-off print-on-demand magazine all about additive manufacturing.

    See more stories about 3D printing 8 References ^ News: ( ^ Velleman K8200 ( ^ available to pre-order ( ^ Maplin ( ^ 3D-printed shoes that look like tree roots ( ^ 3D-printed casts for fractured bones ( ^ Print Shift ( ^ See more stories about 3D printing (

  • 3D scanning with the Smithsonian's laser cowboys (video) "We're not scanning every object in the collection," Adam Metallo tells me, offering up the information almost as soon as we set foot in the Smithsonian's Digitization office. It's an important piece of information he wants to make sure I have, right off the bat. It seems that, when the story of the department's 3D-scanning plans 1 first hit the wire, a number of organizations blew the scope of the project out of proportion a bit.

    And while the team's project is certainly ambitious, it's not, you know, crazy. It's the work of a three-person team, still in its nascent stages, attempting to prove the value of new technologies to a 167-year-old museum affectionately known as "the nation's attic." In the fall of 2011, Metallo and fellow Smithsonian 3D scanner Vince Rossi (a duo the institute has lovingly deemed its "laser cowboys") unpacked their equipment in Chile's Atacama Desert. "They were widening the Pan-American Highway, and in doing so, they uncovered about 40 complete whale specimens," Rossi explains. "But it might take decades for them to remove the fossils from the rock, so we were able to capture this snapshot of what that looked like in 3D." The tool of choice for the expedition was a laser arm scanner, which utilizes a process the duo compares to painting an object, moving back and forth across its surface as the device records the relative position of its axes.

    3D scanning with the Smithsonian's laser cowboys See all photos 2 25 Photos The results speak for themselves. As we sit down for an interview, two employees carry in a scaled-down 3D print of one of the scans, an impressively detailed and still rather large object they place on the table behind Metallo.

    The team is planning to print the whale out at full size for a future exhibit -- albeit in pieces, due to build-volume constraints in even industrial-level 3D printers. "The prospect of printing a 25-foot-long whale that we scanned in the Atacama Desert in Chile is pretty exciting," Rossi says with a smile. Also impressive is the sheer diversity of the team's work -- fitting though, when you consider the breadth of the Smithsonian itself. Metallo and Rossi rattle off a number of 3D scans they've done for the museum, a list that includes orchids, gunboats, the first aircraft to ever fly and various parts of Abraham Lincoln's body. "About three years ago, we had a 3D scan of a cast of Abraham Lincoln's hand," says Rossi. "We did 3D scanning because mold making was not an option -- pouring silicone rubber on this object posed a risk to it.

    Without touching the object, we're able to capture it in 3D on the computer and deliver that data to a 3D printer that can bring it back into the world." On a table next to the whale fossil sits a variety of 3D prints and laser-cut cardboard versions of the president's head. "Life casts were taken of Lincoln, just before the Civil War and in the remaining months of the war," explains Metallo. "So we have a 3D representation of a sitting president over the course of a few years. By scanning the masks and seeing the toll the war took on the president, we have a much more visceral understanding of what he was going through." The key is minimal invasiveness -- 3D scanning affords the opportunity to create a lifelike representation of the objects without actually touching them. The team utilizes a few 3D-scanning technologies, including the arm, each with its own limitations and employed for different jobs.

    The large-range scanner sitting on a tripod on the other side of the room, for example, might be employed to scan a roomful of dinosaur fossils, a process that involves setting up a number of targets throughout the room to give the machine clearly defined reference points. None of these devices, however, were actually developed with such work in mind. "All these tools that were developed for different industries, like engineering, architecture, the medical industry," explains Rossi. "We can see how these tools can be applied to the Smithsonian's mission." It's a learning process, as is determining what to do with the final product. It's clear that there's value in scanning these priceless objects for posterity.

    However, unlike the museum's documents (which are scanned on a machine that shares the same space), it's hard to say precisely what the information will ultimately be used for. "The first reason we make an object available in digitized form is 3D research and education use," explain Rossi.

    And indeed, the team is partnering with educators to increase student engagement with the work, which will come in part with the increase of 3D printing in the classroom, thanks to consumer devices like 3D Systems' CubeX 3 , which is churning away on a project for the majority of our visit.

    And then there's the question of what the general public will do once the data is released on a wider scale. "We're intrigued to see what people can make with the data," says Metallo. "Everyone knows what to do with a photograph, but we want to see what the world can do with polygon models of Smithsonian artifacts." References ^ 3D-scanning plans ( ^ See all photos ( ^ 3D Systems' CubeX (

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  • 40% more UK tech firms than government classifications show ... by Joe Curtis 1 | 23 July 2013 The companies employ 11% of Britain s workforce. There are 40% more technology firms based in Britain than the government estimates, according to a new report. Government records show there are 187,600 digital companies in the UK, but new research suggests the number is as high as 270,000.

    The National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) published its findings today, and claimed tech companies are "poorly served" by the government's definitions and recordkeeping methods. Using big data crunched by a new startup, Growth Intelligence, NIESR found the digital economy comprised nearly 14.4% of all companies, as of August 2012. SaaS firm Growth Intelligence offers software to B2B corporations wanting to search for potential customers.

    The software tracks the performance activity of every registered company in the UK by analysing the firm's web behavior, using publicly available data from the Internet. And NIESR claimed the method works much better than the government's existing standard industrial classification (SIC) system, which categorises businesses by the type of activity they are involved in - definitions which NIESR claims are often outdated. The report read: "The digital economy is poorly served by conventional definitions and datasets.

    Big data methods can provide richer, more informative and more up to date analysis. "SIC-based definitions of the digital economy miss out a large number of companies in business and domestic software, architectural activities, engineering, and engineering-related scientific and technical consulting, among other sectors." It cites case studies including Communique Publishing, which provides many services such as SEO-optimisation, domain name registrations and web page design, yet which is classified by the government under SIC code 58190 - 'other publishing activities'. The report found that digital companies provide 11% of jobs, mainly in London but also in Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton and Reading. And while the average tech firm has a lower revenue than the rest of the economy, the median digital company has far higher revenues than a median company elsewhere in the economy.

    The data also demonstrates that digital businesses have a similar age to others outside the sector, despite the perception of it being a startup-dominated industry, and that on average tech firms are growing faster than those outside the digital economy.

    The average tech firm also employs 23.37 people compared to an average 20.40 in other sectors.

    The report added: "This is a groundbreaking and important report by NIESR not just because it shows that the spread of the digital economy into other sectors is driving growth and jobs throughout the UK but because - for the first time in 65 years - it presents us with a new way of measuring the economy that can only help us to take the right steps to support growth and jobs." References ^ Joe Curtis (

  • 40,000 public school teachers use sugar-daddy website | The Daily ... Believe it when The Daily Caller tells you: If you find any fault with public school teachers, you will definitely hear about how very hard they work, and how they care so much about making the world a better place. The Daily Caller now has evidence that the many spirited defenders of the old profession of teaching are right in many exciting, stimulating ways., which bills 1 itself as the #1 online dating website for sugar babies and generous men, is now boasting that some 40,000 public school teachers of a certain moral caliber have joined the website in an attempt to sell sexual services seek wealthy, older men for mutually beneficial relationships.

    In a press release, SeekingArrangement s CEO suggests that teachers on the website are responding conventionally to diminished budgets, overcrowded classrooms and, of course, the perpetual need for school supplies. You can t expect a teacher to accept less pay for more work than their peers, and then reach into their pockets to fund your child s classroom, declared Brandon Wade, the website s founder and CEO. But that s what s happening.

    If those are the expectations and pressures we are putting on our teachers in America, than they can t possibly be judged for whatever extracurricular activities they choose to pursue to stay afloat. According to SeekingArrangement, the top five school districts in the country for sugar-baby teachers are (in order): the School District of Philadelphia, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Los Angeles Unified School District, the Clark County School District (in the Las Vegas area) and the New York City public schools. Data is self-reported by the women who use the site when they initially sign up.

    Based on the occupation field teacher, we polled members to see which school districts they worked in, explained Jennifer Gwynn, SeekingArrangement s public relations manager, in an email to The Daily Caller. Further digging into the treasure trove that is SeekingArrangement s sugar-baby data set reveals that the average public school teacher who uses the site is between the ages of 28 and 33. She (or, certainly, he) seeks about $3,000 in pampering and financial assistance each month from the benefactor on the other side of the bargain.

    SeekingArrangement appears to be the Google of sugar-daddy dating websites, claiming over two million registered members. It s the same website where New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner s sexting buddy trolled for older men online. The woman, Sydney Leathers, was active on the site for eight months, from August 2012 to April 2013 and was very popular on the site and found success as a Sugar Baby. (RELATED: Sydney Leathers sought sugar daddies ) 2 The site is also popular with college students looking for extra cash. (RELATED: The best colleges for sugar babies and the sugar daddies who love them) 3 Follow Eric on Twitter and send education-related story tips to [email protected] .

    4 5 References ^ bills ( ^ (RELATED: Sydney Leathers sought sugar daddies ) ( ^ (RELATED: The best colleges for sugar babies and the sugar daddies who love them) ( ^ Follow Eric on Twitter ( ^ [email protected] (

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  • 42% off Motorola HX550 Bluetooth Headset - kgbdeals Valid until July 14, 2013 May purchase multiple vouchers May purchase additional vouchers as gifts Cannot be combined with other offers Valid online only Tax not included Shipping cost is additional $5 flat rate You don t need to redeem this voucher.

    Please provide shipping details at checkout; this information will then be shared with merchant Products will not begin shipping until deal closes on offer page Shipping address cannot be modified after purchase Refunds for goods shipped or in transit will only be processed once customer has provided return shipping tracking numbers to kgbdeals Please allow 4 weeks for delivery Please see 1 for additional terms and conditions.

    References ^ (

  • 45% Of UK Homeowners Admit Buying DIY Tools That Are Never ... Admit it! You have at least one DIY tool lying around that is never, ever used! If you don t, you are one of the ever-decreasing number of Britons that actually use your DIY implements.

    Approximately 21 million adults in the UK have admitted to buying DIY tools that have never been used according to a recent survey. Indeed, only 20% of UK homeowners regularly use the DIY tools they purchase. Each year, we waste more than 100 each on tools that are never used.

    Men spend almost 30 more than women on pointless DIY equipment each year. Overall, an estimated 2.2 billion is spent on unused tools. While this is great news for hardware stores and retail outlets, it is a damning indictment of our wastefulness and perhaps our laziness too!

    The biggest problem seems to be the purchase of tools that we don t actually know how to use! Almost 40% of those interviewed admitted that they bought a drill in the last 5 years but around a quarter of these people said that they were not confident when it came to using the drill. Around one-third of the people interviewed had not bought any DIY equipment in the last 5 years while almost 70% can t perform even the most basic DIY tasks!

    Interestingly, over 60% of women said that it is unattractive to have a partner who has no ability to perform DIY jobs. Almost half of the men in the survey said they would be embarrassed if their partner had a better grasp of DIY. If you are one of the millions that owns DIY tools which are never used, check them out and learn how to use them!

    Becoming proficient in DIY is one of life s great joys and learning how to improve your home without the aid of professionals will save you a fortune.

  • 458 x Mixed Laptop/Desktop CPU | Bulk Computer Offers 458 x MIXED CPU (LAPTOP/DESKTOP) PRICE: $6800.00 Selling as a TAKE ALL All stock is good working excess stock from HP OEM Service center. Packed in CPU trays. Large proportion of the units are new unused.

    Contact me by email, Skype, or AIM to discuss details at the bottom of the mail.

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  • 4G coverage: EE vs O2 vs Vodafone The UK's 4G coverage is finally growing and thanks to O2 announcing its 4G network 1 this week, things are finally looking up for the UK's superfast broadband. EE was the first off the bat, launching its 4G mobile service in late 2012, and although the auction for the remainder of 4G spectrum took place in early 2013, the work to put the infrastructure in place has only just been completed. O2 is the second company to announce its 4G mobile service and although details are still a little scant, there's enough to make a comparison.

    So what do O2 and EE offer? EE 4G coverage EE launched in late 2012 and therefore has the advantage with the coverage of 4G in the UK. So far, it's offered in around 95 towns and cities in the UK.

    It started out with just 11 hot spots - London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow and Southampton - but almost every week EE adds more towns and cities as the technology is implemented across the land. Not only does EE offer its standard 4G services in this wide spread, but it has also started rolling out double speed broadband too. This service, that offers average speeds of 24Mbps, rather than the 12Mbps the standard service offers is also rolling out across the UK, but as it stands, there's no news on when it will span the whole UK.

    EE 4G services start at 21 per month for a 500MB data, unlimited calls and texts on a 12-month SIM-only plan, up to 81 per month for a 24-month roaming 2 plan over 24 months. You can see the full breakdown of contracts here: Plan 24-month plan 12-month plan 24-month roaming 12-month SIM only 20 Days SIM only 500MB dataUnlimited calls/texts 26 per month 41 per month 36 per month 21 per month 23 per month 750MB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 46 per month 41 per month N/A N/A 1GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 31 per month 51 per month 46 per month 26 per month 28 per month 1.5GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 36 per month N/A N/A N/A N/A 2GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 41 per month N/A N/A N/A N/A 3GB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 56 per month 51 per month 31 per month 33 per month 5GB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 61 per month 56 per month 36 per month 38 per month 8GB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 66 per month 61 per month 41 per month 43 per month 10GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 46 per month N/A N/A N/A N/A 20GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 51 per month N/A 81 per month 61 per month 63 per month The range of devices available on EE range from the lower-end BlackBerry Q5, right up to the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One, ensuring the network is pretty well covered. However, you will have to pay an upfront fee for most devices.

    Here's the latest list of upfront fees, based on EE's 24-month tariffs: Device 26 per month 31 per month 36 per month 46 per month 51 per month BlackBerry Q5 Free Free Free Free Free iPhone 5 16GB 249.99 199.99 49.99 9.99 9.99 Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB 249.99 199.99 69.99 19.99 19.99 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 99.99 49.99 29.99 29.99 Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 169.99 99.99 79.99 29.99 29.99 Samsung Galaxy S3 149.99 49.99 29.99 29.99 29.99 BlackBerry Q10 249.99 199.99 99.99 49.99 29.99 BlackBerry Z10 99.99 49.99 29.99 Free Free Sony Xperia SP Free Free Free Free Free Sony Xperia Z 199.99 129.99 49.99 Free Free HTC One Free 199.99 99.99 29.99 29.99 Nokia Lumia 820 Free Free Free Free Free HTC One Mini 49.99 Free Free Free Free Huawei Ascend P1 LTE Free Free Free Free Free References ^ A network is a telephone company that provides services for mobile phone subscribers e.g.

    3, Vodafone etc. ( ^ Roaming is when a mobile phone moves out of its network region and attaches to different networks in order to resume service. (

  • 4G coverage: which is the best UK provider? The UK's 4G coverage is finally growing and thanks to O2 announcing its 4G network 1 this week, things are finally looking up for the UK's superfast broadband. EE was the first off the bat, launching its 4G mobile service in late 2012, and although the auction for the remainder of 4G spectrum took place in early 2013, the work to put the infrastructure in place has only just been completed. O2 is the second company to announce its 4G mobile service and although details are still a little scant, there's enough to make a comparison.

    So what do O2 and EE offer? EE 4G coverage EE launched in late 2012 and therefore has the advantage with the coverage of 4G in the UK. So far, it's offered in around 95 towns and cities in the UK.

    It started out with just 11 hot spots - London, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield, Glasgow and Southampton - but almost every week EE adds more towns and cities as the technology is implemented across the land. Not only does EE offer its standard 4G services in this wide spread, but it has also started rolling out double speed broadband too. This service, that offers average speeds of 24Mbps, rather than the 12Mbps the standard service offers is also rolling out across the UK, but as it stands, there's no news on when it will span the whole UK.

    EE 4G services start at 21 per month for a 500MB data, unlimited calls and texts on a 12-month SIM-only plan, up to 81 per month for a 24-month roaming 2 plan over 24 months. You can see the full breakdown of contracts here: Plan 24-month plan 12-month plan 24-month roaming 12-month SIM only 20 Days SIM only 500MB dataUnlimited calls/texts 26 per month 41 per month 36 per month 21 per month 23 per month 750MB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 46 per month 41 per month N/A N/A 1GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 31 per month 51 per month 46 per month 26 per month 28 per month 1.5GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 36 per month N/A N/A N/A N/A 2GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 41 per month N/A N/A N/A N/A 3GB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 56 per month 51 per month 31 per month 33 per month 5GB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 61 per month 56 per month 36 per month 38 per month 8GB dataUnlimited calls/texts N/A 66 per month 61 per month 41 per month 43 per month 10GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 46 per month N/A N/A N/A N/A 20GB dataUnlimited calls/texts 51 per month N/A 81 per month 61 per month 63 per month The range of devices available on EE range from the lower-end BlackBerry Q5, right up to the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One, ensuring the network is pretty well covered. However, you will have to pay an upfront fee for most devices.

    Here's the latest list of upfront fees, based on EE's 24-month tariffs: Device 26 per month 31 per month 36 per month 46 per month 51 per month BlackBerry Q5 Free Free Free Free Free iPhone 5 16GB 249.99 199.99 49.99 9.99 9.99 Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB 249.99 199.99 69.99 19.99 19.99 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 99.99 49.99 29.99 29.99 Free Samsung Galaxy Note 2 169.99 99.99 79.99 29.99 29.99 Samsung Galaxy S3 149.99 49.99 29.99 29.99 29.99 BlackBerry Q10 249.99 199.99 99.99 49.99 29.99 BlackBerry Z10 99.99 49.99 29.99 Free Free Sony Xperia SP Free Free Free Free Free Sony Xperia Z 199.99 129.99 49.99 Free Free HTC One Free 199.99 99.99 29.99 29.99 Nokia Lumia 820 Free Free Free Free Free HTC One Mini 49.99 Free Free Free Free Huawei Ascend P1 LTE Free Free Free Free Free References ^ A network is a telephone company that provides services for mobile phone subscribers e.g.

    3, Vodafone etc. ( ^ Roaming is when a mobile phone moves out of its network region and attaches to different networks in order to resume service. (

  • 4G Daily - 4G from EE vs BT Infinity (HomeHub 3) Share This... For the last few weeks, we ve been showing you just how good 4G EE is on the go. However can it replace home broadband (if you have enough data allowance of course) should you use BT Infinity WiFi or tether from your 4GEE smartphone?

    We ll be going into this in a lot more detail but to begin with, let s take a look at each speed test. First up is BT Infinity connected through the BT HomeHub 3: Our BT Infinity connection is meant to offer up to 80Mbps download speeds and up to 20Mbps upload. As we ve come to expect from all data connections, it s rare to hit the top end of these estimates but whilst 35.12Mbps is a far cry from the promised 80Mbps download, 20.62Mbps is the top end of our expected upload speeds.

    Now we come to 4G thanks to EE, which we ran on the same Samsung Galaxy S4 (this was captured 15 seconds after the BT test): So we re in a double-speed 4GEE area and EE claim this offers up to 100Mbps download speeds and 50Mbps upload speeds. In reality, we rarely come close to this but in comparison to BT Infinity, it does seem that 4G is a very competitive alternative There s only one issue BT offer unlimited data whilst EE offer a maximum of 20GB for heavy data users, we wouldn t recommend using 4GEE to tether but at least if your BT Infinity connection drops, you ll be able to fall back to your phone for emergency internet usage. About The Author: Nirave Gondhia 1 Founder of UK Mobile Review and MEA Mobile Review 2 - I'm in my twenties and based in London with a passion for mobile tech, travelling and the Middle East.

    Connect with me using the links below.

    References ^ Nirave Gondhia ( ^ MEA Mobile Review (

  • 4g daily - low coverage doesn't mean low speeds on EE Share This... One myth we ve heard quite often is that having low coverage means low data speeds and we thought we d address this today. As you can see we only had two bars of signal showing and just before we took this, we were on only one bar.

    Despite this, we still hit speeds of 40mbps down and 11mbps up. These are actually faster than a lot of UK broadband speeds. It s not always this good as often it s under 5mbps and the situation on 3G is likely to be much more dire.

    It still provides some interesting food for thought right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and please be sociable by sharing this post! We look forward to hearing what you think About The Author: Nirave Gondhia 1 Founder of UK Mobile Review and MEA Mobile Review 2 - I'm in my twenties and based in London with a passion for mobile tech, travelling and the Middle East.

    Connect with me using the links below.

    References ^ Nirave Gondhia ( ^ MEA Mobile Review (

  • 4G Daily - the Birmingham speed test on EE 4G Share This... We re up in Birmingham today so we thought we d test how good EE s 4G is here. This is where we are: Now to the speed test: Birmingham is one of the double speed 4G enabled cities offering up to 100mbps download speeds and 50mbps upload speeds.

    In this test we achieved respectable download speeds but the upload speed was less than we have become accustomed to. We ll be running more tests so keep an eye out for those Do you live in Birmingham? Would you be happy with these speeds?

    Let us know what you think! About The Author: Nirave Gondhia 1 Founder of UK Mobile Review and MEA Mobile Review 2 - I'm in my twenties and based in London with a passion for mobile tech, travelling and the Middle East. Connect with me using the links below.

    References ^ Nirave Gondhia ( ^ MEA Mobile Review (

  • 4G Daily on EE - it's not always superfast | UK Mobile Review Share This... We ve been posting a lot of great speed tests from our Galaxy S4 running on 4G EE but with all good there is definitely some bad. It wouldn t be fair for us to look at the immense speeds without looking at the low points like yesterday evening.

    Captured in the same location as our previous speed tests, EE s network was clearly very busy. Instead of speed tests running at 30 40mbps or higher we have speeds of just 7mbps. Granted this is still significantly higher than other networks on 3G but it does show that 4G, just like other networks, has both up and down points.

    Thankfully, the low points do seem quite rare.. About The Author: Nirave Gondhia 1 Founder of UK Mobile Review and MEA Mobile Review 2 - I'm in my twenties and based in London with a passion for mobile tech, travelling and the Middle East. Connect with me using the links below.

    References ^ Nirave Gondhia ( ^ MEA Mobile Review (

  • 5

  • 5 Apparel Clothing Stocks with Strong EPS Growth and Performance ... The bull market of 2013 has lifted a number of stocks and industries to new highs. Apparel clothing firms have been no exception, with 14 U.S. companies of all sizes, from American Apparel ( APP 1 ) to Ralph Lauren ( RL ) , up over 20 percent on the year so far.

    Put differently, only two out of 21 listed American companies, Perry Ellis International ( PERY 2 ) and Maidenform Brands ( MFB 3 ) , have lost share price in 2013. The following stocks represent U.S. apparel clothing companies with positive performance in 2013, and high earnings-per-share growth slated for the rest of the year.

    Furthermore, all of these stocks have an analyst rating of buy or better. Joe s Jeans Inc. ( JOEZ 4 ) Joe s Jeans has a market cap of $116.26 million, with shares currently priced at $1.71. The Los Angeles-based maker of hip, urbane clothing operates outlets and boutiques in California, New York, Chicago, Georgia, Virginia, and throughout the U.S.

    With shares up 71 percent so far this year, the company earnings per share, currently $0.08, is expected to grow over 490 percent in 2013. Quicksilver Inc. ( ZQK 5 ) Founded in 1969 as a maker of surf apparel, Quicksilver now owns popular beach and skate-oriented brands such as Roxy, DC Shoes, and Tony Hawk Apparel Systems. The company s market cap is $1.3 billion, with shares trading at $7.76, up nearly 83 percent in 2013.

    Quicksilver is currently losing $0.12 per share, but expects EPS to grow 50 percent for the year. Carter s Inc. ( CRI 6 ) The well-known manufacturer of baby clothing and accessories operates its namesake brand as well as classics like OshKosh B gosh. With a market cap of $4.16 billion, shares are currently trading for $70.20, a 26 percent advance in 2013.

    Earnings-per-share of $2.85 is expected to increase nearly 39 percent over the rest of the year. Under Armour Inc. ( UA ) A designer of high-performance sports gear, Under Armour has a market cap of $6.57 billion with shares trading at $62.54, up nearly 29 percent so far in 2013. The company s earnings per share of $1.14 is forecast to increase 31.6 percent.

    PVH Corp. ( PVH 7 ) PVH owns highly successful higher-end brands such as Calvin Klein, IZOD, and Tommy Hilfiger. The company s market cap is $9.38 billion, with shares currently trading at $115.75, up 4.33 percent so far this year. A generous earnings per share figure of $5.87 is set to increase more than 55 percent over the remainder of 2013.

    Comments comments References ^ APP ( ^ PERY ( ^ MFB ( ^ JOEZ ( ^ ZQK ( ^ CRI ( ^ PVH (

  • 5 Decor & Homeliving Accessories for a Geeky Haven | GeekTown For your most geeked-out moments, you love to be at home in all of your geek glory. Outfit your man (or woman) cave with the following geeky home accessories: Marvel Heroes Mask Tumbler Glasses Your pad is the weekend hotspot for where all your gaming buddies hang out to play Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and Deadpool fans meet to discuss the story arc of Marvel s Thunderbolts. Whether you and your friends are gripping Xbox controllers playing Vengeance or flipping through comic books, you play host for geeky gatherings.

    Quench thirsts and pour Guinness into Marvel Heroes Glasses. Beer in tumblers with Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain American and Iron Man faces will never taste so good. Photo by Sam Howzit via Flickr Pop Quiz Clock As a bonafide math genius with an affinity for numbers, you can t pass up a black chalkboard equation wall clock.

    Described by, each hour is marked by a simple math problem, and since math class was where you shined, telling time will remind you of your glory days. Polynomials, square roots and long division mathematically thrill you. Hang the pop quiz lock above your kitchen table and embrace your geekiness whenever it s time to munch.

    Photo by Brett Jordan via Flickr Batman Bookshelves Rather than stack your comics and Sci-Fi books into a towering pile in corners of your room, display them on a wall bookshelf. Naturally, a traditional bookshelf won t do, but a custom-made Batman bookshelf 1 most certainly will. The design is a juxtaposition of a modern iconic bat logo as well as a retro-style bat logo.

    Adorn your bedroom wall space with bookshelves representative of this legendary caped vigilante. Your books, comics or superhero movie 2 collections have a proper home. Inquire about this batty bookcase by visiting Etsy seller s Fahmir Sani s online storefront.

    Fahmi Sani s Batman Bookshelf Action Figure Lamps You love action figures in your bedroom and think there s nothing wrong with a transformer here or alien there. Others, though, may call you a man-child for your love of action figures at your age. But you are who you are!

    For a sophisticated Marvel Comics-inspired interior-design theme, illuminate your man cave with white, black or red action-figure lamps from Evil Robot Designs. This collection of Bespoke Lamps include a variety of fixtures that are stylishly designed with real toys and a high-gloss finish. With its dark lampshade and chic design, your action-figure lamp is aesthetically age-appropriate and quite nostalgic.

    Photo by JD Hancock via Flickr The HoodiePillow Case Geeks can be reclusive, undoubtedly. Whether watching Game of Thrones or reading Fringe: The Zodiac Paradox, escaping into dark seclusion is a true geek s idea of a good time. If you re going to lie in your bed with flat roman shades 3 drawn and your action-figure lamp turned on, tucked away under your HoodiePillow case is the way to go.

    Made of sweatshirt materials, your HoodiePillow with its drawstrings is exactly where your head belongs for an afternoon snooze or to zone out while listening to The Grammar Club on your phone.

    Photo by Kevin Lawver via Flickr References ^ custom-made Batman bookshelf ( ^ superhero movie ( ^ roman shades (

  • 5 Desktop PC Deals for Under $400 Need a homework machine for your kids? Or maybe you want a PC that will act as dedicated storage for all your digital devices? A low-cost desktop could be the way to go.

    That s right a desktop. Although most of us rely on laptops, not to mention tablets and smartphones, desktop PCs still have plenty of uses for the consumer. And because desktops PCs are relatively cheap, you can buy one to fill a need that would otherwise be too pricey.

    Adding a desktop PC to your home network makes it easy to store files, pictures or music that you can then share with any device that can access your network. That way you re always backed up, and you take the load off other devices, such as tablets, that don t have much built in storage, but still have the content readily available. Similarly, if you like your younger children to get started using computers, a low-cost desktop PC will run any of the programs they re likely to use, and you ll be risking less if the milk spills or the peanut butter somehow finds its way to drive door.

    And you might like a spare in case your PC is in the shop or a family member has borrowed. Another plus: Nearly all desktops come with a built-in optical drive, something many of today s compact laptops no longer offer, plus they generally have lots of ports to plug in many peripherals and other digital devices. (See the back of the Inspiron pictured below.) One caveat. None of these prices include a monitor, so if you don t already own one, you ll obviously be spending more than $400.

    Still there are some good deal. Dealnews 1 was the source for a number of these systems; I found others by checking around the Web. Dell s Inspiron 660 2 is a compact system for $299.

    You have choice of Windows 7 or Windows 8 --don t opt Windows 8 since you won t have a touchscreen. If you want this machine for backup, spend an extra $89 and double your storage space to one terabyte. Dell Vostro 270s Intel Pentium 2.9GHz Desktop PC 3 is $349 with free shipping.

    It features an Intel Pentium G2020 2.9GHz dual-core processor, 2GB RAM, 500GB 7200 rpm hard drive, DVD burner, 802.11n wireless, media card reader, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Deal ends July 31. Newegg is selling the Lenovo H520s 4 , which offers a faster CPU and more storage than either of the Dell systems.

    It comes with 4GB of memory and a one terabyte hard drive. It s selling for $319 and ships with Windows 8. Newegg also offers the refurbished Gateway DX4870-UB308 Intel Core i3 Dual-Core 3.4GHz Desktop PC 5 , for $299 with free shipping.

    The system has a Sandy Bridge Core i3 processor (a newer chip than other bargain desktops) and also sports a 1 TB hard drive. Hewlett Packard offers what it calls Essential Home Desktops 6 . The line includes four systems starting well under $400; two are under $300.

    Again, they come without monitors and you ll pay sales tax and shipping, but still worth checking out if you are interested in a bargain desktop.

    References ^ Dealnews ( ^ Dell s Inspiron 660 ( ^ Dell Vostro 270s Intel Pentium 2.9GHz Desktop PC ( ^ Newegg is selling the Lenovo H520s ( ^ Gateway DX4870-UB308 Intel Core i3 Dual-Core 3.4GHz Desktop PC ( ^ Essential Home Desktops (

  • 5 Essential Accessories for your Child Bike Trailer Whether you ve just bought a child bike trailer, or you ve had one for years there are a few steps you can take to make sure you really get the best out of it. Here are our top 5 accessories for your bike trailer, in no particular order based on our years of experience in the bike trailer industry. Schwable Big Apple Tyre 1) Getting punctures?

    Kids feeling the bumps? Most trailers come with a pair of okay tyres, but they don t tend to have puncture protection. The stock tyres probably won t be the most comfortable you can get.

    Luckily it s quick and easy to solve both of these problems by changing tyres. We always recommend Schwalbe Big Apple tyres for child bike trailers. Big Apples are balloon tyres with air suspension built-in .

    Schwalbe say: Inflated to 2 bar a balloonbike rolls really easily and with a full suspension effect and we agree. They also have Kevlar puncture protection built in, making them much less likely to suffer a flat. The third benefit is that the tyres have a reflective strip on the sidewall to improve visibility.

    UK: Buy Big Apples 1 from Amazon UK USA: Buy Big Apples 2 from Amazon Canada: Buy Big Apples 3 from Amazon Canada Bike and trailer with kickstand 2) Juggling kids, bikes and trailer? It can be tricky to get your kids safely strapped into your trailer, get your trailer hooked up ready to go and keep your bike upright you only have so many hands! This problem can be solved with a sturdy kickstand, preferably one with two legs.

    When your bike is held in place it makes it a lot easier to hook up the trailer and strap in your children. We consider a bike stand essential. It might add a little weight, but it s worth it.

    Here are some great options we found for you: UK: Buy an Etc Alloy Double Heavy Duty Prop 4 from Amazon UK USA: Buy a Sunlite Double Kickstand 5 from Amazon Canada: Buy a Sunlite Double Kickstand 6 from eBay Canada Mirrcycle Mirror 3) What are your kids up to? If you re cycling and don t know what your kids are up to it can be a pain to turn around to have to check up on them. Also it s not ideal to keep turning away from the road ahead.

    The answer is to get a rear view mirror that can mount to your handlebars. Once you ve used one of these you won t know how you did without it. They enable you to keep an eye on both your children and the traffic situation behind you, so we consider them an essential safety feature for all cycling.

    They can replace a wobbly turn around with a quick eye movement. You should still check your blind spot when planning a manoeuvre of course. We like the Mirrcycle bar end mirror for its wide field of view.

    UK: Buy a Mirrcycle mirror 7 from Amazon UK USA: Buy a Mirrcycle mirror 8 from Amazon Canada: Buy a Mirrcycle mirror 9 from Amazon Canada Sun Cover on Croozer Kid For 2 4) Are you children protected from the sun? When the weather s nice it can get pretty hot in a bike trailer, so make sure you let in plenty of fresh air, whilst keeping the netting down that stops grit from flying up from the bike s rear wheel. Netting helps to keep the sun levels down and some trailers have UV protection on the windows and a sunshade, but if your trailer doesn t have a sunshade it s a very good idea to get one.

    An example where the sunshades are an optional accessory is the Croozer Kid For range. UK: Croozer Kid For 1 sunshade | Croozer Kid For 2 sunshade 10 11 USA: Croozer Kid For 1 sunshade | Croozer Kid For 2 sunshade 12 13 Canada: Croozer Kid For 1 sunshade | Croozer Kid For 2 sunshade 14 15 Chariot Baby Supporter 5) Probably the most essential accessory Child bike trailers are generally designed for children around 2 and up to use without additional support. If you want to use your trailer safely with babies and under 2s then you should use the correct baby supporter or baby sling.

    These are generally made by the manufacturer of your trailer, e.g. Chariot Baby Supporter, Burley Baby Snuggler, but can be made by a third party such as the Weber Baby Sling, which fits many different trailers. Laws on when infants can use a bike trailer vary by region, but generally speaking it is a good idea to follow the manufacturer recommendations for your trailer as they should have done lots of testing.

    If your baby is able to hold themselves in a sitting position it s still wise to be cautious, because in the relatively fast moving and bumpy environment of a trailer they may not be able to support themselves for long. Children regularly fall asleep whilst trailering, at which point they re floppy. This is why it pays not to scrimp when it comes to baby supporters and slings.

    Stay tuned for more information about the various baby supporter options, but in the meantime the basics are that baby slings are usually hammock like and hold your baby in a lying down position. They spread the weight across your baby s back and stop them from rolling from side to side. After 10 to 12 months of age a baby supporter is more upright but still provides lots of lateral support, as with the Chariot Baby Supporter seen here.

    References ^ Buy Big Apples ( ^ Buy Big Apples ( ^ Buy Big Apples ( ^ Buy an Etc Alloy Double Heavy Duty Prop ( ^ Buy a Sunlite Double Kickstand ( ^ Buy a Sunlite Double Kickstand ( ^ Buy a Mirrcycle mirror ( ^ Buy a Mirrcycle mirror ( ^ Buy a Mirrcycle mirror ( ^ Croozer Kid For 1 sunshade ( ^ Croozer Kid For 2 sunshade ( ^ Croozer Kid For 1 sunshade ( ^ Croozer Kid For 2 sunshade ( ^ Croozer Kid For 1 sunshade ( ^ Croozer Kid For 2 sunshade (

  • 5 Pack Mens Classic Jersey Cotton Boxer Short Underwear - Cut Rate
  • 5 PACK: Mens Soft Fine Knit Long Socks @ - Recommended
  • 5 Pairs Ladies Gola Trainer Liner Socks Hot Pink, Pale Pink & Teal Size 4-7 - Special
  • 5 STAR REVIEW: The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig The Blue Blazes by Chuck Wendig (Mookie Pearl #1) Angry Robot (May 2013) Ebook, 400 Pages Urban Fantasy The Blue Blazes is an urban fantasy novel by Chuck Wendig and is set in a version of New York that has a literal Hell below it. The eponymous Blue Blazes refers to a mineral compound, cerulean, found down below that allows users to see demons and half-breeds as they really are, it also makes the user stronger and more resilient. The protagonist is Mookie Pearl, a mob enforcer and user.

    He ensures his team of down and outs mine the cerulean. He cures his own charcuterie as a hobby. The novel opens with Mookie encountering his wayward daughter Nora.

    She warns him that trouble is ahead and when he refuses to listen she poisons him and leaves him to it. Mookie is then summoned to a mob meeting by his business partner, Werth, where the news is as bad as Nora predicted. From there things get complicated.

    I really don t want to give any more of the plot away. The novel is a blistering dirty-bomb of a book. Wendig s narrative voice is a bit like classic pulp noir ramped up to contain this alternative New York that is sitting on top of a hell.

    The pace of the novel is relentless, there are so many twists, turns and back-stabbing that it is hard to keep them all straight, but in a good way. There s also a memorable cast of characters and gangs, including one of Roller Derby Girls who sound like they are out of the 50s. Needless to say I loved The Blue Blazes .

    One of the central strands of the novel is the relationship between Mookie and Nora. Their warped father daughter dynamic was a big pull for me. I also loved the vibrancy with which Wendig brings to life a subterranean labyrinth with all of its creatures bad and worse.

    It s strange. Still could ve been a trick of the eyes. Easy to lose your way down here, think you re seeing something you re not.

    Especially the deeper you go. You leave the shallows and wander around the Tangle for a few days, every shadow jumps out at you, every glint of light on wet stone is a pair of eyes, every underground river has shapes swimming beneath the milky waters. VERDICT: The Blue Blazes is one hell of a read, with a complex cast of morally grey characters.

    It s a heart-stopping ride from beginning to end. I think it is my stand out book of the year so far. RATING: CHUCK WENDIG ONLINE Website | Twitter | Goodreads 1 2 3 BUY YOUR COPY A software wrangler and geek who carries at least one book everywhere.

    A fierce lover of good writing and characters especially if they include vampires, werewolves, fae or flawed protagonists. ' Jane 4 References ^ Website ( ^ Twitter ( ^ Goodreads ( ^ ' Jane (

  • 5 STAR REVIEW: Undying Destiny by Jessica Lee Undying Destiny by Jessica Lee (The Enclave #1) Entangled Publishing (June 2013) Ebook, 261 pages Paranormal Romance I ve always been into novels about vampires or anything paranormal for that matter, so when I saw the chance to review Undying Destiny I could not wait to read it. I loved the name because it just drew me in before I turned the first page. Sometimes the title can be misleading but in this case I think it truly fit the book.

    The story is about Emily Ross, a nurse who is looking to start over after ending a relationship with a man who abused her. She s been through so much heartbreak that she vows she will never allow another man to control or dominate her ever again. Kenric St.

    James is a three hundred year old vampire who was the creation of a vampire named Marguerite. She only wanted him as a mate so she could become a more powerful vampire than she already was. Kenric doesn t love Marguerite and never has since she took away the love of his life leaving him alone for centuries.

    He s content with his Enclave and protects the humans from the DEADs, vampires that enjoy killing humans. He never realized what he was missing from his life until his world collides with Emily s late one night. Speaking as a nurse, who doesn t want to find a hot, sexy vampire that you can take care of?

    There was so much lust and romance between these two characters that you could literally see it playing out in your head. The plot of the story starts with Kenric out on patrol alone and being attacked by another vampire and left to die in the alley. Emily was late for work late one night and took another route to get to the hospital and ended up on the same alleyway that Kenric was lying in.

    She calls 911 when she discovers he s bleeding and follows to the hospital. Right from the start Emily is entranced by Kenric and how handsome he is. As shes s about to leave for the night, things get interesting.

    What just happened to her? How did she end up where she was when she woke up? Of course she doesn t believe Kenric when he tries to explain what happened to her, which is typically what happens in vampire novels, but even through the disbelief she finds herself falling for him hard.

    They both try as hard as they can to keep their distance from one another but it s more difficult than either one of them imagined. Naturally Marguerite wants to destroy their happiness because she is still determined to have Kenric as her mate. Unknown to him she is much closer than he thinks and will use those around him against him to draw him back to her even invading his dreams while he is sleeping.

    I absolutely loved Kenric and think every woman would. He is the ultimate male who can love and protect you the way it should be done. Literally a woman s dream man come true.

    I enjoyed Emily s character as well but probably more so because she is a nurse and I can relate to her. The other characters were well developed and easy to read about. There was also another forbidden love story in the background to the main story between one of the enclave warriors and a human, who lives within the enclave, that was just enough of a teaser.

    Undying Destiny is a great start to the series and I cannot wait to see what the other books in the series will hold. It isn t often I get caught up in a series this one has me hook, line, and sinker. If you re a fan of vampires and paranormal novels then give it a try.

    I loved the tension, the hot romance and the Enclave warriors in general. It may not be the most in-depth plot but I enjoyed it very much. VERDICT : Undying Destiny was a great start to the series and I cannot wait to see what the other books in the series hold.

    It isn t often I get caught up in a series, but this one has me hook, line, and sinker. RATING : JESSICA LEE ONLINE Website | Goodreads | Facebook 1 2 3 BUY YOUR COPY Missy is constantly buying books and loves getting them at yard sales, you can usually find some unique books there. Now she has her kindle fire she's always downloading to contribute to her book buying habit.

    Her taste in books varies from paranormal and romance to mysteries and thrillers.

    She's a nurse, a wife and mum to three sons, so reading is her me-time and helps keep her sanity.

    When she's not working or reading, she's spending time with her family and two Great Danes. ' Missy 4 References ^ Website ( ^ Goodreads ( ^ Facebook ( ^ ' Missy (

  • 5 STAR REVIEW: Werewolves Be Damned by ... Werewolves Be Damned by Stacey Kennedy (Magic & Mayhem #1) Entangled Publishing (April 2013) Ebook, 204 pages Paranormal Romance Nexi Jones watches helplessly, as her adoptive parents are slaughtered by werewolves. She is saved by two men dressed in leather kilts that call themselves Guardians. Taken back to an Otherworld where she is told she is part-guardian and part-witch, Nexi wants nothing more than to get revenge on the creatures that killed her parents.

    She is willing to do anything, even be instructed by Kyden, an elite Guardian. The man is, in her words, a Neanderthal. An insufferable jerk that obviously has never heard of women s lib.

    I have a new author to put on my faves list. Werewolves Be Damned hits the ground running and never stops. In the beginning, Nexi s parents are being slaughtered by wolves that turn into men and then back to wolves.

    Ms. Kennedy does an incredible job of describing Nexi s thought process. Her fear, her confusion, and trying to rationalize what she is seeing.

    Her saviours are two men in leather kilts. After killing the wolves, Drake tells Nexi he is a Guardian and her birth father. She does what any of us would do in that situation - she faints.

    While in Otherworld, Nexi learns her mother had been murdered when she was a baby and Drake, to protect her, had bound her powers and sent her to Earth to live and die as a human. After attempting to get information on her own and failing miserably, her father, the Counsel and Kyden agree to train her as a Guardian. Together with Nexi, we learn about the new world she lives in.

    Otherworld is described in detail a little at a time. You can feel Nexi s frustration as she finds out information bit by bit. Sometimes, information is given a tad too late.

    For instance, Kyden and Nexi are tracking down a rogue vampire. They head into a vampire dance club and she asks Kyden why he thinks the vampire who killed the guy is here: With her one-liner, all the heat rushing his veins fled, replaced with cold frustration. Consider this another lesson: vampires can hear you in a noisy club.

    She slowly turned to the dance floor, as did he. Every pair of vamp eyes was fixed in their direction and the crowd was now quiet. The mortals on the dance floor stopped dancing, looking around, confused and panicked, since clearly they hadn t heard what Nexi had said.

    You know, obvious irritation made her voice snappy, you could ve mentioned that a little earlier. Then I wouldn t be looking like an all you an eat buffet. Lessons like this one are all through the book and they never failed to make me laugh.

    My son kept looking at me funny, as I giggled in several places. Nexi has some of the best quips. The relationship between Kyden and Nexi is refreshing.

    Kyden wants her and admits to himself at one point that, if she had been raised in his world, he would have already claimed her. However, since she was raised around humans, he takes things slow. What an incredible idea!

    A man who is willing to wait and take things slow. I had such an aww moment when I read that part. Of course, this means the sexual tension built until well, you will have to read THAT hot, steamy crescendo yourself.

    It was definitely worth the wait. It isn t just the relationship between Nexi and Kyden that is built during the book either, as Ms. Kennedy builds Nexi s relationship with several characters.

    Haven is Nexi s soul-sister, which means that she can share Nexi s emotions if they are close. Trust me, this makes for some really funny scenes when Haven tells Kyden what Nexi is feeling at any particular time. I could not put this book down.

    If I had one complaint, it is that the next book is not out yet. I am really hoping the next book has more of the head werewolf, Valor. He just sounds so yummy.

    VERDICT: I loved every action-packed word in Werewolves Be Damned . Nexi is a kick-butt heroine with some really funny one-liners. You have to love somebody who was the guts to call the werewolf second-in-command a persistent fur ball .

    Kyden is everything you want in a hero. Tough, sexy, protective and yet he takes his time gaining Nexi s love and trust. Oh, and he wears a kilt - what more can you ask for!

    I really hope the author doesn t take a long time to get book 2 out. I will buy it in a heartbeat. RATING: STACEY KENNEDY ONLINE Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter 1 2 3 4 BUY YOUR COPY Look in the dictionary under bookworm and you will see a picture of Steph.

    Her favorite books consist of vampires, werewolves, zombies, dystopian, science fiction and mysteries.

    Also a working mum who loves to get lost in a bookstore. ' Stephanie 5 References ^ Website ( ^ Goodreads ( ^ Facebook ( ^ Twitter ( ^ ' Stephanie (

  • 5 things iPhone photographers want from WWDC: Connect Apple often uses the WWDC logo to hint at announcements. Tech journalists are speculating that this logo indicates a new approach to Apple's iOS interface. This time next week, Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference will be under way.

    Most of the major Apple announcements are expected to arrive during the keynote on June 10th at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, 1 but tech journalists have been surmising new technology for weeks. According to Apple experts 2 and industry insiders 3 , it is safe to expect a new version of Apple's mobile operating system iOS.

    Most people expect the new, Jony Ive-designed iOS 7 to appear "flatter," 4 but what will the overhaul mean for the user interface and photography tools? Here at Connect, we spend a lot of time covering iPhone cameras and the people who use them. As we look forward to next week's announcements, we are hoping for a few things to make iPhone photography better.

    While some of them seem likely, we may have to wait a while for others. In anticipation of WWDC, I have taken a bit of time to reflect on my personal phone of choice and its operating system to explain what I want from the upcoming Apple announcements.

    1. Better manual capture tools in the native photo application iOS 4 gave us HDR, iOS 5 came with instant camera access from the lock screen and iOS 6 introduced panorama mode.

    If a new version of Apple's iOS operating system is launched (which seems very likely), we can only hope that the camera application will see a new photography feature. We are not sure what it will be, but here's hoping that it includes some more elaborate manual capture settings. What will the camera application look like on iOS 7?

    As far as native photo applications go, the iPhone's user interface is the simplest of all smartphone offerings. Depending on your Android device, you can find everything from GIF creation to special scene modes inside the native photo application. Windows Phone 8 users can even add on "lenses" within the camera app.

    Meanwhile, iPhone photographers are left with a simple tap-to-focus interface that leaves many serious photographers rushing to the App Store for something better. What I want : A little "Pro Mode" toggle right under the HDR and Grid options. When turned on, my hypothetical new user interface would allow for separate exposure and focal points as well as white balance and ISO control.

    Will it happen? Maybe, but not likely. There is a reason why Apple doesn't have an excess of features in the camera native app.

    Not every iPhone user wants elaborate manual camera features, and those who do can easily download a third party application. Apple likes a clean user interface and that sometimes means leaving the bells and whistles to software developers.

    2. A iPhone 5S equivalent with improved camera hardware Is it time yet for a new iPhone?

    Probably not, but if Apple follows the formula its set forth with the iPhone 4 and 4S launches, the next iPhone will likely be seeing a major camera hardware upgrade. The iPhone 4S took a 3-megapixel leap from its predecessor, raising hopes for an improvement in the next iPhone installment. The iPhone 5 5 's launch last year saw a new sapphire lens and more processing power to handle low-light images.

    What I want : A larger sensor. The Lumia series has its megapixel-packing 808 PureView camera 6 , HTC's One 7 uses "ultrapixels" and the latest 13MP Samsung Galaxy S4 8 focused heavily on software in its camera marketing. Apple can reach the cutting edge by offering a smartphone camera that has a larger sensor instead of just packing the megapixels into the same tiny camera unit.

    Will it happen? Not right now. According to most Apple sources, w e will not be seeing a new iPhone next week 9 .

    3. Better photo organization When it comes to organizing your images on an iOS device, you are on your own. Besides creating new folders for apps to dump photos in, iOS doesn't have any tools to automatically sort your photos on a mobile device.

    On OSX, iPhoto will organize photos based on facial recognition or added keywords. For $4.99 in the App Store 10 , you can download iPhoto for iOS and use its flags to help organize your mobile images and there are plenty of third-party apps 11 to help automatically organize and share photos. But shouldn't these tools come standard?

    What I want : Ability to sort photos via automatic geolocation tags, time taken and user-added keywords. Will it happen? Anything is possible with a new iOS update, and the Photos application is in major need of attention, so we will likely see some sort of update.

    4. Improved app management If there was a TV show about virtual hoarders, there would have to be a whole season on iPhone photographers. The plethora of great apps available in the iOS App Store means that some iPhone photographers are packing dozens of niche photography apps.

    Instead of allowing app lovers to shove all their software into one giant folder, Apple limits folder sizes based on device. The iPhone 4S can only hold 12 apps per folder while the iPhone 5 can handle up to 16. What I want : Removal of folder limits!

    Please! (Also the creation of an App Hoarders Anonymous program so I can have a place to talk about my problem.) Will it happen? I sure hope so. And these guys want it, too 12 . (Maybe they can join AHA with me.) 5.

    Share and edit photos straight from the Camera Roll Every iPhone photographer who uses the native camera application has had this problem. You take a photo and want to share it quickly. You tap on the tiny preview in the bottom left of the screen and end up on the Camera Roll preview screen (left image above).

    From here, you can delete your photo, but that's it. If you want to share it or edit it, you must first exit the Camera Roll and open up the image in the Photos app (right image above). Likewise, when you are in the Photos app and you suddenly want to take a photo, you have to exit in order to go back to the camera.

    The interface of the Camera Roll and Photos app are almost identical, just the tools and options available are different. What I want : Full integration of the Camera Roll and Photos app tap that tiny preview on the camera interface, you are now in the Photos app, when you open the Photos app, you can easily tap into the camera interface. Will it happen?

    If Apple does any updates to Camera Roll, this super obvious navigation problem will hopefully be addressed. Let's hear from you : Do you use an iPhone to take photos? If so, what do you want from WWDC?

    References ^ June 10th at 10 a.m.

    Pacific Standard Time, ( ^ Apple experts ( ^ industry insiders ( ^ iOS 7 to appear "flatter," ( ^ iPhone 5 ( ^ 808 PureView camera ( ^ HTC's One ( ^ Samsung Galaxy S4 ( ^ e will not be seeing a new iPhone next week ( ^ $4.99 in the App Store ( ^ plenty of third-party apps ( ^ these guys want it, too (

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    This black nylon and polyester bag is set to become as precious as your mini-me, with its handy changing mat and spacious storage for everything you need for your baby while you re out and about! You ll wonder how you ever did without it! It features: Adjustable and removable shoulder strap Dual carry handles 2 large zipped front pockets Zipped main compartment contains: Zipped mesh pocket; 2 open drop pockets; 2 baby s bottle pockets; clipped key cord Zipped back pocket contains changing mat Furry Kipling monkey key ring Because its nylon it s easy to clean just wipe it with a wet cloth.

    Kipling also offer free delivery and accept returns for items bought on the site within 30 days of purchase.

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  • 6 For A 50 Gift Card + Offers At dealcloud Promotions: 14.99 for a 4th Gen MP4 Player in a choice of colours 1 However busy you are and wherever you get to you ll always have your entertainment essentials at hand with this stylish 4th Generation MP3/4 Player with FM Radio and Video Player from Eezee Lifestyle. RRP 49.99 Saving 35.00 dealcloud Price 14.99 Discount 70% 8 for an A2 personalised landscape canvas 2 Turn your favourite photo in to a stunning piece of art to decorate your home. RRP 54.00 Saving 46.00 dealcloud Price 8.00 Discount 85% 39 for a distance learning Diet and Nutrition Advisor Course 3 The job market is tough these days.This course could open up all sorts of possibilities: nutritionist or diet and nutrition advisor; or work in a health food shop, for a nutritional medicine company, in a fitness centre, as a nutrition journalist, and more.

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    RRP 212.00 Saving 102.00 dealcloud Price 110.00 Discount 48% Sheffield: 99 for a two night stay for two with breakfast at The Aston Hotel 5 Consistently well-reviewed modern hotel convenient for city centre.Next to Sheffield Business Park, the Aston Hotel Sheffield/Rotherham is just four miles from Sheffield city centre. The Magna Science Adventure Centre and Don Valley Stadium are 10 minutes drive away. RRP 230.00 Saving 131.00 dealcloud Price 99.00 Discount 57% Snowdonia: 99 for a 2 night escape for 2 with breakfast & wine when you dine 6 Maes y Neuadd was built less than a century after Edward I s mighty castle at nearby Harlech.

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    RRP 29.99 Saving 17.00 dealcloud Price From 12.99 Discount 57% Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk: 110 for a 4* overnight B&B stay for two with afternoon tea 9 Traditional Georgian elegance with a twist of urban chic.The hotel is right in the centre of Bury St Edmunds and you can step straight in to the plethora of winding, cobbled, shop-filled streets and ancient architecture.

    RRP 207.00 Saving 97.00 dealcloud Price 110.00 Discount 47% Join dealcloud Affiliate Programme With Affiliate Window 10 References ^ 14.99 for a 4th Gen MP4 Player in a choice of colours ( ^ 8 for an A2 personalised landscape canvas ( ^ 39 for a distance learning Diet and Nutrition Advisor Course ( ^ Ipswich Waterfront: 110 for a 4* overnight bed & breakfast stay for two with afternoon tea ( ^ Sheffield: 99 for a two night stay for two with breakfast at The Aston Hotel ( ^ Snowdonia: 99 for a 2 night escape for 2 with breakfast & wine when you dine ( ^ From 135 for a Racehorse Ownership Experience for one or two ( ^ From 12.99 for a 16GB USB stick with optional 16GB SD Memory Card ( ^ Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk: 110 for a 4* overnight B&B stay for two with afternoon tea ( ^ Join dealcloud Affiliate Programme With Affiliate Window (

  • 6 Important Men's Fashion Rules to Live By - The Life of The ... We cannot do without rules in our daily life even when that concerns the combination of our clothing. Men, especially when it comes to their clothing (whether formal or informal) have an even greater need to know how to combine the right men s tie 1 with a jacket, trousers with socks, shirt with pants, etc. We are more than pleased to offer you six tips on how to look perfectly and how to combine the different types of men s clothing.

    1. Remember that men s belt 2 should always be combined with the right shoes! Choose the standard colours black or brown belt would suit more than perfectly with black shoes or white, for example.

    Do not combine different types of clothing (e.g. sports clothing and official clothing)! The effect in this case will definitely not stun people around.

    2. As for the combination of men s tie men s shirt 3 , it is always possible to experiment a bit with the colours. But be aware that the tie (silk, cotton, white, black or red) is always in the greatest addition to your men s nature, so pick it carefully.

    3. Pick some flat-front trousers! They can be a bit tight, but the trick is to just pick one number higher.

    The end result will be effectiveness and a stronger suggestion of a slender figure.

    4. Men s socks 4 ! They must be of the same colour tone with trousers (although not completely uniform in color).

    Socks with patterns (stripes, for instance) are particularly preferred at present. Contact them perfectly with pants and shoes and you will look at the mirror in front of you a stylish and sophisticated man.

    5. Let s not overlook men s accessories 5 !

    The watch is one of them. Our advice is to invest a certain amount in a watch or several watches by selecting those who would most easily suit you those are the ones in universal male colors black, brown or platinum.

    6. Glasses also give you the chance to stand out.

    They give you a smart masculine look and appearance.

    Choose them so as to conform to the structure of your face and complement your stylish quality aura of a modern businessman.

    References ^ right men s tie ( ^ men s belt ( ^ men s shirt ( ^ Men s socks ( ^ men s accessories (

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  • 6 Wildest Royal Baby Celebrations in London Maybe you're a fellow mom-to-be wary that the Duchess of Cambridge will steal your thunder or excited to share a due date with the incumbent Queen. Or maybe you're just an enthusiastic onlooker, anxious to know the gender, name, and hair color of England 1 's newest little monarch. Either way, you're not alone: with Kate Middleton and Prince William eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child, the excitement surrounding Britain's royal baby watch has risen to a fever pitch around the world.

    Canada's Niagra Falls 2 and Toronto's 3 CN Tower are expected to illuminate in pink or blue according to the royal baby's gender, while Australian former Prime Minister Julia Gillard was seen knitting a kangaroo for the aristocratic ankle-biter. And even some London hotels, restaurants, and museums are getting in on the action with whacky royal-baby-fever-inspired offerings. Here are the most eyebrow-raising.

    Royal Retrospective Start the day by perusing royal baby apparel of the past at the Museum of London 4 's " A Royal Arrival 5 " exhibit. The showcase, which runs from June 28 to October 31, displays the museum's collection of baby clothes and memorabilia worn by former royal babies spanning 400 years of UK history, from Charles I to George III and Edward VII. Next, head over to the Athanaeum 6 hotel for The Royal Child 7 photography exhibition.

    Against a picturesque backdrop of Buckingham Palace 8 , the hotel will offer private viewings of more than 40 rarely seen photos of royal children from Victorian times to the present day. Curator Ian Pelham-Turner, who has worked as the royal family photographer for four generations and 46 years, will be on hand to talk about the history of the photos and his own experiences as a royal photographer. Afterward, revamp with a spot of tea: the hotel was rated "Top London Afternoon Tea" by The Tea Guild in 2012.

    Motherly Menus If you're expecting a little one yourself, sign up for The Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea 9 at St. James's Hotel and Club 10 . Until July 31, moms-to-be can get the royal treatment just like Kate at this five-star hotel.

    Following a luxury baby gift from a baby boutique is a pregnancy treatment at Spa Illuminata 11 , one of central London's finest spas. And afterward is afternoon tea catered by award-winning executive chef William Drabble. At 89 a head with an eight-person minimum, it's got a princely price tag but for each purchase, you're entered to win a three-course meal for two at Michelin-starred Seven Park Place 12 .

    Mums who share a delivery date with Kate Middleton get a complimentary glass of champagne. The Cinnamon Club 13 has compiled a royally ridiculous " Royal Labour of Love 14 " menu that aims to aid various pregnancy-related ailments. The five courses ( 45 for the whole deal) are meant to mimic the stages of a nine-month pregnancy: expecting, nine months, "and breathe," overdue, and special delivery.

    The dishes use ingredients meant to curb cravings, keep mom and baby healthy, encourage labor, and ease recuperation. Curry has long been rumored to jump-start labor, so don't be shy about second helpings: if you do go into labor in the restaurant, you'll receive a free curry every year on the anniversary. Kindly enough, they'll even whisk you to Chelsea & Westminster Hospital first.

    RSVP quick; the offer's only on until July 20. Slumber Like Sovereignty If you've already got a tyke of your own who deserves to be treated like a mini king, book a stay at the glittery Grosvenor House 15 , which has designed a nursery suite "with royal baby in mind." Overseen by the boutique that furnished William's childhood bedroom, the regal room is decked with handcrafted ivory furnishings, including a crib with a regal coronet and canopy. Even the Duchess herself would envy this resplendent nook, which goes for a cool 2,300 per night.

    A royal baby would be nothing without a monarchical mother, so exercise your royal right to relaxation by booking a stay in a Queen Single Bedroom at The Bingham 16 . The hotel's " Mums Only Sunday Sleepover 17 " offers a peaceful getaway for sleep-deprived moms from 150 until December 31. Read for leisure or peruse nearby boutiques, or soak in a hot bath with Abhana bath oils and scented candles, followed by room service or dinner in the river view bar.

    A solid night's sleep and hearty breakfast the next morning will leave you fortified and ready to face the mommy madness all over again the next day. Photo credit: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge courtesy of Wikimedia Commons; Royal Retrospective courtesy of National Media Museum; "Labor of Love" courtesy of The Cinnamon Club; Nursery Suite courtesy of the Grosvenor House. References ^ England ( ^ Niagra Falls ( ^ Toronto's ( ^ Museum of London ( ^ A Royal Arrival ( ^ Athanaeum ( ^ The Royal Child ( ^ Buckingham Palace ( ^ The Royal Baby Shower Afternoon Tea ( ^ St.

    James's Hotel and Club ( ^ Spa Illuminata ( ^ Seven Park Place ( ^ Cinnamon Club ( ^ Royal Labour of Love ( ^ Grosvenor House ( ^ The Bingham ( ^ Mums Only Sunday Sleepover (

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  • 7 conservative message t-shirts that are actually cool If you are like me, you are young (sort of) and hip and you only wear t-shirts that are cool. Otherwise, you don t wear them. If you are not like me, don t worry, you will up your hip factor by following my lead on this.

    Just trust me, and not in the government just trust me way, but in the cute girl in charge of your makeover way. Let s face it, since The Left owns the culture, they also own most of the cool t-shirts. I would gladly wear more message t-shirts, but unfortunately, my message is not Eat the Rich or Communism is Awesome, so I m stuck with this sort of thing: Once in a while I see a message t-shirt I can appreciate.

    It s not just design, it s message and, not unimportantly, it s the t-shirt fabric and shape, especially for women. Here are some right-sided message t-shirts I ve found that I think are actually cool. I like this Mr.

    Right t-shirt for its simple design, elegance, and humorous twist. We need a female version, but if you re a right-wing guy, you will look great in this and it might even get you a few dates. This next one is for guys or gals.

    I ve seen people wearing this and they look pretty cool. I m not usually into meme rehashing ad nauseum, such as the all too ubiquitous Keep Calm Carry On meme, but there s something about this shirt that s just good. I got my dad one for Father s Day.

    This shirt is cool for one reason: it s message. The statement is so bold and simple and proud. I am an American Capitalist.

    Every time I wear this shirt I get stares and lots of questions. It s not partisan, so people are generally curious and deep down they know they would have to be against America to be against this shirt, a place even many Lefty brains won t go. The American flag is not cheesy, but lots of American Flag t-shirts are.

    I like this one because it s understated but also because it s printed on nice soft cotton fitted American Apparel t-shirt, so it doesn t look like a potato sack. Ladies, this one s for you. (Guys, unless you re gay, don t wear this trust me.) I wear mine even though I m not a Republican, because today s Republicans are just Democrats, but I like the whimsical, colorful design. It makes the GOP look happy and young, yet that elephant means business, which is exactly as it should be (but isn t in real life).

    If you are a man under the age of 40 be my guest and wear this shirt. It s funny, and anti-hipster. Even if you are a hipster it will look good because it will make you even more ironically ironic.

    But this shirt is best if you re ex-military and have lots of muscles. (Send me pics!) This well designed shirt has a good, non-partisan, American freedom message and it has an eagle too.

  • 7 Tools to Make Samsung Galaxy S4 Battery Last All Day We already showed users how to get more battery life 1 out of their Samsung Galaxy S4, but sometimes tweaking the software and OS settings might not do the trick. We want to share some hardware accessories that can help push that battery life a little further and make the Samsung Galaxy S4 last all day. Many people get enough battery life out of their Samsung Galaxy S4 without tweaking things or buying accessories.

    However, on a long trip, they use the phone more and the display stays lit all day. No amount of tweaking extends the life enough. When someone uses their phone more than normal and a power outlet eludes them, these accessories might save the day.

    While we re focusing on the Galaxy S4, our advice applies to any phone with swappable batteries. We put these solutions in order of most convenient to least. Carry An Extra Battery A replaceable battery makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 a great option over an iPhone or HTC One, though both are two great handsets.

    GS4 users can get a spare battery or two to double or triple their phone s battery life. We like the Samsung Spare Battery Charging System 2 for about $50 retail or $42 at Amazon 3 , because it comes with the second battery and charges it for us while not in use. Charge overnight and grab it with the phone in the morning.

    When one battery dies, pop off the back of the Galaxy S4 using a thumbnail in the tiny slot in the upper left corner of the back of the phone just above power button. The bottom left edge of the battery has a spot where the same thumbnail can get ahold of the batteries edge. Lift it out and then insert the new battery with the four gold-colored contacts towards the top left.

    It only fits one way. An alternative comes from Mugen Power 4 . The KiDiGi dock for the Samsung Galaxy S4 will charge the phone naked, or in some low-profile cases.

    It includes a slot for an extra battery. The dock costs $25 5 . Add a Mugen Power 2750mAh battery 6 for $44.50.

    We tested the battery over the past few weeks and found that the extra juice the battery offers in the same size as the stock Galaxy S4 battery gave us an extra hour or two beyond what the Samsung 2600mAh stock battery provided. It also comes with NFC 7 , something most third-party batteries lack. With the two products, users get a dock, battery and spare battery charger for little more than the Samsung system.

    An Extended Battery Mugen Power also offers an awesome extended battery 8 solution for the GS4. An extended battery gives users far more power than the stock batteries. Mugen Power s battery includes NFC and 5500mAh of power for $89.50.

    They throw in a cheap leather case, which we didn t really like very much. There s also a replacement phone back that accommodates the thicker battery. However, we loved running on a single charge for more than 24 hours.

    The battery adds bulk and thickness, ruining one of the Samsung Galaxy S4 s most attractive aesthetic appeals: its sleek and thin design.

    Don t think of this as a permanent solution, but something to keep on hand for those special days when the phone gets a workout.

    References ^ get more battery life ( ^ Samsung Spare Battery Charging System ( ^ $42 at Amazon ( ^ Mugen Power ( ^ dock costs $25 ( ^ Mugen Power 2750mAh battery ( ^ Samsung TecTiles 2 NFC Tags Arrive with Galaxy S4 Support ( ^ awesome extended battery (

  • 7 Travel Options For Those Obsessed With The Royal Baby Doug Waldron, Flickr In anticipation of Prince William and Catherine Duchess of Cambridge's firstborn, Great Britain 1 has had baby fever 2 . Now that the royal baby has finally arrived, the travel industry is taking advantage of the frenzy. Even Heathrow gave out special T-shirts yesterday 3 .

    Nothing like a baby to stimulate the economy after all. It might take awhile for the royal baby to become king. Meanwhile, we commoners can take full advantage.

    1. Fly for Free (If You Are a Baby) Infants fly free of charge 4 today on RyanAir. Time to make a last minute travel decision and buy a ticket before the day is up.

    The bottle of milk will probably be an extra charge, however.

    2. Sleep Like a British Baby Kate isn't the only one popping out a baby this year. According to Visit England 700,000 babies will be born in England this year, which is why the tourism board has opted to put an emphasis on baby themed travel options 5 .

    Maybe the most notable is the Grosvenor House Hotel where you can stay in the Premium Park View Suite. In celebration of the royal birth the suite has been turned into a quintessential English nursery, including a hand-painted doll house toy closet. But sleeping like a royal baby isn't cheap; the room runs $3,428, and that's without a babysitter.

    3. Hope You Have the Right Name If you are extra lucky and happen to have the same name as the baby -- which has yet to be announced -- check in at the Jury Inn within 24 hours of the name announcement and you might score a bottle of Prosecco 6 . There's already a bottle of bubbles on ice at 25 of Jury Inn's hotels around the UK.

    4. Get the Royal Treatment Playing off of the baby's placement in royal succession, on the day the little royalty was born, Virgin America promised a special deal to its own "third in line" passengers on the day of the baby's birth. While Kate is certainly busy being pampered and sleeping off the pains of labor, if you were third in line for your flight on Virgin America 7 , you would have been happily treated to a special pass to the airline's Clubhouse, complete with bubbly.

    5. Study Up on Royal Baby History Even if you can't afford a night in a royal baby suite, you can at least buff up on your royal baby history. The Museum of London 8 celebrates is celebrating the occasion with the '"A Royal Arrival," an exhibit showcasing baby clothes and memorabilia from the last 400 years of UK history.

    Admission is free, which leaves plenty of extra cash for royal baby souvenirs.

    6. Have a Proper Royal Baby Shower Ok, so you couldn't manage to get a slot to give birth at the Lindo Wing 9 (or pay for it 10 ), but at the very least you can throw yourself a royal baby shower. Expecting mothers can reserve the Royal Baby Shower Package at St.

    James Hotel and Club 11 , which includes a baby shower-themed tea, complete with delicate English cakes, and a pregnancy spa treatment. You're feeling more royal already aren't you?

    7. See a Private Photo Exhibition All About Royal Babies While waiting for new royal baby pictures online, you can go to the Athenaeum hotel which is hosting The Royal Child 12 photography exhibition.

    You'll find 40 rarely seen photos of all kinds of royal children from Victorian times to present, but just like any good royal experience, it comes at a price: the private exhibition, shown over high tea naturally, will run you 60 ($92).

    Filed under: Europe , United Kingdom , Hotels and Accommodations , News 13 14 15 16 References ^ Great Britain ( ^ baby fever ( ^ Heathrow gave out special T-shirts yesterday ( ^ free of charge ( ^ put an emphasis on baby themed travel options ( ^ score a bottle of Prosecco ( ^ third in line for your flight on Virgin America ( ^ The Museum of London ( ^ Lindo Wing ( ^ pay for it ( ^ Royal Baby Shower Package at St.

    James Hotel and Club ( ^ The Royal Child ( ^ Europe ( ^ United Kingdom ( ^ Hotels and Accommodations ( ^ News (

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  • 9 Nintendo Emulators for Desktop PCs', shareButtons: provider:'facebook-like' , provider:'twitter' , provider:'google-plusone' , provider:'pinterest' , provider:'Share', iconImgUp:'' , // list of providers noButtonBorders:true, containerID: 'shareBar', showCounts: (siteSkin) ? '' : 'top', cid:'Picture Story', shortURLs: "never", operationMode: 'off', lang: 'en', enabledProviders: 'facebook,twitter,yahoo,messenger,linkedin', layout: 'horizontal', scope: 'both', privacy: 'friends', onLoad: function() BOM.Metrics.setEndTime('GigyaShowShareBarUI_shareBar'); /*, onSendDone: function() BOM.SocialShare.publishUserAction(""); */ }; BOM.SocialLogin.addEventHandlers({}, onConnectionAdded: function(eventObj) if(eventObj.source == "showShareBarUI") BOM.SocialLogin.onLoginHandler(); } }); params.simpleShareConfig = postShareAction:"connect", postShareConnectCaptionText:"Thanks for sharing!", postShareConnectBodyText:"To make sharing even simpler" ; BOM.Share.init( APIKey:'2_y1-2lRHseiqGpBJL56CEMkmqzmNGotkhBGOyKF78fdVY9actWH8ehL652nzDtcMd', params ); BOM.Share.setActions( , 'setLinkBack' , "", 'setTitle' , "9 Nintendo Emulators for Desktop PCs", 'setDescription' , "", 'addMediaItem' , type: 'image', src: '',href:'' ]); BOM.Metrics.setStartTime('GigyaShowShareBarUI_shareBar'); BOM.Share.display(); }); List of Nintendo Emulators for PC Last week, we took a look at a few emulators written to allow users to play classic Sega console games on their desktops . This week, we're going to focus on programs written to emulate various Nintendo consoles on desktop PCs . Have a hankering to revisit your classic NES , SNES , Gameboy and Gamecube games?

    Read on!

    See more See less

  • 90 Litre Dustbin Incinerator Reviews 90 Litre Dustbin Incinerator 1 Galvanized for long life. Ideal for your garden or allotment. Slow burning, Side holes for ventilation.

    Product Description Covers & Tidies More > > 2 90 Litre Dustbin Incinerator 3 Tagged as: Allotment 4 , Dustbin 5 , Holes 6 , Incinerator 7 , Litre 8 , Product Description 9 , Reviews 10 , Ventilation 11 Widgets 12 References ^ 90 Litre Dustbin Incinerator ( ^ More > > ( ^ 90 Litre Dustbin Incinerator ( ^ Allotment ( ^ Dustbin ( ^ Holes ( ^ Incinerator ( ^ Litre ( ^ Product Description ( ^ Reviews ( ^ Ventilation ( ^ Widgets (

  • 901 Sounds Auto Accessories offers a huge selection for Mobile ... Never get lost again with our wide selection of car navigation systems. Whether you're looking for an in-dash unit or a portable solution, you're sure to find one that will suite your needs and your budget. We offer a variety of car navigation systems at a great price.

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